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GMS “Kill Pill” for Stolen Handhelds


April 17, 2007 1:34 am

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A Forum reader recently asked:

“Is there a way in GMS to send a ‘kill pill’ to a PDA or mobile device when it is stolen? We need the information on it to be destroyed/deleted.”

And here’s the response from Joe Marton …


Yes – follow these steps:

1. In the management console, go to Management > Devices > Sync Devices.

2. Right-click on the device you want to wipe and select Theft/Loss Protection.

3. Check “Hard reset the handheld device” and click OK.

The next time the device attempts to sync, a hard reset will be performed, wiping all data on it.

Some devices do not have Theft/Loss Protection settings. In that case, you can use this setting instead:
“Set the device to inactive which means authentication will fail for this device”.

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