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GroupWise 8 enters Public BETA


September 24, 2008 5:12 pm





Original post date: 3 September 08

Introducing GroupWise 8!!

Public beta of Bonsai is here! Also the code name is gone – the next version of GroupWise is officially GroupWise 8! Please download it at:

Along with our authorized beta sites, our internal Novell IS&T team and several customers and partners, we are pleased to bring you a very solid, well tested and superbly engineered update to the Novell Collaboration family. As preparation for public beta, GroupWise has gone through an extensive round of testing, validation and automated review. Here are a few highlights:

Automation: The Quality Control team has continued an effort to automate several of our test cases and testing processes. The automated tests are run every day as soon as a new build of the code with the latest changes is complete. The automated test cases continue to expand in number and coverage. They are our first indication that we have a solid build on a daily basis. The automation test cases have not failed once in the last 45 days.

Test Cases: The testing organization has written and executed over 9000 test cases, many of them multiple times in order to catch regressions and ensure quality. The P1 test cases represent about 8300 of the overall test case database and were recently executed again as part of our public beta preparedness. Those test cases passed at 93%. Engineering has already fixed several of the issues that were uncovered by those test cases and we will target the rest of them to be resolved before FCS.

Authorized BETA sites: We have had excellent participation from the 50+ authorized beta sites. They recommended and approved that we move on to public beta. Several of the beta sites have already deployed GroupWise 8 into their production systems and environments. Their participation, input and testing has been invaluable and they have helped shape the product as well as find issues and validate scenarios.

Internal Rollout: Our own IS&T department has been very aggressive in making sure that GroupWise 8 is rolled out and being used by Novell as a corporation. We have almost every Post Office inside of Novell running GroupWise 8 on Linux and NetWare. (Over 20 in all) Those post offices are located in Provo, Waltham, Europe and Asia. We also have MTAs, two of our main GWIAs and WebAccess all running GroupWise 8. Over 4000 employees are on a Bonsai post office while just over 400 are currently using a Bonsai client (Windows, Linux, Mac and WebAccess). We expect to expand this rapidly over the next few weeks.

Quality Metrics: As mentioned in a few of my blog posts, Novell is pushing every product line to increase their quality and to be able to measure it. One of those metrics is based on the severity of bugs/defects found and fixed in the product. Here are some of the metrics that represent the state of the GroupWise 8 public beta code, including the public beta goals.

  • Critial bugs: 91% resolved – 90% is the goal for public beta
  • Major bugs: 93% resolved – 85% is the goal for public beta
  • Normal bugs: 75% resolved – 75% is the goal for public beta
  • Minor bugs: 75% resolved – 50% is the goal for public beta

Lighthouse Project: Novell is also sponsoring an early adopter program. We have 12 customers that have agreed to rollout GroupWise 8 into production with the public beta code. This will provide real world experience and help us gauge our readiness for final shipment. In all, including Novell, its beta sites and the Lighthouse program, there should be almost 10,000 people using GroupWise 8, in production, by the time we ship the final version.

We are confident that you will find GroupWise 8 to be very solid, well-tested and with more new features than any previous release of GroupWise. I know that we will not satisfy everyone, but I am confident that there is something in this release of GroupWise that will make it a ‘must’ upgrade for you and your organization.

Check out the ‘What’s New’ section of the documentation to find your favorite feature.

During the final push before final shipment, we will continue to polish and make it shine. Please help us by participating in the public beta and by providing feedback.


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  1. By:-Advansys-

    G’day Dean,

    Great news, please pass on our congrats to the team!

    Keep up the good work.


  2. By:Anonymous-jh

    To little to late – since Bonsai was first talked about by Novell the world has moved on but the feature set of Bonsai has stayed the same. Things like Outlook 2007, and iPhone support have be be part of the product not missing or expensive add-ons via third party solutions.

    • By:dlythgoe

      I believe GroupWise 8 to be the right product for the right time. It has lots of great features and I believe that the more your users use it, the more they will fall in love with it. The reliable, secure, cross platform solutions will continue to appeal to a lot of people. No product is ever perfect – but you will find, as you explore some of the depth, that there is something in it for everyone!

    • By:Anonymous

      People… Lets be realistic. I keep hearing about how companies are going to rip out GroupWise because it doesn’t do something Exchange does out of the box.

      First lets assume that Exchange was as was as fast, secure and customizable as GroupWise… It isn’t, but lets assume it is.

      Exchange 2007 does some pretty cool stuff out of the box, but arguably not very well. Synchronization is not in the same league as BES or Notifylink. Archiving and eDiscovery or no where as good out of the box as GW Archive, or Sonian, and NOTHING compares to the CRM integration of Omni RiVA.

      Now add up the cost of upgrading your Nows subscription license in order to upgrade to GW8 (ZERO$) and hardware to move from GroupWise 7 to GroupWise 8 (ZERO$ in most cases)

      Now add up the cost of moving to Exchange 2007 Licensing, adding 64 bit hardware, SAN, Outlook 2007 client licenses, Active Directory, ETC. Am I drawing a good picture?

      I’ve done the math and having the choice to choose best in class add ons makes sense… Avoiding vendor lock in and a complete infrastructure change makes sense… Spending a few bucks a month per user for iPhone support with 3rd party tools makes sens….

      Just a thought for my friends who are battling these same arguments on a daily basis… mrp

      • By:Anonymous

        Kerio, Zimbra, and Apple are tearing it up. Novell needs to step back and look at its products… should take the platform-agnostic and encompass-all approach. The success of Web 2.0 startups can be attributed to feature-rich and feature-parity products. Look at Kerio… they support out-of-the-box ActiveSync for Exchange for MS phones and push for iPhones. That means less stress and backlash from IT. Users demand these sort of features now and IT is usually unwilling to deploy 3rd party plugins.

        What happened to CalDAV? Google Calendar and Apple now are picking up this international standard and Novell just dropped the ball when they dumped the Hula project. I was impressed when I first read about Hula —actual open protocol, proper IMAP, CalDAV support –then it disappeared. Went back to proprietary stuff. Even the GW client applications are not equal. Because Novell uses Java, the cross-platform clients don’t perform the same and are missing crucial features from the Windows client. Please take a page from Mozilla and build native applications the same way every platform has a native, well-performing version of Firefox and Thunderbird.

      • By:Anonymous

        I agree

        Novell are well behind the curve and are stuggling to catch up.
        Even groupwise 8 uses C1 for admin, which is practically unsupported / undeveloped.
        Meaning that to admin my Novell network (zenworks, OES, GW) I have to use 3 different tools (imanager, c1, zenworks web based)

        But the real problem is the lack of basic features.
        For example a user came to me today and asked how to remove attachments from a message received. Can the client do it ? No.
        This is basic stuff.

        Bonsai is a step in the right direction, but it should have been a lot more.

      • By:Anonymous

        Add lack of platform support to the list. C’mon, Windows Server 2008 has been available for 7 months now and apparently GW8, whenever it releases, still won’t support the *client* running on it? Hello terminal services!

