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Grey windows with GroupWise Linux client on OpenSuse 10.3 and other Linux distros.


June 3, 2008 3:13 pm





By Ruud van der Zwet

When you have installed the GroupWise Linux client on OpenSuse 10.3 you could have a problem with displaying the GroupWise client. GroupWise starts but you only see a grey window.

When you start GroupWise Linux client (/opt/novell/groupwise/client/bin/groupwise) with the following parameters this problem is fixed.


This has something to do Java, I don’t know what exactly, but it helped me.

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  1. By:mwilmsen


    You can also change the jre that is used.
    In /opt/novell/groupwise/client rename the jre to jre.old
    and make a symbolic link named jre to /etc/alternative/jre/
    That did the trick for me.



  2. By:aschneck

    Hi, doesnt help for me. Running opensuse11 64 Bit on a T61 Notebook, still get a grey window and locking up groupwise if opening a mail. Also disabled desktop effects, still doesnt work.

  3. By:zwetr

    Have you installed gtk and glib?

    I will test OpenSuse 11 as soon as I can.


    Ruud van der Zwet

  4. By:aschneck

    yes, both are installed

  5. By:dhill-novell

    I have configured as the above and found that internal emails open no problem in quickview. But if I open an external email then groupwise hangs.

    Now sure why, maybe a thread dump will help.

  6. By:aschneck

    Sorry, I’m not sure what do you mean with

    >Now sure why, maybe a thread dump will help.

  7. By:jensonc

    I changed the groupwise startup script like aforementioned, and I also have the external mail problem. I can click through all of my mail from my internal co-workers quite fast, but as soon as I click on one message from an external source, the client locks up. I then have to do a ps aux and kill the PID for gw.

    Anyone make any headway on this issue yet? Web access for groupwise is fine for now, but I’d really like to get the client working again (as I’m sure you all would)

    One thing to note, I just re-installed openSuSe11 yesterday, as my previous build of it would no longer boot after an upgrade to KDE4.1. But before I reinstalled, groupwise client was working PERFECTLY. For as long as I had suse11 installed (over 6 weeks I’d say). So I’m wondering if there is an update that I installed with this newest build of my laptop that is causing the conflicts with groupwise client. Maybe it’s the new KDE? (I’ve always had desktop effects disabled, btw)


    • By:Francois

      I’ve got exactly the same issue than jensonc (works fine for internal mail but not for external mail). Oblige to kill the PID also to restart the client. It is a fresh OpenSuse 11 (no re-installation) with all updates applied…
      My feeling is that the problem should have something to do with the viewer (OutSide In ?)…

  8. By:anonymous

    thanks a lot, that’s working. I installed gtk+ in addition to already installed gtk2
    Now, as soon as disabling desktop effects the groupwise client will work.

  9. By:patrice_nadeau

    I had the same problem with ConsoleOne on SLED 11 after installing the Nvidia drivers (it was working fine before on SLED 11).

    The solution to make a symbolic link to the /etc/alternatives/jre did the trick for GroupWise and ConsoleOne