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GroupWise 2012: Appointments and a better RESEND… and RIM, Vibe News!


February 7, 2012 4:43 pm





Now EDIT all aspects of your sent appointments without having to ‘resend’ and without cluttering up your attendees in-box everytime you make a change.

Getting the most out of the new features of GroupWise 2012 is simple and so easy to use. Making sure your end-users know about the changes will make sure their productivity remains high as they transition to a few important changes.

What happened to Resend and Retract in GroupWise 2012?

The Resend feature has been replaced by Edit and Duplicate.

Use Edit to change information in an appointment that you have already sent. The existing appointments in users’ Calendars are updated with your changes, so you do not need to retract the appointment that you originally sent.

In fact, all you have to do is right-click on any appointment that you have scheduled and choose Edit….no more Resend….make the necessary changes, for example: add/remove an attendee, add an attachment or correct that embarrassing spelling mistake…..then simply push Send….missing is the Retract action that you may be used to.

Once you Edit and send your new appointment, there is no longer a Retract prompt. All of the changes are made and replicated to all of the recipients. In addition, in most cases, the changes do not require that the attendees receive a new appointment or force them to Accept the changes.

Note: If you modify the Date,Time or Place of your appointment, attendees will receive a new appointment in their inbox that they can Accept or Decline.

Some might ask, how are the attendees of one of the appointments notified of the changes made to the appointment if they were not required to accept? Great question….

Once an appointment has been edited by the sender, the item in the recipient’s calendar is turned bold again as if it was marked Unread. When the attendee opens the appointment, there will be a small yellow banner at the top of the appointment that spells out the changes that were made to the appointment. For example: the banner might say: Appointment Modified: To List; Subject; Message, Attachments. The attendee can then inspect those areas of the appointment to see the current state and the changes made.


Now there is one other use case that we have exposed with GroupWise 2012. Some users schedule appointments by leveraging an already scheduled appointment as a template. With previous versions of GroupWise, users would choose Resend, make their modifications, send and NOT retract. The process is similar with GroupWise 2012, but now it is called Duplicate.

Use Duplicate to leverage an existing appointment as a boilerplate for a new appointment. Because you are creating a copy of an existing appointment, modifying it, and then sending it, the original appointment is not affected when you duplicate it.

Also – there is no prompt to Retract. Since you are duplicating the appointment, it is treated as a brand new appointment leveraging the text and information from the original appointment.

Of course, if you simply want to Retract an appointment – you select the appointment in the ‘Sent Items’ folder and you will find the Retract option that removes the appointment from each recipient’s calendar.

This particular feature change went through some healthy debate during design, development, Customer Council, Beta and during internal rollout. We found that end-users may need some coaching in a couple of areas.

– First of all – they may be concerned/confused that there is no Resend on the menu. Simple point them to Edit or Duplicate depending on what they want to do.

– Second – they may be concerned that they were not prompted to ‘Retract’ after an Edit/Duplicate action. It simply is no longer required.

One less thing 🙂

Also know that this information is also applicable to Notes/Tasks/All-day events….in other words, all calendar item types.

Now changing topics….RIM and Vibe.

GroupWise: New BES Promotion

“Research In Motion has a limited time offer available to customers looking to deploy BlackBerry Enterprise Server v5 for Novell GroupWise for up to 10 users at no charge. The offer is available to new customers only who have not purchased a BlackBerry Enterprise Server before. If interested, send an email to with all of your contact details.”

Vibe Desktop and Vibe Add-in available via Public Preview

The Desktop and the Add-in are now available. Download here!

Novell Vibe Desktop provides a local, synchronized file store for Vibe files, allowing users to work on Vibe files in offline mode, then save them back to the Vibe site.

Novell Vibe Add-In allows users to work on Vibe files without ever leaving their familiar Office apps (Word, Excel, and PowerPoint).

This beta code is to be tested in a test environment only. We do not support beta code that is installed in a production environment.

You will need the following:

  • Vibe Desktop
  • Vibe Add-In
  • Vibe 3.2
  • Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint 2007 or 2010

Video Demos

Vibe Desktop

Vibe Add-In


These features, which require Vibe 3.2 on the back end, have been through component test, i18n and l10n test, integration test, three authorized beta releases, and limited internal rollout. Now we’re looking forward to hearing from our broader customer base via the Public Preview.


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  1. By:gburg

    Tnx Dean and RiM for making the offer worldwide.


  2. By:pwachs

    Hi Dean,
    again a great article. Please give us more bites of the new features like this one so we can make our user’s mouths water.

    • By:dlythgoe

      Will do!

      I did post several times over the last year on new features that were coming…sounds like I need to recycle a few of those 🙂

      Thanks for the feedback and I am glad you are enjoying it!


  3. By:kreeser

    Great article and our users are looking forward to the new version.

    When using the new Edit feature, in those cases where the change does not require an attendee to receive a new appointment or force them to Accept the changes, will that also be true for appointments sent outside our system, specifically to Outlook clients?


    • By:dlythgoe


      This really depends… 🙂 Of course – right? In general, the Outlook user will get the previous appointment deleted and a new one delivered. They will have to accept the new appointment.

      However, both MS and Novell continue to expand their adoption of the iCal standard which is what provides the interoperability between systems. Provides scheduling, free/busy search, accept/decline and some status tracking. Resend, retract, and recurrence are all supported.

      For the best experience you will need GroupWise 2012 and Exchange 2010. Previous versions of either product will have less predictable scenarios!

      I hope that helps…


  4. By:sveld

    Nice such a BES promotion, mailed them twice but so far never heared back from them….

    • By:sveld

      Finally got a message back from RIM after two months, gee the offer is available -only- in North America and not in Europe where my customers are. Do I need to say more…

  5. By:lrobledano

    As far as I understand, I’ve just followed the steps, and only added one more recipient (a new invited person), and it was sent to the more than 20 people!
    I was tempted to add a note in case they all received it, but I trusted this instructions which say that only if date, time of place changes, the rest of the people receive the new invite, and tehrefore I finally didn’t add that note -to blame GroupWise-.
    This will probably mean a comment from my boss.

    I am sorry to say that after one year using GroupWise I don’t understand how my company still uses it. Usability zero. It seems to be designed without user perspective at all, but only software developers (BTW, I myself have software devloper background).
    In this case as I user I want “Add and invite”, no “Edit”, “Send” terms which are completely awkward from the user perspective.
    (I rather don’t speak in this thread about the Contacts lists usability…)

    I encourage you people to try to have a QA with the user’s view.

    • By:dlythgoe

      Hi – and thanks for posting your experience on the GroupWise Blog. We only improve if you share your thoughts and give us feedback!

      The scenario you described of simply adding one more person to an appointment should not have sent the item to any of the original recipients again. Can you tell me how you know that the appointment went to all the original recipients again? The reason I ask is that there is an interesting side effect that happens when you edit an appointment and any of the recipients have a rule that automatically replies to the sender. Even though the recipient did not receive the appointment again, the reply rule will fire. The most common rule is an out of office reply. This will fire and reply to the sender even if an edited appointment does not cause a new appointment to be sent to the recipient.

      Please let us know if this is what you think happened in your case. If so – this is as expected. We debated suppressing the rules, but thought it was better to over communicate.

      I agree with a few of your other comments. There are some areas of the product that do need redesign and simplification. Sometimes even wording would help. We do have user interaction and human factors specialists that help in these areas. We also employ QA who have a very focused user’s view. We are always open to suggestions. We can’t always make every change, but input and ideas are always welcome.

      Sign up for the Windermere BETA and help us make GroupWise a product that you can be proud of and continue to use everyday!