      • By:dlythgoe

        We usually do not certify or support our clients running on a server platform. However, we do support our agents running on Windows 2008. GroupWise 8 will be the version of GroupWise that is supported on this new platform. It is the first major release of GroupWise since Windows 2008 shipped. That is pretty standard practice. Once a platform releases, the next major release of our products will support it – generally. We sometimes will take a support pack of a currently shipping product and make sure it is compatible.


  3. By:Simon Tideswell

    Hello Dean.

    GroupWise 7 was a very painful experience for many customers (in the early days). A lot of us, myself included, gave Novell a really hard time over this (and rightly so). I’ve only just downloaded the beta and am still installing it as I’m typing so I don’t know what it’s like. But the explanation above of the lengths Novell has gone to in terms of pre-release testing and general product QA are really astonishing and very comforting. I really believe Novell are finally listening to their customers and I am very optimistic that Bonsai will be a “killer” release.


    Fingers crossed.

  4. By:Anonymous

    I have read many articals about GroupWise 8 and the extensive test on Netware and Linux. What about Windows? I know product is considered a bad word here but the fact is Novell customers run GroupWise on Windows. Yet, I see no information about it being thoroughly tested on that platform. We have held off any upgrade after our 7.01 upgrade disasters with GWIA and the POA’s. I like what I see in GroupWise 8, but I don’t want to destabilize our current system.


    • By:dlythgoe

      Windows is a definitely one of our supported server platforms and it is very robust . We do the same tests on every platform. About 70% of our customers are running OES/NetWare, 25% running SLES and about 5% on Windows. We simply talk about OES and Linux more, but Windows is very solid. This is one of the huge benefits to having a cross-platform solution. Many times testing on multiple platforms roots out issues that only exhibit themselves on one of the platforms.

      Our competitors have no claim here!!

      • By:anonymous

        That’s a very interesting statistic, regarding 70% of [Groupwise] customers still running on OES/Netware.

    • By:anonymous

      I was involved in the beta, unfortunately not very vocally due to the timing of many things in my life and the timing of the beta, however every release was checked and run on Windows environments and I am very happy with this release. Early v7 was pretty average, but I think 8 is MUCH MUCH better. My only regret is my inability to be even more involved than I was. I can assure you this product was well tested on Windows 2003 and R2 Server and Issues raised were resolved.

  5. By:TimBaum

    I’ve download and installed the beta in our lab. I actually upgraded a test 7.0.2 environment without issue.

    I’m glad i can actually use the GW Linux client with some level of productivity now. And the published cals are cool. Will save me many phone calls trying to play the “scheduling” game.

    Even our test BES server continued to work!!

    This is great release but here are my only two wish items.
    1. Sorting by date in Webaccess
    2. Ability to create an “All day Event” in Webaccess

    Other than this is a great release, I love being able to right click and create an appointment on the day I select.

  6. By:Anonymous

    Hello Dean

    I have now had a chance to look at the Windows client and the Webaccess improvements and am left thinking that rather than calling it GrpupWise 8.0 wouldn’t a more appropriate name be GroupWise 7 SP4!!!???

    There are definitely all sorts of minor improvements that would be very welcome but I was hoping (after 2-3 years of waiting) that there would be some major leaps in the end-user interface portions. To me it is very much the same as before.

    Hopefully there are improvements in the Outlook Connector to make it really viable in a corporate environment (where users share mailboxes to some extent). I am also eagerly anticipating the good things that might arise out of the introduction of “stubbing” support.

    I’ve only spent 2-3 hours looking at it all so it is early days but right now I feel a bit disappointed with the whole thing.

    Do you know if the issue with GW-Edir sync by the MTA not handling admin-defined fields when the MTA is on Linux is fixed in Bonsai?

    –Simon Tideswell

    • By:dlythgoe

      A lot of the “under whelmed” is by design. The features are just under the surface. You know, as well as I do, how difficult it is for users to absorb a lot of change. We tried our best to maintain the same general look and feel and surface those features that will be most beneficial and provide the most productivity gains.

      There are definitely headline features like Web Panels in the Home Folders, Contact Management, Task Management and cross-enterprise calendaring. However, a ton of power, usability, learnability (is that a word??), is gained by those enhancements and improvements that improve how a user works. The tag line of “GroupWise that thinks and works like you do” really reflects the flexibility and power of a few hundred smaller changes and is more easily learned, absorbed and incorporated in a user’s daily activities.

      GroupWise 8 is the release that your users have been waiting for – Check out several of the Training Tutorial Videos to get a better feel. From the main menu – Help | Training and Tutorials or

      By the way – we will not be delivering another Outlook Connector with GroupWise 8. We will continue to evaluate our options for those users who simply want the Outlook experience, but there is not a ‘new’ Outlook Connector in GroupWise 8.

      • By:anonymous

        The reality is many companies use Windows desktops and Microsoft Office. Windows desktops work well with Windows domains, Office comes with Outlook, and Outlook ties into a lot of software. The OES team finally heard people and is coming out with Domain Services for Windows. When Domain Services for Windows is combined with a quality Outlook connector for Groupwise there is a solution to significantly lower costs in many businesses without anyone noticing the backend change. When you can sit a user down at a test computer, let them play with things, and they can’t figure out what is different you have a winning solution knowing you saved a small fortune. Sure, it would be great to get users of Windows tool to migrate to Novell desktop tools but it is a tough sell. For existing customers an Outlook connector is probably low priority… they already get by without one. If you want to get Novell into new customers a good Outlook connector and Domain Services for Windows are good selling points.

        Your statistics show 70% OES/Netware, 25% SLES, and 5% Windows server deployments. Obviously the server market in general does not have Windows at only 5%, Windows is the leader in operating system installs. This means there is far more growth potential trying to capture customers running Windows server and most of those customers with no Linux or Netware are going to be using Windows desktops, Windows domains, and Microsoft Office and will not be running Novell clients. The easiest route to getting into this market is to leave the desktop functioning as usual and change the back end. If you mess with the front end people will complain about their contacts not syncing with CRM, iPhones, Palms, and the myriad of other things that have desktop sync to Outlook, they will complain that the interface is confusing (because it is new to them), and then there will be those people who wrongly believe anything with a Novell logo on it is outdated.

        If Groupwise is going to be here to stay it will need to find a way into new customers at a greater rate than it looses them. As Netware installs retire (70% of you current market) there will be Groupwise customers that may choose to go all Microsoft. There needs to be a path to bring “all Microsoft” customers the other direction.

      • By:anonymous

        regarding the statement, “There needs to be a path to bring “all Microsoft” customers the other direction.” Something that could help is bundling the IDM Groupwise driver with Groupwise, at least until Groupwise isn’t tied-down to eDirectory.

      • By:anonymous

        I can’t begin to tell you how disapointed I am by your last statement. In my opinion it’s a strategic mistake to try penetrate the market (or hang on to the existing share) with “client” features, rather than selling Groupwise for its real strengths as a “backend” solution. For a lot of organisations such as mine, Outlook is the only possible client, so the Connector is critical.
        With our users pushing for Office/Outlook 2007 and Novell still not making a move to support it, it’s hard for me to see Groupwise as a viable alternative.

      • By:dlythgoe

        I am not sure how to explain this better. I get the feeling sometimes that many don’t think we understand the importance of things like Outlook, iPhone, integrations, consistent administration, third-party APIs,etc.. Believe me – we get it.

