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GroupWise 2012 Ships!!


January 25, 2012 11:29 am





We are pleased to announce that GroupWise 2012 is now available!

Press releases were issued Monday!!! Communication activities and a community celebration was held in Long Beach, California in conjunction with the GWAVACon event. The product is available on today and in your Novell Customer Center.

Evaluation Copy too!

GroupWise 2012 marks the beginning of our new commitment to more frequent, customer-focused releases. End-user productivity remains a hot button for today’s organizations, and our focus in GroupWise 2012 on 1) simplifying everyday email and calendaring tasks, 2) enhancing mobile collaboration, and 3) bringing social collaboration tools into the GroupWise interface is resonating very well with our customers.

New features to learn and share with customers and end-users include the following:

  1. iPad web templates that give users the ability to access their GroupWise data on today’s hottest mobile device, and IT a simple way to support them.
  2. A complete WebAccess refresh featuring a more current look and feel, recurring appointments, graphical busy search, column sorting, contact photos, cross-client signatures and more.
  3. Calendaring enhancements that streamline common scheduling tasks like delegating appointments, editing appointments, setting recurring appointments, and managing multi-user calendars.
  4. Integrations with Novell Vibe and Skype that bring external and social collaboration capabilities right into the familiar GroupWise interface
  5. Simplified ways to find and share information, including shared folder trees, easier attachment editing, and a new “relevance” sorting engine that presents your most-used contacts, folders and categories first.

Not only do we have a strong release to offer today; we have a robust roadmap (for GroupWise and the products in our collaboration portfolio) that will help us meet customer needs more effectively than ever before. In fact, there’s every reason to remember why GroupWise was a solid investment when you made it, and why it remains so today. To assist you, we’ve produced a collection of resources–including a dynamic roadmap application you can point to and that you can access using the links below.

Web Resources:

Collateral and Tools:

Videos and Demos:

GroupWise Training Promotion

Train your GroupWise Admins and Get End-User Training FREE!! Check out the new training offerings from Novell and BrainStorm. Novell is offering several dates where you can have hands-on training that gets your administrators and users up to speed on all of the productivity enhancements that are part of GroupWise 2012. Courses include a “Moving to GroupWise 2012” session which is two days and introduces all of the new features. “Novell GroupWise 2012 Advanced Administration” which is great for new email administrators as well as your seasoned professionals. This is a four day course that will prepare your team to move to GroupWise 2012 and get the most out of your investment. We also have a “Getting the Most out of the GroupWise 2012 Client” which is a two hour online course that is perfect for end-users who are not leveraging all of GroupWIse today and is also perfect opportunity to learn what’s new.

There are several upcoming dates and opportunities for your organization to plan their GroupWise 2012 upgrade and be prepared to upgrade, roll out and train!

Check out this link for all of the details.

Interactive Roadmap

I am very excited to introduce you to our latest tool. The Interactive Roadmap application that allows you to stay informed about what products we have delivered, which support packs and hot patches are currently available for your version of the product and most important – what is coming and when! The roadmap application will be your way to see what the engineering and product management teams have in store for GroupWise, Messenger and Mobility. We will add other products later.

We want to be as transparent as possible on what our current thinking, priority and expectations are for features, release dates and solutions. Of course, these are plans and plans can change….which is why this application is so useful. Bookmark this link and visit often to see the progress we are making, the latest available patches and when your feature is expected to be delivered!!

Dynamic GroupWise Roadmap Application

GroupWise 2012 Launch Party

If you were unable to attend GWAVACon, Torrance, you missed an awesome party!! We celebrated the release of GroupWise 2012 with a launch party on the Queen Mary for all attendees of GWAVACon! It was a blast!! Bob Flynn gave the keynote, we had fun losing “Novell” money in gambling games, with a Chinese New Year theme and great prizes from our sponsors/partners. We leveraged some of the new technology and features of GroupWise 2012 by having one of our customers in Germany and the VP of Engineering at Novell, Dave Wilkes, Skype into the party and talk to the crowd…live!There was plenty to eat and drink and it was a great party with a unique community feel. Check out some of the videos and pictures!! Join in the social part of this product by checking out these Twitter and FaceBook accounts!! as well as this fun video of the party, the event and the customers who attended.

GroupWise_Info Twitter Account
FaceBook Account
GWAVACon Video

So enjoy in the fun! Share your story! Tweet when you are planning on upgrading to GroupWise 2012!!


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  1. By:smflood

    If you’re going to tell us to “check out” your Twitter account @GroupWise_Info then please use it!

    As of now, the last tweet sent was 7 December and before that two RTs of non-GroupWise tweets by @Novell on 9 September and 9 August.

    People are crying out for information on GroupWise and the other collaboration products so use Twitter to keep us up-to-date, even if it’s just posting a link to a blog article (like this one for example).

    The community tries to help but Novell needs to take the lead.