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July 9, 2006 11:12 pm

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elvis the designer team is done with the 1.2 release and starting next week we will get loaded for 2.0 m4. we ask you to help us set the right priorities as we continue our march toward 2.0. what are the 3 most pressing enhancements, new feature areas or bug fixes you want us to focus on?please tell us your priorities in form of a bug (, a comment to this post or in an email directly to me ( you, the customer, is king. speak up and be heard!

[i will be gone to zion national park canyoneering all of next week. i will respond to feedback after i get back.]

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  1. By:Mr. Anderson

    IMHO, there is only one enhancement that we realy need.

    - Version Control

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  2. Version Control is definitely on our list. I can’t guarantee, yet, that it will be in M4 but we are starting research and development on it in M4.

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