        We understand it is strategic, we understand it makes a great sales tool, we understand many users want this functionality, we understand that it is important to your organization.

        I wish things were as simple as just understanding. 🙂

        Outlook Connector has been a technical challenge – period. We have built it three times, three times it has met with a luke warm reception. Every time we built it, it required our most talented people and a lot of time and effort. It just so happens, when you make that kind of decision, there are trade-offs. Things like integrations, administration and APIs, more dramatic features, etc. become those trade-offs.

        iPhone – this is a sensitive topic for several reasons. The bottom line, the SDK provided by Apple only supports Contacts. It does not support Mail or Calendar. GroupWise is unable to create a solution based simply on the SDK provided by Apple. What did Exchange do? They did nothing – Apple actually did something. They licensed ActiveSync and wrote the integration themselves directly to ActiveSync – not using or exposing any APIs to other vendors. Microsoft was not involved in any of the development for the iPhone/Exchange solution. I, personally, have had several conversations with Apple. They point us back to their SDK, which has the limitations already explained. There are other things in play, of which I am not at liberty to discuss the details. BUT – it does not mean we don’t understand or that we have our heads in the sand. Believe me – we get it!

        The discussions, ideas, comments and feedback are extremely valuable. They provide us the continued validation of what we should/can be doing.

        Somehow I believe if we would have done all of the things you are now asking us to do, you would have asked for the things we did do in Bonsai. Once again – trade-offs. I am confident that the wish list would have been exactly what we are delivering in GroupWise 8 🙂

        Glass 1/2 full OR Glass 1/2 empty? Believe me – we will fill it up!

      • By:nayche

        You said
        “BUT – it does not mean we don’t understand or that we have our heads in the sand. Believe me – we get it!”

        I guess the answer is, we understand what you say, we get it too, we just don’t like it.
        It is very disappointing. If you can’t work with Apple because of API limitations, I could understand that. But I have no doubt that you should be able to work with Outlook API. Amateur programs like me are able to communicate to Outlook.

        It is very disappointing to hear you saying “Outlook Connector has been a technical challenge – period. We have built it three times, three times it has met with a luke warm reception. Every time we built it, it required our most talented people and a lot of time and effort. It just so happens”,

        If your most tallented people can not do it, then that does not reflect good on you all. The feeling I had when I read your statement is ” I wish I am the decision maker, I would have moved people to Exchange the next day”.

        It is very painful to use groupwise, you guys owe your customers to do whatever and get Outlook Connector to work.

      • By:dlythgoe

        I think that what you have expressed is a very common misunderstanding. Although we call it the Outlook Connector, it is not Outlook APIs that we are utilizing.

        In many cases we have had to reverse engineer the ‘Exchange’ protocol and look at assembly/machine code in order to decipher what exactly Outlook is doing when that application interfaces with Exchange so that we can mimic it.

        It would be significantly easier and it has been done by other companies to simply completely replace Exchange. Only have Outlook Connector or Outlook users on a Novell written Exchange POA. It is certainly something we have considered.

        It is also not a direction the product is going.


      • By:Eric2001


        Why not use the Outlook APIs? That seems to be working for others. You’ve said that the Outlook Connector takes your best talent and the end users are not satisfied anyway. The Outlook APIs seem to be a better way to go then.

        Third-party integration continues to be a problem. You have said that it is better for you to put your resources into third-party integration than the Outlook Connector, but that was nearly two years ago. Even applications as broadly used as Adobe Acrobat are not integrated like they are with Outlook.

        I spent some time and effort looking into integration of an application that we used, trying to get the vendor and Novell to discuss integration. Novell didn’t exactly jump at the chance to help me out and the third-party wanted a whole lot of money, more than it would cost to move to Exchange. The ActiveSync-like application is still in beta, right? Things just aren’t happening quickly enough.

        I like the GroupWise 8 client, but without integration it doesn’t really matter what features I like. I need the third-party integration of Outlook. And if we can’t use Outlook with a GW8 backend, well, what else is there to say?

      • By:nayche

        It is amazing how you zoomed to a minor thing in my message and made it the issue.
        I want to say the following in a nice way but I can’t find one: Groupwise is a piece of junk!!

        You keep acting this way, and more people will be migrating from Novell to Exchange. Users like me had it with this Groupwise nightmare. Not to mention the groupwise webaccess, it is a complete disaster.

        But you don’t seem to care. As you said before, “you get it!”, but you still not going to do anyting. I just don’t get Novell people.
        Can you just dump GW and have people setup thier GW email directly on Outlook through a proper IMAP access that syncs the address book and calender and not only the mail.

        Going back to Outlook connector, if the connector can not have complete functionality, why don’t you keep it for the basics. If you can get it to work fine with sending/receiving and viewing email, you will do us a great favor. The thing that we use a lot is reading and sending email. At least get that to work with the connector and save us from the frustration of sending email through the primitive GW text editor.

        I hope this message makes a difference to you.

    • By:anonymous

      From early glance after installing server and Windows client I will have to agree it feels much more like SP4.

      The feature differences from 7 to 8 are very nice. However, it will be a hard sell to customers to upgrade or not switch to a new version of another groupware platform that provides more feature upgrades.

      Our customers look at each groupware platform side by side when considering upgrading and paying for new licenses. They will look at 8 and say “oh, so contacts look as I would have expected now and webaccess is now easier to use as I expected with 7” and then look at the modern feel of other platforms.

      I’m not making these statements to “hate” on Groupwise as I believe it is a very stable and affordable solution. I just don’t think the time it took to make it to 8, and the subtle feature improvements justify calling it a whole new release.

  7. By:anonymous

    I would have to say that there is really not much new here. Has Novell cut back the number of developers so much that they had to use GW7 code? This is GW7 SP4.

    Novell has no hope of making any progress with GroupWise. This is a dead product.

    …Way too much hype for a product that was introduced a almost a year ago… LOL!

  8. By:dlythgoe

    The documentation for GroupWise 8, including ‘What’s New’ can be found at

    I think that if you can get past the fact that there are not flashing lights and a major user interface shift, you will find feature after feature that will delight you and improve the ‘habitat’ where you spend most of your day. The features of GroupWise 8 have been discussed several times in my blog – so I don’t know exactly what you were expecting.

    I will patiently listen to your opinions but I do not agree with them. 🙂 There will always be naysayers. I tend to pay more attention to the 29 million+ users of GroupWise world wide (some analysts say 35 million) , in 21 different languages, to the government agencies in 47 of the 50 States, etc. etc. that use and love GroupWise. I have seen a significant increase in interest in GroupWise in the last 12 months and have seen more and more organizations evaluate their messaging platform and say – why am I paying so much for Exchange?

    GroupWise Dead? I hardly think so!!

    • By:Anonymous

      It appears that I will now have to put on a baby’s bib, set out a place mat, and dig out a plastic fork and padded spoon….. and hopefully I will be able to choke down the criticizing words I said before.

      I have had the chance to sit down and play with the GroupWise 8 client for the last couple of weeks. The changes to the UI are not ground breaking, and it is true that there is not a lot of new eye candy, but there are many subtle changes that make the GroupWise experience much much easier and much more convenient.

