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GroupWise 8 SHIPS!!


November 17, 2008 12:09 pm





As you have probably already seen, Novell announced the general availability of GroupWise 8!! YES!!

The engineering team is very proud of this release and on their behalf, I say – Get it!, Install it!, Use it! Sell it!!

We hope you will love it as much as we do and you will agree that it has ‘built-in’ quality to go along with a lengthy feature set, innovation and support. This has been a long road and one that will be worth it for many of our customers and partners. Novell is very much behind this product and this release. I have spoken with several executives up and down the organizational ladder and this is one of the biggest things that Novell is doing this year. As we have already discussed, there is a lot of marketing, sales and partner activities planned all through 2009. Watch this blog, Alex Evan’s blog, Novell Press Releases, emails, BrainShare, GWAVACon and many many others for all of the exciting announcements, integrations, solutions and promotions.

2008 was a FANTASTIC engineering year for GroupWise, Collaboration and Novell Teaming + Conferencing… 2009 will be even better!!


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  1. By:Anonymous

    Thanks for the heads up.

  2. By:alandpearson


    Thanks to all involved, this is a milestone to be proud of.
    I’ve rolled it out to all our POs and the client to select view.
    Initial response is good.

    Removing of the stupid unnecessary dialogues is a definite winner, and the discussion thread up front is very good.

    One little ‘nag’ dialogue that is still there is the spell checker. What a nightmare, when you close/send the spell check it says ‘Send email ?’
    What ? This a major PIA !

    I’ve found a few little niggles and bugs, which I’ll raise as issues

    1) Installer can’t create webaccess agents in eDir (C something error). This was in the Beta too and reported by another user. Must resort to creating them by hand

    2) Issue with win client on some workstations. The additional timezone dropdown in the calendar is empty. Affects 50% of users so far.

    All in all GREAT JOB.

    • By:dlythgoe

      Thanks Alan!

      We will look into these issues that you have reported. Someone from NTS may be contacting you.

      On the Spell checker issue – this is one of the reasons we introduced ‘Spell as you Go’ in GroupWise 7.1. Now part of WebAccess as well – when using FireFox. Multiple dialogs can be annoying – we actually removed 10 unnecessary dialogs throughout the Windows Client and a few in the Linux Client as well. Thanks for noticing 🙂


  3. By:Anonymous

    Kudos to all the hard work done by all.

    When you get back from the holidays, get your game face on and lets get to work on GW-9.

    1. Dump the Java Client, get an X-Compiled version rolling so the client can be the same across all platforms.

    2. Get ALL the settings for ALL the clients into to standard human readable config files AND have them make sense OR get them ALL into the user record in the GW Data Store.

    3. Build the configuration interface into the agents, make it simple, clean and fast fast fast.

    4. Figure out a way to be able to have the activity screens for ALL the various agents ( gwia, poa, mta, wea, dv )visible on a Linux box instead of forcing us to rely on clunky web interfaces that show you what happened 15 minutes ago.

    5. Get he API’s ( server and client side ) cleaned up and consistent x-platform with C,C++ and C# bindings with complete documentation. No OLE thank you very much, and if you have some time left throw in a Java binding if you have time but that is dead bottom of he priority heap.

  4. By:alandpearson


    Our users are very happy with the new gw8 client, it finally brings it to the 21st century !
    One thing though, there is no longer an ability to create a ‘Find Results’ folder and these are pretty important for a lot of people !
    You can now only create ‘normal’ folders.

    This feature was in 7 and is now not in 8, or is it an oversight ?

    I’ve logged an SR on it anyway.

    Many thanks again

    Why is there only 3 comments on this thread, are people not over the moon about gw8 shipping ???????

