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GroupWise 8 SP1 (8.0.1) SHIPS!!


August 31, 2009 3:02 pm





This release is a follow up to the November 2008 release of GroupWise 8. It includes mostly defect fixes, but also a few new features, better Teaming integration, updated platform support, 508 certification and improved international character support.

Please view previous blog posts for more details on those topics:

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Please download the product from here:


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Disclaimer: This content is not supported by Micro Focus. It was contributed by a community member and is published "as is." It seems to have worked for at least one person, and might work for you. But please be sure to test it thoroughly before using it in a production environment.


  1. By:WalterH

    I updated my GW 8.0 HP2 system to SP1, works great.


    • By:dlythgoe

      Glad you got it installed and it is working great for you! We have had lots of feedback already and it has been very positive!

      Please keep the great message going – 8.0.1 rocks!! 🙂


  2. By:ekooter


    I just installed SP1 on a server. When checking the webaccess to see if it was updated correctly I noticed the following, the build date seems to be correct, but the version isn’t. This is on a system that was upgraded from Beta to 8.0.0 and now to 8.0.1.
    This is the multilingual version.

    Novell GroupWise WebAccess
    Versie 8.0 Beta
    © Copyright 1993-2008 Novell, Inc. Alle rechten voorbehouden.
    Buildnummer: 88138
    Programmaversie: 8.0.0 26-8-2009 (WebAccessServlet.class)


    • By:dlythgoe


      After you install the RPMs or code, you need to go into Configure WebAccess – that will update the version.

      That should do it!


      • By:ekooter

        Hi Dean,

        Thanks, It worked!
        But I am still a bit puzzeled by this…
        Because the Linux installer updates everything at once (which is very convenient), I only installed the new version and didn’t bother to configure anything. It seems OK for most other components. Is it necessary to do the configure step for all agents or only webaccess?
        What does the configure step do if everything is already configured (in a working system)?


        Novell GroupWise WebAccess
        Versie 8.0
        © Copyright 1993-2009 Novell, Inc. Alle rechten voorbehouden.
        Buildnummer: 88138
        Programmaversie: 8.0.1 26-8-2009 (WebAccessServlet.class)

      • By:dlythgoe

        You asked – what does the ‘configure step do’?

        It updates the version info 🙂

        It is not a necessary step for running – generally. It is simply best practices to review your configuration and to make any additional changes/updates based on new functionality. The version info is stored in the configuration file and it is simply not touched when you lay down new code – you must run the configure for that file to be ‘rewritten’. It is minor and simply cosmetic – you could manually edit the configuration file and have the same effect.


  3. By:smoreman

    Hi Dean

    Updated my Primary, one GWIA and one PO from GW 8 HP2 to GW 8 SP1 last night. No install or operational problems to report !!


  4. By:mwilmsen


    I installed SP1 with no problems! nice took me only 15 minutes to update my system.
    But what about the active sync feature in SP1. I cannot find any documentation on that?


    • By:dlythgoe

      There is no ActiveSync feature in SP1 – that is probably why you did not find any documentation on it either 🙂

      ActiveSync will be the technology that our new Mobility solution will be based on. Essentially it will be the replacement for GMS. GMS also did not ship as part of GroupWise – either will ActiveSync.

      I refer you to Alex Evan’s Blog on this topic and for a slightly larger view:

      We are working very quickly to provide the new Mobility Solution. It will be based on ActiveSync and will support the iPhone – along with any other ActiveSync enabled device.

      We have not announced an official schedule or release date for this technology. However, the first release of this technology is code named ‘Gradenko’ and is scheduled to release in October. ActiveSync is NOT part of that release. Gradenko includes the DataSync engine, a GroupWise Connector, an SDK and 3 connectors (, SugarCRM and SharePoint). Shortly thereafter, we will go to beta and final release of ActiveSync and a Teaming Connector. Currently targeted towards the end of the year or first of next year.

      We will update you will more device support, schedule and a release date as soon as we can.


      • By:tmstone835

        I can’t tell you how big of a item Active Sync is for me and my clients. I am fighting and clawing to keep them from pulling the plug on GroupWise because they can’t sync their iPhones, and various other devices. They had such a bad experience with the GMS 1 and 2 products with other devices that I can’t even mention GMS 3. Plus GMS 3 won’t help them anyway with the iPhone.

        Third party products are either too expensive (Notifylink) or they install a non-native calendar client (Toffa) in order to make it work. The Companionlink for Google stuff is relying on Google calendar which has been buggy, too. Plus there is no Google support at all. The only thing so far that is 100% reliable is BES but you have to be very careful about versions and updates. Of course, BES only support Blackberries.