      Kudos to the GW team!


  9. By:anonymous

    Hi Dean,

    No Outlook connector for Outlook 2007 is bad news indeed, I know a LOT of people were waiting for this. For some of my customers with the lack of compatibility of Groupwise to other products, which the connector allowed us to overcome, they will need to remain with GW7, which is a loss of revenue for Novell, or move to Exchange (more likely) which is an ever bigger loss. I am a huge fan of Groupwise, but it seems after making good steps in the direction of interoperability, Novell has stopped going down that path and are going to “try it alone” again.

  10. By:dlythgoe

    Not entirely true…

    1. Organizations can still update to GroupWise 8, the Outlook Connector included in GroupWise 7 is still expected to run against a GroupWise 8 Post Office. Basic premise…old clients can continue to run against new agents. This allows the majority of your users who are not running the Outlook Connector to benefit significantly.

    2. Integrations through the Outlook Connector have been one of the reasons we built the Connector in the first place. Most of our Outlook Connector customers have reported that this is more myth than fact. A lot of the integrated applications simply do not work ‘right out of the box’.

    3. The number of Outlook Connector users continues to be very very small – although sometimes influential.

    4. We are not ‘going it alone’. We are trying to find a solution to this problem that is more attainable. We built the Outlook Connector three times and it continues to have several very difficult and challenging technical issues that continue to plague performance, reliability and basic functionality. Many of these problems are created because of the differences in architecture between Exchange and GroupWise. Because of this complexity, the Outlook Connector consumed many of our most talented resources – at the expense of 99+% of our user base.

    5. We also have several initiatives around integrations that I can not announce yet, but that we are working on. Hopefully many of them will be the ones you need.

    Tell me – what applications are you currently integrating with the Outlook Connector that work flawlessly, or just as well, if you were an Exchange shop?

    • By:anonymous


      Like it or not, this is a necessary evil.
      People KNOW outlook.
      Senior managers won’t have anything less.
      It also makes migration of PST files, and from other systems where people have been using outlook easier.
      Don’t even suggest to use the tools that Novell provides for this, they don’t work.
      The only migration tool worth it’s salt is formativ.

      Regardless, as much as I hate Outlook, that connector is the only reason GW is still here.
      As others have pointed out, GW 8 really brings GW to where it should have been some years ago…. we’re not complaining, don’t get me wrong, but I think people were expecting more !

      As for me, I’m happy as most of the bugs and annoyances have been fixed with Bonsai !!!!

      The Linux & Mac clients are a real improvement and will keep our Linux based guys very happy.

      Keep up the good work.

      • By:dlythgoe

        Believe me – we understand. We know why, we know who, and we know the pressures that many of you have endured.

        Understanding the problem and coming up with a viable solution – however – are two separate problems. It is not a matter of us liking it or not – it is a matter of being able to create a solution or not.

        Tell me – how many of your users today are using the Outlook Connector and are happy with it? Is it working as they expect and it is working with their applications? If so – what applications seem to be working?

      • By:anonymous

        we use Outlook Connector and encounter some problems, German “Umlaute” are sometimes not working, also some functions are slow. Also some functions do not work: German calender – “Notizen” – the are empty, version: 7.0.3


      • By:Anonymous

        In my opinion, the Outlook connector isn’t a success because, as you state, it isn’t performing as it should. The problem is not only the Outlook front end, it’s also connectivity to iPhone and a-like products. A small company (say 50 to 100 users)won’t pay 2 or 3 hundred dollars per year to be able to sync one iPhone with Groupwise with a Notify solution. Couldn’t you license ActiveSync (like Apple did) to improve this connectivity issue?

      • By:alandpearson

        How many users of Outlook connector ?

        3, that’s right three.
        Happy with it ? zero.
        They always complain about things with it, namely they have to F5 refresh a lot, and calendaring is apparently weak.

        I’m not going to shout more about this, as I feel your pain Dean and don’t have an answer.
        I have been coming under increasing pressure to push out outlook client, but that is mainly because GW7 client wasn’t wonderful compared to Outlook.
        Bonsai should change that and give them reason to shut up.

        If it doesn’t it’ll not be the connector we want but a migration to exchange full stop.

        It’s just a list of issues that add up, that make GW poor in the eyes of users (iCal problems with external appointments, crappy contact interface (fixed in Bonsai), archiving that people don’t understand (outlook drag to folder and it’s done, what’s with the separate Archive view ???), half assed blackberry integration, no native mobile field, the list goes on).

        I think in fairness Bonsai is a real improvement and looks like a decent mail client.
        It solves 60% of the issues that we personally have, and brings something good with the calendar publishing which is really added value here.

        Dean, I don’t know what to say about the outlook connector, but the fact that it is there is a good fallback for some people.

        It sucks as an admin to hear (works with Exchange (read: iphone, BES mobile field, archiving interface)… when GW backend is the best.

        And just so you know, we’re (your customers) are getting fed up waiting for Novell to sort it. Bonsai is at least 1 year late ( I mean as far as I was concerned it was due last year !) and waiting for stuff to get fixed is long and painful.
        Don’t bet on people waiting on monetary for more features… you need to be adding stuff to Bonsai big time, no one can wait for new major features for years.
        Microsoft can sit back and release every 4 years as they are the leader, they’re not playing catch up… Novell can’t 🙁

        Anyway, rant over, and really looking forward to getting Bonsai into production !

    • By:anonymous


      I have 4 customers the need Outlook Connector for third party application integration.
      The also want to update to Outlook 2007 …. If we do not have an working connector for Outlook 2007 and GW 8 the replace GW with Exchange – this customers need the application integration with Outlook!


      • By:Anonymous


        We might have an easier time solving the ‘integration’ issue. What applications do they need integrated?

        I find this often – instead of solving the ‘real’ problem, we are looking for alternative or short term solutions that miss the point. If integrations really are the problem, then let’s concentrate on that problem instead of forcing a square peg into a round hole.


      • By:anonymous


        as example two integrations:

        1. CS BUS a travel application. They have two integrations, a MAPI integration and a Outlook integration. The MAPI integration is not very stable – seen a GW issue, the Outlook integration works.

        2. UStrich a architectural application. The only have a Outlook integration. And the do not want to program an additional integration!

        So the choices are limited…


      • By:dlythgoe

        Good information. This is very helpful.


  11. By:alandpearson

    Dean & Team,

    Well done on the Mac client, it’s a major improvement over the previous release.
    Iit’s now really ‘pretty’, a lot faster, and very very useable.

    Good job !!!!


  12. By:Anonymous

    Are there any plans to have Groupwise Notify for the Linux client? This is the feature I miss the most from the Windows client.

  13. By:Anonymous

    Just wondering if there is a way to use iCal on the Mac to directly edit the groupwise calendar and not do a subscription?

    • By:dlythgoe

      Not sure I completely understand your question. We have put support for iCal in our GWIA – meaning that if you send or receive an appointment outside your organization, then it will be converted to/from iCal. This is supported for every GroupWise client including Windows, Mac, Linux, Web – because it is not a ‘client’ thing. So – using your Mac – you can schedule an appointment and if you include users outside of your enterprise, they will receive a iCal appointment. If a user outside of your enterprise sends you an appointment and it is received by the GWIA in iCal, it will be converted properly to a GroupWise appointment and show up in your calendar.