    • By:aevans

      Alan – do the search first and then in the results window select File | Save as Folder.
      I think people are not commenting here as they are too busy upgrading to GroupWise 8


    • By:FlyingGuy

      But probably not for the reasons you are thinking…

      I am happy because I am hoping and paying that with this out the door the GW Team can get focused on what really needs to be done, at least in my opinion, but Management does not want to talk about thie following:

      1. Getting rid of the Java Client and switching over to an X-Compiled client, so everything runs native on its respective architecture and is the same across platforms ( windows, Linux ( GNome or KDE ), OSX, Solaris ). There are MANY quite excellent X-Platform compilers and linkers.

      2. Getting both the server side and client side API’s cleaned and published with complete documentation with bindings for C,C++,C# and as a dead last priority Java bindings. Although I will relent on the Java bindings being dead last when it comes to the server side.

      3. Getting the agent screens put back so that they can be viewed ( all of the at once ) no matter what platform they are running on because quite frankly I find little utility in a web screen that tells me what was happening on my GWIA or POA 30 seconds ago.

      4. Get the Management Console straighted out because it is still schizophrenic and needs meds in the worst way.

      We must pound Novell relentlessly on these fronts. They must be made to realize that our continued support of this product is contingent on them getting these and other issues straightened out.

      Don’t get me wrong, GW is a great product but in terms of the ability of other products to be integrated with it, in terms of corporate acceptance, Novell is continuing to get its Lunch eaten by Microsoft. When vendors that used to support integration with GW cease doing so, you have to ask yourselves why and the answer is, IMO, is because while MS has continued to make it simpler and simpler for those vendors to integrate their products into Outlook/Exchange, GW continues to fail at that and this will ultimately be their downfall if they don’t take action and take it now and take with the seriousness that is required.

    • By:dlythgoe


      You have the ‘exact’ same capability in GroupWise 8 as you did in GroupWise 7. The difference is that the ‘simple’ one is on the right-click menu. The more complicated options are just a little deeper.

      For this feature… From the main menu….

      File | New | Folder…. You will find the same GroupWise 7 interface with all of the familiar options.

      Hope that helps!!


      • By:Anonymous

        Thanks guys (Alex & Dean), you’re right.

        All good, all good so far 🙂

        No complaining users yet !

  5. By:Anonymous

    Groupwise 8 looks fairly similar to Groupwise 7 I think. I like the fact that you can reply to an email when in your archive. I also like the easy vacation rule setup. The contacts are much better.

    Things I would like to see:

    Junk mail handling for internal mail.
    Drag and drop mail from online mailbox to archive.
    Support for Outlook 2007 (connector).
    Better 3rd party support for a desktop validator for certificates such as Tumbleweed and support for a OCSP responder. Tumbleweed only supports Exchange and Lotus notes. Because of this issue, we lost the battle and now will be migrating to Microsoft Exchange 2007 unfortunately. You should talk to Tumbleweed and have them support Groupwise.

  6. By:Anonymous

    I’d like to add that Novell should work with PGP on support for GW.

    We need to use PGP and the PGP software is rubbish, and doesn’t work properly with GW (errors all over, and doesn’t encrypt attachments)

    Also, private dist lists (I think people have mentioned this, distribution lists that only certain people can send to)

  7. By:Anonymous

    Any idea when GW8 will be officially supported as the client installed on the Blackberry Enterprise Server?

    • By:dlythgoe

      RIM is a very good partner for GroupWise and Novell. They plan to support the latest versions and support packs as quickly as possible. Currently, as you probably already know, you can run the GW7 client/object api on the BES against GW8 POAs. RIM has been working on version 4.1.6, but recently pulled it from their download site because of some outstanding issues.

      I will check with RIM Product Management and see where they are at. I’ll post back here when I have more information.


  8. By:WalterH


    now I work for approx. 20 days with the GW 8 Windows client, German XP Sp3 with all patches up to today, caching mode. After approx. 10 hours of operation, the GW 8 client creates 50% cpu load for periods from 30 seconds up to 4 minutes. At this periods, the client do not accept any keystrokes and the mice cursor is invisible.
    Two questions about this:
    1. did Novell test the client longer than a few minutes – lets say 20 hours continuous operation?
    2. at which time we can expect a fix for this issue?
    The current behavior is unusable!