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GroupWise 2014 SHIPS!


April 2, 2014 8:45 am





Novell is thrilled to announce the shipment and immediate availability of GroupWise 2014 for all customers and partners.   All customers who are current on their GroupWise maintenance are entitled to this significant upgrade and its related entitlements.

I think most know what is in GroupWise 2014 and the great new functionality that it includes – so I am not going to give yet another marketing pitch.   I simply want to share a note of thanks and congratulations and then point you to the download locations.

All of our customers deserve a round of applause and thanks for all of their input into this particular release.  GroupWise 2014 represents a significant engineering effort and countless hours of research to make sure that prioritized delivery continues to be a key objective.   The authorized beta sites have been so valuable and insightful in their testing, feedback, and participation.  We thank you and the GroupWise community thanks you!

In addition to the authorized beta sites, we also had a few Lighthouse accounts who agreed to deploy GroupWise 2014 into their production environments to help bake and harden this release.  The solid nature of this release can be directly attributed to four things.  Dedicated and passionate Quality Control team, an active authorized beta group, Lighthouse accounts, and a very successful Tech Preview.

Log into the Customer Care Center portal to download and access this version!

We also want to remind you about other important technology that comes from Novell.  GroupWise Mobility Service 2.0.1 shipped recently and is a prerequisite for GroupWise 2014!  If you have not had a chance to check out Novell Filr – do so now!   Open Enterprise Server 11 SP2 recently released and is available for download and ZENWorks 11.3 released to the public in February.

2014 is looking like a banner year for Novell customers and the latest versions of all of our flagship products!

What’s on the Horizon?

There are several next steps for the GroupWise engineering team and product group.  The short list of priorities include the following:

  • Ship GroupWise 2012 SP3
  • Ship GroupWise 2014 SP1 (Code named Cornell)
  • Ship GroupWise Mobility Service with support for ActiveSync 14.x
  • Ship Novell Messenger 3.0 (Code named Dillon)
  • Ship Novell Vibe (Hudson)

Many of these objectives are well on their way and some engineering, design, planning, and decisions have already been made.  We will continue to update you on scope and schedule for each of these releases in the coming weeks and months!

Continue to follow us on FaceBook, Twitter, and in this GroupWise Blog for all of the latest information and updates!

Plan your updates today!


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  1. By:vgalino

    Hello Dean. Great product Groupwise 2014..Interesting for me is if there are some roadmap for this products, in special Messenger 3.0 . Good job¡¡¡

  2. By:lgandini

    Instant messaging and email are two sides of the same coin, in every moment I can choose the best way to cominicare with my team.
    When will the new messenger?
    When will be also available for mobile devices?

    • By:Dean Lythgoe

      Thank you for your questions about Novell Messenger.

      Novell Messenger 3.0 is a committed project and we do expect to ship later this calendar year. It is a version that will provide IM Mobile apps for both iOS and Android.

      See and follow the GroupWise Roadmap Application for details and shipment.




        Hi Dean
        hI dEAN,

        When the Messenger 3.0 will be released?

        The road map seem be delay until late of 2014.

  3. By:mmbugi

    Thanks for a great product and solid product!

    Ever considered building a mobile app for GroupWise, just like Novell has done for Filr? Or is your decision to only support ActiveSync?

  4. By:andersonlee1102

    All of customers ask us
    When the GroupWise Messenger Anroid and iOS app will be released?
    Over 1 year they still wait….


  5. By:pauld2007

    Hi Dean,

    What about adding in a strip attachment option? GWStrip was great but badly missed since we moved to Windows 7 (x64).

    Thanks, Paul

  6. By:javoc

    We need Novell Messenger (Dillon) desperatelly.
    Our IOS and Android users reclaim us continuosly.