      Or are you asking if you can directory import a *.ics file (iCal) into your calendar???


      • By:anonymous

        I believe that the poster is inquiring about support for Apple’s calendaring program, which is called iCal (different from the calendar standard but same name).

        Apple’s iCal client prefers the CalDAV standard for client/server operations. I know that Novell supported this at one time using Hula, but I don’t think it’s ever made its way into Groupwise.

        This would be another one of those “more natively Mac-like” issues to perhaps address in Groupwise 9.

        Johnnie Odom
        School District of Escambia County

  14. By:rpiskac

    Are there any new spam filters with GW8? Exchange has a nice spam filter called intelligent Message Filter which works great. Does GW 8 have anything like that? spam is becoming a big issue for my users.

    • By:dlythgoe

      GroupWise continues to reply on our partners to provide SPAM and virus protection for your GroupWise system. Messaging Architects and GWAVA both have very good products.

      GroupWise still has a ‘Junk Mail’ handling process for the client. It is still based on the user’s selection of ‘Trust, Junk, Block’ and is based on email address or domain. This is not changed in GroupWise 8.


    • By:anonymous

      I take issue with the comment that Exchange has “great spam filtering”. I have seen examples of the so-called Intelligent Message Filter and it is laughably bad, it filters out perfectly reasonable emails for no good reason. It might be capturing a lot of spam for you – it’s probably also stopping a lot of perfectly OK emails too.


  15. By:anonymous

    Sorry to drag this up again. (But not really!) Please accept my apologies in advance.

    I have to say that the current answer for management is.., well it just SUCKS! Easy management of the network used to be one of Novell’s strong points. Now, when asked to perform various management duties, it just leads to some HEAVY DRINKING!

    Every product seems to be flailing around the management problem. Novell needs to pick ONE direction and every product needs to follow AND implement it. FAST! This situation is inexcusable and has gone on for way too long.

    No more web. No more JAVA. Give me binaries for the platforms we need.

    If you can compile native binaries for the GroupWise agents, why can’t the same be done for the management utilities.

    • By:Anonymous

      While echo your thoughts on Novell’s problem with supporting a single management direction, I can’t say I echo your desire for no web or java management interfaces.

      I prefer web interfaces for management. And i like java. I like for the same reason Google and M$ are moving towards web based apps. They free me from the shackles of always needing my laptop ready because it has an install of an app i need.

      So, I do “understand” Novell’s difficulty here. If they tried to please you they would displease me…..

  16. By:anonymous

    I’ve had GW8 running in part of my production environment since Monday !
    (Upgrade was from 703HP1 and covered 1 of 4 Domains, 1 PostOffice, 1 GWIA, 1 BES, and 4 Teaming connections).
    My first impressions have all been good ones. Backend upgrade was quite quick with no real issues. I have 4 GW8 Windows client’s running at the moment and the feedback has been very positive.

    I have to say that user reaction to the initial simple format client view was one of being a little underwhelmed, but this did pass as users got under the hood and started to explore and customise.
    It took a good 2 day’s of production use before I start to really get my head around all the changes, so working your way through the training material is highly recommended. For the people thinking that GW8 is just a GW7 sp4 I suggest you have a read of the GW8 Client user guide, and review all the Brainstorm training stuff.

    Scott Moreman
    Sydney Australia

  17. By:anonymous

    Booker T & the mg’s…

    Well, I must confess, Haven’t tried the beta but Im reading here about it as it is a very important product for our customerbase.

    My impression is that …well, time IS running out.
    I like groupwise, I know that many decisionmakers accept GW’s strongpoints.

    BUT,, I do know that users in general do NOT care about backend, I know that the majority IS running windows & office.

    Bell’s and whistle’s..?? Actually believe it or not… that’s probably exactly what Novell should have aimed for. The need or desire for a product more and more comes down to the demands from the users towards the decisionsmakes. And in our customerbase,, it is NOT the users that demand or very much love groupwise……sorry to say.

    Lasse, Sweden,

    • By:dlythgoe

      GroupWise 8 is all about the bells and whistles. There are dozens and dozens of new features across every client. This is the most end-user centric release of GroupWise EVER!!

      Check it out!!

  18. By:Anonymous

    I tend to agree with most here that I expected more of it, and also see it more as a service pack than a real upgrade. I believe you when you say there is much more under the hood. The webaccess has some improvements but on my test system there are problems with sending html mail and replying to html messages (using webaccess). The mac client is a huge improvement, but it should have been like this with version 7.
    Integration is also important to us, we use crm and reservation systems that use mapi and have problems with the GW7 client, so most of our clients are still 6.5. Also we need integration with SAP (portal and gui). If Novell does not address problems like this we will also be forced to move to exchange.
    On the management side: I like consoleone (but it could be better without java), and don’t like imanager, but have to use both (and even sometimes nwadmin32…). Please make all novell software manageable in one or both.
    I could also not find anything on NFS support for the postoffice on Linux. If NFS would be fully supported and the POA could be quiesced, snapshots (supported by most NAS appliances) can be used for backup and as a restore area.

    The Netherlands

    • By:dlythgoe

      I wish I could say something about this -but I can’t 🙂

      Let me say we are working with several 3rd-parties to create integrations with GroupWise 8. We believe it will relieve a lot of pressure in this area and further expand our API set for even more integrations.

      Stay tuned…

  19. By:rmeijll

    Downloaded last week, and of course as always there is the issue of lack of time. There is just too much interesting stuff in the world.

    Anyway, incredible improvements in the client. From small stuff to big things (to me) like iCal, subtasks and to-do/checklist cleanup.

    I use the Windows client, so I haven’t checked the Linux/Mac/Webaccess clients yet. I will in the next week.

    “Bad” thing about this beta: it makes you want to install GW8 in your production environment ASAP 😀

    Of course, I could come up with all kind of feature requests and critical remarks as well, however let’s not forget that this is a happy event!
    Besides, most of the missing stuff is caused by corporate choices, not by the GW team. The small peek on the iPhone/Exchange integration is a nice illustration of that. (Not a surprise since Microsoft saved Apple from doom a long time ago).

    Anyway, Dean, I would like to compliment you with your respectful, insightful and honest responses to all the requests and critical remarks.
    Keep up the good work.

  20. By:Anonymous

    I have updated my test groupwise to v8. It seems to be a great release with many new features.
    Our customers now are interested to know the final release date of the product.

    • By:dlythgoe

      Novell’s public statements about the final release date are still vague. We continue to say “Fall 2008” or Q4 2008. We will continue to be vague until the product releases 🙂

      However, I will share some insight to give you some idea.

      – We plan to have 7 betas – we have shipped 5 already – Public BETA was BETA 5, which shipped on 9/3.
      – BETA 6 is scheduled for next week – about 3 weeks after BETA 5
      – We expect BETA 7 to follow a similar schedule and Final shipment shortly after BETA 7 unless we find or hear about some major issues.

      Not exact, but I hope you get the idea!