        I just hope the Active Sync component works well otherwise goodbye GroupWise for my clients.

  5. By:pwachs

    I updated my 3 PO servers to SP1 during the peak time. No problems at all. The end users only noticed a little delay in the GW client when I restarted the agents.
    Do the same thing with Exchange/Outlook and you have to spend a week end for this! ;).

    Great job, guys!


  6. By:WalterH


    with German SP1 I see an issue with the daily calendar view. The day
    “September 8, 2009” overlays the calendar below.
    Screen resolution 1680 * 1050.

    Please see the screen shot:


  7. By:dlythgoe

    Thanks Walter – I will make sure a bug is logged. Do you know if this happens in English and/or any other calendar views besides the ‘Day’ view?


  8. By:stideswe

    Hello Dean

    We had been using GroupWise 8 in the IT department for some time and had not found any issues at all. Then we rolled it out to end users and found some significant issues with it. Most painful has been some OLE errors when emailing directly from Excel 2003 (on Windows XP). This along with bugs relating to replying from within your archive has produced a lot of end-user kick-back.

    We were hopeful that SP1 would resolve some of this but have found that SP1 is not fit for deployment: single-sign on no longer works, links to web pages in message bodies don’t work and the Excel issue is still there. We are also noting a lot of, what I suppose you would describe as, OLE issues such as inconsistent cut & paste from other applications etc – the sort of thing that really cheeses off end-users.

    Was GroupWise 8 (and SP1) ever tested/validated on Windows XP/Office 2003? It is almost as though that platform was not considered? We don’t have any Vista PC’s yet and so haven’t tested whether these issues are present on Vista as well but it is just a suspicion I have that many of our issues might be XP only issues?


    • By:dlythgoe


      Thanks for the heads up – but so far we have not heard this issue before. I checked with our NTS group, as well as our internal Helpdesk to see if any reports have been received. So far nothing….

      I suggest you open a Support incident right away so that we can begin to investigate. Windows XP is a reference platform and we have validated against several versions of Office including 2003. I include myself in that testing – although I am now running Windows 7, I still use Office 2003.

      I see you are also looking at Vista – please let us know what you find. In general, we find that this usually has to do with either how the client was installed on the machine – with some tool, like Zen or what rights were used to install either the current version or the previous version. Admin vs User rights. Usually an uninstall, login as administrator and a new install.

      However, the best thing is to open an incident with NTS and let’s get some of our technicians involved. If we do have a problem, we want to provide a solution right away.


      • By:stideswe

        Hello Dean

        The issue with Excel is very easy to reproduce and I don’t believe it is related to the installation methods used. I have set up a “virgin” installation of Windows XP and Office 2003 and then installed GroupWise 8 SP1 client (all done manually) and the issue is still present.

        The issue is that if you chose to File->Send To->Mail Recipient as attachment from within Excel then Excel becomes completely unusable until you have sent the email. This is in contrast to GroupWise 7. Now everyone, try it for yourselves and see if I’m wrong? We logged an incident with NTS and their response was “roll back to GroupWise 7” which is not an adequate response in my opinion.

        As regards to some of the other issues I mentioned …
        If the POA version is 8.0 then single sign on with a 8.01 client does not work – this is resolved by upgrading the POA to 8.01 so I guess that is not a bug as I had previously suggested.

        The issue with web-links not working for the GroupWise 8 SP1 client is actually something to do with our internal build process or application installation method – I have communicated my displeasure to the Desktop Support team – it does not appear to be a Novell bug as I had previously suggested. It may have something to do with using the CleanIt program that they used to remove all the remnants of some previous bad versions of the GroupWise client (7.01 was a really awful version).

        These days I am so battle-weary from dealing with the numerous Novell defects I encounter that I sometimes jump to conclusions and just assume that it is yet another Novell defect. Frankly most of the time just assuming it’s a Novell bug you will be correct – occasionally (as is the case here) – one (that’s ME) ends up with egg on one’s face!!!!

        The issue with Excel is a real killer though and has produced a LOT of kick-back from end users. Can a fix for this be prioritised as a FTF file?


      • By:dlythgoe

        Thanks for the follow up message.

        We are looking into the Excel issue. We will contact you directly if we need additional information or details.



    • By:beheer_sigra

      Hello Simon,

      I’ve read that jou have the same proplems with GW8 sp1 as us. we have also a problem with opening weblinks in a message (not always) and we couldn’t email directly from Word 2003. But since GW8 sp1 the last thing is now working.

      Do you know if there is a solution for the weblinks?

