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GroupWise 18.1 and TeamWorks 18.1 Now Available + Community Webinar



November 1, 2018 9:33 am





To build on Mike Bills’ post, we are pleased to announce the latest release of GroupWise and TeamWorks! GroupWise is a complete collaboration software solution that provides email, scheduling, instant messaging, task management, contact management, and document management functions. TeamWorks is part of the Enterprise Messaging solution; it provides conversation-driven digital workspaces for teams.

GroupWise 18.1 features the following:

  • Find Updates: Find is now easier to use and pops out from the left of the client.
  • QuickViewer Smart Sizing: QuickViewer now has three different sizes, depending on the content of the email you are viewing. Each size can be customized.
  • Main Window Settings: Navigation Bar actions have been consolidated under one “Settings” button, along with some additional options.
  • File Upload Applet: The applet has been upgraded to HTML5-based functionality.
  • Reset System Folders: System Folders can now be reset to default.
  • Conversation Threading Updates:
    • Autosave of conversation replies
    • Hover over the Edit Recipients button to see message recipient
    • In the Item List, you can right-click the unread number (highlighted in green) and mark those messages unread
    • Addition of a Status Tracking icon at the top of conversation replies
    • Hover over the Status Tracking icon for a status summary, click on the Status Tracking icon to go to the Properties tab for the full status
    • Hover over the Tasklist flag to show a specific item in the conversation
  • Updated Certificate Best Practices: To help you keep your system more secure, we have updated the best practices for the certificates used for GroupWise.
  • Display Document Management: You can now enable/disable Document Management for a Domain, Post Office, or user in the GroupWise Admin Console.
  • GroupWise Mailbox Management: GroupWise Mailbox Management has been integrated into the GroupWise Admin Console, enabling you to manage users’ rules.
  • GroupWise Mobility Enhancements:
    • Draft folders now sync both to and from your mobile devices.
    • Proxy calendars can now be synced to mobile devices.
    • Post office administration (PO) information is cached for faster logins.
  • GroupWise Messenger enhancements: Archiving now uses either the local Messenger Database or Micro Focus Retain for archiving and the Messenger agents now run as 64-bit processes.

TeamWorks 18.1 features the following:

  • Mentioning/Tagging users so that they are notified of posts
  • Key architecture updates
  • Refined email notifications
  • Support for SLES 15
  • Performance improvements

Don’t forget…current customers are eligible for a FREE upgrade to GroupWise 18.1 and TeamWorks 18.1 (if you are on Enterprise Messaging).

For more information about this release and instructions on upgrading, click HERE.

In conjunction with this release, we are hosting a Community Webinar where you can learn what’s new in these two solutions.

Date and Time: January 17, 2019 at 10:00 am MST/1600 GMT

Click the button below to register:


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  1. By:wesheaps

    I think TeamWorks is a great, new way to interact with dedicated teams. I find it much more engaging than traditional email, personally! Yes, it’s not for everyone– but for quickly “scrumming” around team projects, I find it does the trick!

  2. By:Cgreiner

    What is included in Teamworks?

    1. Vibe 4.0.5
    2. Filr 3.4.2
    3. GMS 18.x

    or only Vibe?
    Thanks for more Information!
    Is a new version coming?
    At wich time?

  3. By:mehensley

    Hello, Where can I find more information on what Teamworks is. Not able to find much about what it actually is or does for GroupWise.


  4. By:nbasson

    GroupWise Mailbox Management: GroupWise Mailbox Management has been integrated into the GroupWise Admin Console, enabling you to manage users’ rules.

    Any documentation on this? Getting a trusted app error when trying to access from the Admin Console

    • By:JayParker

      In 18.1 GroupWise uses SOAP to access user’s mailbox for Mailbox Management when the license has been updated to provide access. To use SOAP we also needed a Trusted App for authentication.

      When the license is updated a specific Trusted App named ” GROUPWISE MAILBOX MANAGEMENT” is created to use and the error indicates that Trusted App does not exist.

      It is likely a result of one of these three causes.
      1. The license was updated but the Trusted App was not created.
      2. The license was NOT updated, but the code thinks it should use SOAP.
      3. The license was updated AND the Trusted App was created but was manually deleted afterwards.

      Regardless of the cause, a Trusted App named ” GROUPWISE MAILBOX MANAGEMENT” can be created manually to resolve the problem.

      Please open a support request ticket so that our Customer Care team can work with you to reproduce the problem and to create a bug report for development.