      • By:Anonymous

        Is the Beta 6 planned to be published for download on the Beta Download web site? They are still at Beta 5.

    • By:dlythgoe

      I will try not to over simplify this… However,

      Products like Zimbra are built from the ground up as an Exchange Server replacement. GroupWise isn’t.

      GroupWise is built as a competitor and as a value add. Zimbra is built as a inexpensive replacement to Exchange – right? If our ‘only’ differentiator is price – that is pretty simple for Microsoft to defend in any ‘serious’ account or across any ‘serious’ market. They simply match the price – the first year 🙂 I refer you to what is currently happening all across Latin America.

      GroupWise also has a lot of functionality and architecture that does not lend its self easily to the Exchange way of doing things. Rules is one of those features. GroupWise does not track which client is running – so does the server execute the rule or the client? If you are Zimbra, you simply do the same thing that Exchange does – GroupWise does not have that luxury.

      We have talked about creating an Exchange POA and only handling Outlook users on that POA and it only does Exchange functionality. That idea has promise, but reveals several challenges when that POA must talk back and forth to a regular POA – for things like Proxy, Shared Address Books, Shared Folders, DMS, Move User, Administration, clustering, etc.

      Once again – I think we understand – the devil is in the details.


    • By:anonymous

      I don’t want to make a polemic out of this — nor am I from Novell Development, but the answer to your question is rather simple: GroupWise is not Zimbra. I believe it had been mentioned already that the architectures [GW and MS] are quite different.

  21. By:Anonymous

    Hello Dean

    Whilst I think Bonsai doesn’t exactly blow me away with new bling there are some good new features. I’m not sure the “What’s New” link on the site explains them all.

    The ones I’m most pleased about are ….
    1) The ability to modify the recipients of an appointment without having to delete and resend the whole thing. End users hated the previous behaviour – we can “sell” this to them for sure. The dialogue for this is a little ugly but at least it can be done.
    2) Oh Joy !!! We can now reply to an email from within the archive – this is going to save so many headaches and makes GroupWise native archiving so much better. This is a very good improvement.


  22. By:Anonymous

    Hello Dean

    You never answered my question on whether eDirectory to GroupWise sync (as done by the MTA) has been fixed yet? In GroupWise 7 the scheduled task done by the MTA to sync eDirectory attributes into GroupWise was broken if the MTA was running on Linux (it didn’t sync admin defined fields properly). Has this been fixed?


    • By:anonymous


      I also would like an answer to Simons question, as would every administrator who runs GW on Linux… CAN THE MTA SYNC PROPERLY without destroying admin defined fields on LInux ?

      This is a very long standing bug, reported by myself many times to many people.

    • By:Anonymous

      Sorry – I missed that question.

      Here is your answer: – from Dave Hansen

      Yes it has been fixed. It should also be a little quicker, and it is also available for Window MTAs, too.


      • By:alandpearson

        GW Devs –


        Wooohooooo !!

        No more right click->synchronise !

  23. By:Anonymous

    Hello I tried the forward email from archive feature which I raved about above. The first time I do it it works great but the second time I send an email it throws a D109 error. This is with the public beta on Windows XP (backend is SLES9). I’m not sure of the precise conditions required to reproduce this but I believe it is a defect. If I reply to an email it is fine but forwarding throws this D109 error.

  24. By:Anonymous

    Hello Dean,
    I deployed Groupwise 7.0.3 almost a year ago to much to my delight. However, the fact that the Outlook connector was not working 100% to my bosses’ expectations, and some Outlook crashes, I find that I am constantly having to defend Groupwise and Novell’s decisions with regards to Outlook support.

    I find it hard to believe that only a small percentage of your customer base runs Outlook as the front end. As mentioned in other posts, Outlook is the defacto business communications tool. My boss will have nothing to do with the Groupwise client, and insists on my finding a solution to the Outlook problems. How is Groupwise supposed to make a dent or inroads in a market dominated by Exchange when it drops development on a key component for the world’s #1 business tool?

    I have long been a supporter of Novell and it’s products since the birth of Netware….but I am very disappointed having been left flapping in the wind with no recourse. As I read in other posts, I can take solace that I am not alone.

    On behalf of the other uses of Outlook, I beg Novell to reconsider and put the resources necessary to development a connect that works the way it should….



  25. By:Anonymous


    We are making the transition to using Outlook because of the ability of a critical application to integrate with Outlook rather than the GroupWise client. We currently have 10 people using Outlook. There are no problems with the integration. The users are happy with Outlook because the integration very much streamlines a paperless workflow.

    We have found that installing the full GroupWise client (7.0.3) is better than just the connector. Not only is performance more reliable, but we can still use the GW client for certain functions that are only available in the GroupWise client, such as looking up archives, or doing things that simply work better in the GroupWise client such as searches and proxy access. I keep both open all day because I am less productive without the GroupWise Home View, fast searches, and Categories. But I need Outlook open for the integration for our paperless procedures.

    We have found that with Outlook 2003 a Task can be entered in Outlook and it shows up fine in GroupWise, but a Task entered in GroupWise does not show up in Outlook unless you create a group task and change it to a posted task (too much work.) We have also found that Outlook works much better if mailbox size is kept very small. I keep mine less than 500 MB. I started out with a GroupWise mailbox of 6 GB and Outlook performance was unbearably slow. Outlook 2007 works fine for mail and calendar but Tasks do not work at all. POP3 is an option to increase the speed of Outlook if you want to give up other features. Performance is much slower through a VPN, depending on the bandwidth and mailbox size. Outlook always starts slower than GroupWise except for POP3 mode.

    I can list many features and functions of GroupWise that are either executed better in GroupWise than Outlook or simply do not exist in Outlook. And whoever came up with the Outlook un-editable .NK2 cache file idea for auto-complete is a knucklehead. But that really is a moot point since the productivity gains through integration far outweighs the better features of GroupWise compared to Outlook.

    I contacted the developer of the product that integrates with Outlook about GroupWise and they said while they appreciate that there are those that want to use GroupWise with their product they can’t justify the resources.

    In summary we have people using the Outlook client with a GW7 backend and they are happy because it greatly streamlines the paperless procedures and documentation. I understand your point about the great effort expended to make Outlook and GroupWise work together, but I think it is a worthy investment. Many of the reasons that this is good for Novell and their customers have been mentioned already.

    I believe Microsoft created the Lotus Connector. Can they help with a GroupWise connector? And isn’t Lotus a much different backend from Exchange presenting similar challenges to the GroupWise backend? Does Novell have a division or person that a developer can go to for help in product integration? Regarding the product we use, the integration partially works with the GroupWise client. Maybe it is a simple job to get it to work completely, but how would we find out? I think you have done a great job with the GroupWise client since 6.5, but at this point, to have a real serious affect won’t you have to do something that changes the way people think about the email client, in a way similar to what the iPhone did for cell phones, or the way Firefox made a lot of people realize that there is an alternative to Internet Explorer? Short of this it seems like the best strategy is to hang on to existing GW customers, even if it means supporting their current need for Outlook, while continuing to improve the GW client, including integration.

    • By:dlythgoe

      Thank you for the feedback and insight. Your thinking, suggestions and solutions are very much aligned with what our thinking has been and continues to be.

