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Great New Micro Focus eBook – Information Archiving for Dummies


October 5, 2017 1:35 pm





If you’ve always wondered what information archiving is, and how it can help your business not only survive but also thrive against the competition, there is a new book for you!

Information Archiving for Dummies is a new ebook from Micro Focus that will give you valuable information on how information archiving has evolved from simply archiving email messages to monitoring and capturing social media and text messages. Download this FREE ebook to discover how information archiving can be used, to make future predictions based on data collected in the past to be proactive and gain a competitive advantage.

Information Archiving has Evolved

When most people think of information archiving, they may think of big rooms full of filing cabinets storing all kinds of documents, memos, and letters that are kept just in case they might need them later. More recently, computers and email systems have replaced memos and letters, and now, people think of emails and other document files being stored on racks of computers in a data center somewhere instead of being stored in filing cabinets.

Information archiving still involves keeping data around for use in the future, but it’s much more than that. Our culture has become increasingly litigious in recent years and government regulations and industry compliance rules are cropping up at a speed never seen before.

Information archiving has evolved from just a defensive, static storage of data used in case of possible future litigation or regulatory audits into a dynamic strategy to streamline the retrieval of archived information and to leverage this past information to derive insights about the future and allow businesses to make proactive decisions instead of simply reacting to events in the past.

How Information Archiving can Benefit You!

With increasing risks associated with email, social media, instant messages, and mobile communication, you need a proactive information archiving solution to protect your organization. Information archiving  solves major business concerns, including information governance, data life cycle management, compliance, security risks, business data preservation and protection, easy eDiscovery and data access, protection from reputation damage, and management of all electronic communication.

This ebook will give you valuable information on how to use information archiving to:

  • Ensure compliance and perform eDiscovery
  • Export and redact communication data
  • Extend the life of your IT investments
  • Increase email system performance
  • Improve employee productivity
  • Reduce storage needs, costs and data volumes

Download Information Archiving for Dummies for free here:

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