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GroupWise 2014 Licensing Changes….


February 6, 2014 9:03 am





The Licensing (End-User License Agreement) is changing for GroupWise 2014.  It is important that every organization familiarize themselves with the changes and determine how this will affect their organization if at all.

The EULA has five new and noteworthy things to call out, but please read through the entire EULA to make sure you understand the agreement and that you discuss any questions with your Novell Sales representative.

The agreements outlined in the new GroupWise 2014 EULA will be enforced for all customers who both download and deploy GroupWise 2014.   Previous versions of the product have their own EULA and customers will be subject to those terms until they download and deploy GroupWise 2014.

All Novell audit and compliance actions will be subject to this new EULA for GroupWise 2014 and beyond.

The summary of the changes are listed here:

User vs Mailbox

GroupWise will now count mailboxes instead of users as the metric by which you license the GroupWise product.   All current user-based counts will automatically transfer 1:1 to mailbox licenses when the customer downloads and deploys GroupWise 2014.

Note:  These licensing changes do not affect those customers who have purchased GroupWise via the NOWS buying program as those licenses are licensed per device. From the EULA:  Your mailbox licenses remain as user or device licenses as applicable and as defined in the end user license agreement for NOWS.

Inactive Licenses

Introducing a new GroupWise license option.   In addition to a Full GroupWise license and the Limited License (WebAccess), Novell will now offer customers an Inactive License.  This new license will allow customers to more equitably maintain a GroupWise mailbox within their GroupWise system without having to pay a full license.   The most common use case for this license is for those customers who must maintain all of the data for an employee that leaves their organization for archival or eDiscovery/Compliance purposes.   Organizations should anticipate their Inactive usage and purchase licenses/maintenance accordingly.

The GroupWise administrator will be given the capability, via the Admin Console, to explicitly mark a mailbox as an Inactive mailbox.  Once this happens, all new email will cease to be delivered to that mailbox and after 60 days, the audit report will show that this mailbox is indeed Inactive.   An Inactive mailbox can be accessed using any current method including the GroupWise Windows Client, WebAccess, SOAP, Trusted App, IMAP/POP, etc.

Inactive licensing is different from the casual/passive status that a mailbox will enter if no one accesses the mailbox for a period of time.   This is simply ‘inactive’ and is still licensed with its active Full or Limited license.   Explicit administrator action must be taken and inactive licenses purchased in order to take advantage of this alternative licensing option.

Please speak with your Sales Representative for Inactive Mailbox pricing.

GroupWise Entitlements

Purchasing a GroupWise license entitles that customer to use a number of additional solutions and products.   These products include GroupWise Mobility Service, Novell Messenger and SLES.   The EULA now more explicitly states that these entitled products/subscriptions can only be used with GroupWise as long as the customer maintains their GroupWise maintenance contract.   If a customer allows their GroupWise maintenance to lapse, they can legally continue to use GroupWise, but these other entitlements will either need to be purchased separately (Novell Messenger and SLES) or the customer must stop using these entitlements and uninstall those solutions (Novell Messenger, GroupWise Mobility Service and SLES).

GroupWise Limited License

A rename of the GroupWise WebAccess/Messenger license has also happened.  It will now be known as the GroupWise Limited license.   There are no other changes or new definitions for the Limited license.  It is simply a rename for this purchase option.  Now customers have three ways to license GroupWise.   They can purchase a GroupWise Full License, a GroupWise Limited License, or a GroupWise Inactive License.

Test Accounts and Test Systems

The EULA now explicity outlines the usage of GroupWise for test systems and test mailboxes.   An organization can setup and install GroupWise in a non-production environment for up to 25 mailboxes without incurring additional licencing obligations.   In addition, each post office in a production system can have up to two (2) test accounts/mailboxes that do not require a license.  Any usage beyond these limits do require a license be purchased to cover this usage.

Those are the five most significant changes to the GroupWise 2014 Licensing.   Once again, we encourage all customers to read and agree to the new GroupWise 2014 EULA before deploying GroupWise 2014 and to make sure that your organization is compliant with this agreement.

We have published a FAQ regarding the Licensing changes.   Please review the FAQ for further clarifications and submit any questions that are still outstanding and we will make sure they are answered specifically and included in the FAQ for further reference.

GroupWise 2014 is still on track for Q1 2014 release!   Please continue to watch this blog and other direct email communications from Novell for the latest information and updates!

Here is a link to the new GroupWise 2014 EULA.

Here is a link to a FAQ about the GroupWise 2014 EULA.


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  1. By:smflood

    Given that Mac-based GroupWise users are encouraged to use GroupWise WebAccess (as opposed to an outdated Mac client from GroupWise 8.x) does this mean they would only need to be covered by Limited Licenses if they just used WebAccess to access their GroupWise email?

  2. By:jeranet

    I have a commonly used the practice of setting up a resource (such as support or sales, etc.) and then sharing it with actual users belonging to that logical group. Given that, will resources count as a mailbox license?

  3. By:neva_kee

    Have a customer with the following question(s):

    “You used to offer Linux license keys with a GW system. If you still do where do I find them?”

    Could you please give some details on how this works ?