      What is the product you are integrating using the Outlook Connector?


  26. By:Anonymous

    hi there !

    i am currently playing arround with gw8 beta, but im not able to install the webaccess.
    At the installation point ‘configure webaccess agent’ it always says
    ‘groupwise web access application 8.0.0 is not installed . please install it…’
    i have clicked the button install webaccess application a lot of times now and the installation ends just normal with ‘installation complete’.
    i am running sles10 oes2 and all other components of gw8 work fine.
    any suggestions or hints ?
    is there a forum for gw8 beta ?? didnt find one…

    kind regards

    jan (germany)

  27. By:Anonymous

    Forget about Outlook Connector…. MAKE YOUR PROGRAM KNOWN!!!

    How about releasing a cross-platform GroupWise Home client for… well, home users…?
    That and a good marketing campaign could increase the publicity of GroupWise greatly. And as you may know, Office Home edition 2007 does no longer contain Outlook.
    I am sure it wouldn’t be too hard to make a home edition of GW…

    GroupWise could become to Outlook what Firefox currently is to IE, a well known and widely accepted alternative!
    This would definitely boost GroupWise in corporations too, and would increase the support of many 3rd-party companies.
    Don’t underestimate the power of the end users! 😉
    “no one” knows GroupWise today, you need a lot of good arguments to win the management for it. It’s hard to convince someone to something he never heard of.

    You can go either this way or constantly trying to catch up with outlook, never-ending compatibility troubles and unhappy customers…

    Just a crazy idea… 😉

    • By:anonymous

      That is stupid idea.
      What the hell is the point in that.
      Leave GW engineering resources where they belong, not creating a stripped down rubbish client that no one will want, use or pay for.

      Stupid, stupid, stupid.

    • By:dlythgoe

      We have thought about a ‘GroupWise Express’ sort of idea. The idea is very popular among some groups in the GroupWise community. We are actually very close – a simple install wizard that guides the user through a setup to create a non-GW account would probably finish it off – along with disabling a few things in the UI.

      Not so crazy…


      • By:Anonymous

        Hi Dean,

        Really happy to hear abut the Gwevolution . I have just changed over to OpenSuSE 11 and I tried to install GroupWise without a backend groupwise account but I did not have enough switches to access a pop account only. Forcing me to use Thunderbird or Evolution instead.

        I was on the SLED10SP2 Beta team, and I felt the Linux engineers were forced to spend too much of their time on Evolution to Exchange problems. Would it be nice to redirect their efforts to this project instead – get the SLED tech involved with Gwevolution.

        Be nice to see it as a feature of SLED11 if possible
        Long overdue – good thinking and well done on Bonsai


    • By:Eric2001

      It doesn’t seem crazy or stupid to me, if Novell can put the resources into it. However, I think there would have to be something to distinguish it from just another email client. Make the name “GroupWise” mean something to the home user. Integrate the Home View with a popular multi-product IM, such as Trillian, integrate it with video calling such as Skype or SightSpeed. Imagine a Home View with panes of Calendar, Unopened Email, Contacts, Tasks, IM, and Video Calling. Buy SightSpeed and distribute GW Home as one way to use it. Integrate iFolder with the GroupWise Home Client and charge a fee for 1GB of iFolder space. You need something to get attention and make people think differently about thier email client. And, unfortunately, you still have the same issues of integration and phone sync.

  28. By:anonymous

    I’m not sure if this is the correct place to ask this question.
    Does anyone know if Groupwise 8 will support “Protected Distribution Lists”, or Secure Distribution Lists. And if not, when ?


    • By:Anonymous

      This is not a feature of GroupWise 8. However, this is a feature/functionality that is provided by our partners, including Omni-TS and their Riva product.

      This is a feature we have discussed. Product Management has not decided when this feature may be part of the overall product.


  29. By:anonymous

    I just installed the Beta 5 and in my folder list , I got the teaming folders, but nothing inside, I check everywhere in my Groupwise settings nothing seems to pointing to my teaming website, can you help me?

    Thanks , and It’s a great product so far , thanks you!!


    • By:Anonymous

      This is a difficult medium to use to provide support. So, the best I can do is refer you to the documentation. There are just a few places in ConsoleOne that need to be configured properly to enable the Teaming integrations. The documentation does spell it out fairly clearly.

      Let me know if that helps! The URL is not completely intuitive, so you will need the doc to help 🙂


  30. By:markcasey


    I feel I have to add my bit. I am a reseller in Australia, with a fair number of clients (and users)

    The mac client is fantastic, the www is a huge improvement. Well done.

    But, I have to add my peace on the Outlook Connector.
    Yes I understand what you are saying about the development issues and I suspect the reasion it has been dropped is thta it got to hard!

    I disagree with your statement about utilization though, I have about 30% of my GW clients as outlook connector users. (Yes there are problems) but this is my current ratio, so for me the connector is not insignificant.
    (BTW: Of your 29Million nodes was it ? How do you know its not used, neither myself nor my clients have been asked ?)

    I have also lost clients to exchange (which results in moves from OES and Zen to AD and windows servers group policies as well) Why? the connector would not integrate with a 3rd party application and the supplier was inflexible!

    Worksite intergration, Hummingbird Intergration to name 2 are far better in outlook vs Groupwise client. So if I dont have a connector, I dont have a client.

    What am I saying, this needs to be solved!
    As a Novell reseller, I have/will loose market share to Exchange and it will only become a greater issue as time goes on!

    So, for those that want it, hit the enhancement requests, maybe if Novell think its important they.might move it up the priority list
    Or Maybe its not important, in which case I had better brush off my MCSE and learn 2007 (yuck)

    Happy Bonsi ing

    PS. The math questions are a bit hard 🙂

    • By:WalterH


      I agree with you, I have the same issue in Austria. No Outlook connector == no GW customers.

      Most software vendors are have only an Outlook integration but very inflexible with GW.

      So , without Outlook connector we loose customers to Exchange!


    • By:anonymous

      I have seen most of my GroupWise installs go the way of exchange/outlook. We have one customer with 150 users getting ready to make the same switch. It DOES matter that their LOB application vendors are writing tightly with Outlook.

      So much for that Microsoft/Novell Interop arrangement. Why don’t you guys ask the folks in Redmond for some Interop on the Outlook piece and make this a non-issue?

      While the Outlook POA sounds interesting, it’s not on the schedule with version 8 and sad to think shops “getting by” with the Outlook connector through version 7 have to lose it or move it.

      • By:Anonymous

        We are exploring our options with Microsoft on getting some help with this problem. I think it has been very useful to see so many comments about the current use of the Outlook Connector and why. I think it would be even more useful to see actual numbers….

        How many customers? How many users at each of those customers? As you know, it is all about business and if there is a business justification with real numbers, customers, opportunity, then there is more of a chance that a project like this will to get the support and traction that it needs to make sure it becomes a reality. I also see the Outlook Connector as a tool to go after Exchange shops and convert them to at least a GroupWise server/mailbox.

        Please post actual data/numbers!! or send me an email directly if you don’t want that information in this public forum.


      • By:anonymous

        I have no customers using Outlook front-end with the Outlook connector — but that’s ONLY because it doesn’t work well. If it worked very well, then I would probably have 30% Outlook users.

        PS–I have 1 client with GW backend and GW front end for one department while another department uses Outlook via POP/SMTP — we worked for a long time with GW and integration into their primary software, but it finally was too poor of an integration and we had to switch to LookOut.

      • By:dlythgoe

        Thank you for you feedback and specific data. Conversations around the Outlook Connector continue to heat up within the engineering and product management teams. Your input and feedback is making a difference.

        Thank you!


      • By:Anonymous

        We have around 300 GW users and for the longest time we were able to control the desktop mail app. Just a few weeks ago we got a new boss. If it weren’t for the connector we were about to be instructed to go to Exchange. It only took a few “influential” people to see Outlook on the boss’ desktop and now we spending time moving them to Outlook (Not by our recommendation). Now we are finding it is not as stable as we would have liked and are getting increasing pressure for Exchange. Our users don’t know anything about Exhange or GW server, but they “think” they know about Outlook vs GW. It is becoming a mess. We are hoping we can move to 8 fast enough that maybe it will stop spreading… but I don’t know if that is going to happen even when we move to 8. My point is stats can be misleading. All it takes is that “one” person who wants Outlook to make your GW Server disappear. So what is more important regarding stats the few who use it… or the few that make you change everything because they can’t use it?


  31. By:avery_larry

    I’d like doc. management integration with InterWoven WorkSite.

    • By:dlythgoe

      InterWoven in one technology we have been looking at. Watch for announcements around our integration approach that includes solutions around Document Management. We expect to ‘begin’ talking more publicly about our ideas and direction soon.


  32. By:Anonymous

    Will there ever be GorupWise password polices ? Do they ever think about it ? I would not want to use the Ldap authentication and have the same password as the edir user and use the edir password polices.

    • By:Anonymous

      Better password management native to the Groupwise database would be wonderful. In some environments, having the same password for everything (central LDAP directory) is not really a good solution, because once you have a password for one system, you now can use that same password to access all the other systems. I suppose you could still use LDAP but maintain an entirely separate directory just for Groupwise passwords, but that seems totally wasteful when the Groupwise database is already able to store passwords directly within it.

      • By:dlythgoe

        Maybe I am not understanding something….

        GroupWise passwords preceded LDAP. If you want to use a separate password for GroupWise than LDAP – just don’t deploy LDAP for GroupWise???

        What password management that is provided with LDAP are you looking for to be provided natively with GroupWise?

        Maybe its just too early in the morning and I can’t think straight 😉


      • By:Anonymous

        Right now we are using the LDAP authentication so that we use the NDS password policies we have enabled. The policies I was talking about were things like forced periodic password changes, length, require unique passwords, require passowrds and whatever.
        Yes we can a complish this with Ldap as we are doing now, but needs some work done and if you go deep you find some problems with mobile users whose grace logins get finished without notification (And we are going mobile, so I am not sure what more problems we shall see). I have seen some problems with webaccess users too. We are still dong test on this but not yet implemented in our environment

    • By:dlythgoe

      I have to admit – I am not sure this is a topic we have discussed a lot. Most of our requests for password policy tend to be just the opposite of this request. Meaning – it is all about single-signon and leveraging passwords already provided to get to all of the services provided by the company. Please share the details with us about what you would like to see – sometimes the capability you want may already exist or is something that can be included in the design as we move forward.


  33. By:MFaust

    I just installed GW8 Beta and I love the new webacces.
    It needs way less reloading than the GW7 one and altough some parts are ‘heavier’ is feels a bit faster than the GW7 webaccess over a far and not to fast link (just about 10000km)…

    Finally the categories made it into the webaccess. Love it… but why there is no option to set the category when creating an email/appointment ?? If I create a posted appointment some month ahead I dont want to go to the calendar to just set tha category…

    By the way: Is the spell checking settings (check before send) linked to the win32 client setting? If yes, WHY ??? On a fat client I maybe want to check, but the checking on the webaccess is more nice to have and rather slow (for mails with some “history”). Therefore I’d like to have separate settings…


    • By:dlythgoe

      Glad you like the new WebAccess features and functionality. A lot of hard work has gone into making that experience richer.

      Categories – the general design for categories is not to ‘send’ or ‘distribute’ categories. The same is true with all of our clients – not just WebAccess. Categories is a ‘personalization’ metaphor to help you organize things you have received. Posted items maybe should be the exception to this general rule and we can take a look. However, your situation with posted appointments is odd. With multiple calendars – you already have a built categorization model to leverage – instead of posted an appointment and then setting the category – first go to the calendar where you want the appointment – which already is somewhat categorized – and post it there OR you could set up a rule that adds the category for you for posted appointments. Try those to see if that provides a work around for what you want to do.

      Spell Checking Setting – I’ll have to double-check where this setting is stored – but you make a good point. In general, we have the opposite request – make all the settings in my Windows Client follow me to the Web and the other clients. This is what we attempt to do….’signatures’ being the black eye exception. We are finding that a lot more people are using the ‘spell as you go’ feature instead of the ‘check before send’. You might find that one to be better as well.

      Great feedback and comments!


  34. By:Magic31

    Hi Dean,

    I’ve been following this thread with much interest and have also seen your Groupwise 8.0 video.
    You are doing much good work! Thanks for that!

    Testing the public beta, there is one thing in the Contacts that I wonder if it is possible (as customers also want this feature).
    The Novell Groupwise addressbook… can pictures be added in any way? I was told so but using the client it states ‘read-only’ for the global contact, and using ConsoleOne there is no place to input pictures. This is a feature my customers would very much like to see as it can replace a facebook type application.

    Curous to know!


    • By:dlythgoe

      I’m sorry – this is not a feature of GroupWise YET. As we have been showing GroupWise around the world – this continues to be one of the things that lots of people have requested.

      This is a natural next step of our Contact Management solution. However, it is quite a bit more involved than what we did with Personal Address Books.

      – We would like to provide a way for end-users to update their own picture and certain other fields in the System Address Book

      – We need an Administrative tool that can accommodate multiple methods of import – file, drag and drop, single vs. multiple – etc.

      These capabilities simply did not make the GroupWise 8 release, but continue to be part of our road map. It is a great idea!


      • By:Anonymous

        Thanks for your reply!

        Guess the workaround for now would be to share a personal adressbook company wide… Has it’s limitations and nags, but is workable.

        Just to give my 2cents:

        How about creating a (special) Groupwise system resource for this?

        Letting it hold it’s own address books that copy or sync with any System, LDAP (eDir/AD/…) listing. It these (special) address books would default to access for everybody, the Groupwise client could use an overlay combining the original System address book with the rich source.

        One good thing of such an implementation is that it would be directory independent. 😉

        The rights system is already in place for Groupwise and multiple users could be appointed as admins?

        Again, just a thought 🙂

  35. By:tjtemp10

    I left a company in 2007 who used GroupWise and I do not have it at home. I think it was version 5 but they were moving to 6 so I’m unsure if that happened before I left. Anyways, I have my archives and need to have the ability to read my archives within the next few days.

    I’ll gladly pay, need help now…please reply via email (same user name with gmail account).