      Best regards,

  9. By:dbuford

    It would be good to hear from the leader of the Groupwise effort, what was left out from the Netware version so not to discover it’s abending on agents and to be forced to make a decision in a haphazard manner whether to go to WIndows or Linux, in the time of shrinking budgets, to stabilize GW 8.0.1. It’s cheaper and easier to go with the devil I know, WIndows, then the devil I don’t know, Linux for me.

    On a larger scope I fear that Novell is becoming a bit player in the scope of IT with great products but no successful direction.

    • By:dlythgoe

      You may have to get more specific.

      Abends is never expected – whether there are feature differences between NetWare and LInux – neither should ever abend.

      The only difference between NetWare and Linux is the ability to index PDF files on NetWare. This is a limitation of the technology we license from Oracle/Stellent. Having support for a particular feature should not translate into stability issues.

      Please contact NTS and open an incident and we can gather more information and determine the correct path forward.


  10. By:Simon_Comless

    SP1 contains some great fixes, e.g the installation routine which now works as expected (no more broken Groupwise settings for new local users or default-user-profile).

    Unfortunately the EML import into Groupwise is still not working properly: some EML files – even ones that Groupwise exported itself – will not import and break with a D107 error message although Outlook Express will open the file just fine. Hopefully this is fixed soon.


    • By:dlythgoe


      We have been trying to duplicate the issue you reported with EML files. We must be doing something different. Can you please send us the file you are using as well as the ‘exact’ steps you are following to duplicate?

      We will certainly take a look. Here is what the QA engineer said when he tried to duplicate.

      “Need more info. Steps that he is doing to get the EML files and also get them into GW? maybe a copy of the file. I cannot duplicate, so may be a particular kind of an item type.”

      We did find someone else reporting the same thing on one of our support forums. Here is the text of their issue.

      “we use GroupWise 8 HP2 (Server & Client) on NetWare 6.5SP7 and gweml to
      open eml-files.

      Now we have the following problem on only 1 Mailbox:

      If I open eml-files I get an error D107 or an empty Mail appears or an
      old email from 2003 opens but not the really opened eml-Mail.

      This Problem only occurs on one Mailbox – in all other Mailboxes it
      works fine.
      If I use another mailbox with proxy rights to this mailbox there’s also
      no problem.
      GWCheck – changes nothing.”

      At this point, let’s get you into our NTS group and open an incident. They can help trouble shoot and gather all of the appropriate details in order for my team to provide the best solution.


      • By:applebyca

        We have this identical problem with D107 errors.

        Environment is identical – GW 8 HP2 albeit NW65 SP6.

        It isn’t on all accounts though. Prior to GW8 we were using the GWEML utility to open EML files. We noticed that you didn’t need this additional program after installing GW8 client – it obvioulsy has the functionality built in. So we uninstalled the GWEML and then reinstalled the GW8 client. However, we still have the error on eml files.

        Let me know if you get to the bottom of it as it is a real “show stopper” for us.


      • By:Simon_Comless

        Hey Charly,

        although I’m sorry for you (and me actually) that this problem occurs I am happy to hear that finally somebody is experiencing the same problems!

        I opened a call with Novell Support but they had problems reproducing it, at least they say so.
        I hope they really report this to engineering as they promised me.

        A question: what client language are you using? Until now I only heard about this or similar problems with the German client version (Novell support forums).


      • By:dlythgoe

        Please send me the EML files you are using. We have had 3-4 customers report this problem, but we have not been able to duplicate it and even these customers tell us that it is only one or two users that are having the problem. Even proxy rights to the same mailbox seems to work.

        Thanks for reporting the issue, please provide as many details as you can. We have also been working with NTS and they have passed on the 2 reports they have received.

        We need steps to duplicate and sample files that are failing.



      • By:Simon_Comless

        Hi Dean,

        for some reason today I was able to open ALL files EXCEPT ones that come from our domain ( All these I was not able to open, GW came up with the D107 Error.

        For this reason I suspect that you will not be able to reproduce this error with emails from us, so please ask the guys to export emails from their domain ( ?!) and others aswell. They really need to try this with a lot of emails and also on dofferent PCs with different accounts since GW always seems to behave differently.

        Thanks a lot!

      • By:tklancar

        I have been experimenting with this because we are experiencing the same error. We need to store .eml files in our document management system.
        By experimenting with the header of a .eml file saved to the desktop from groupwise I found that if the From: line is not the email address of the client that logged in ie: YOU, then you get the D107 Error. I can duplicate this at will by changing the From: header to
        If you think about it this is because the default action that groupwise takes on the .eml is to insert it into a compose window, just as if you are sending the message to someone else. Although you can type in anothers email address in your from line in your compose buffer, it doesn’t make sense that you want to send a message out with the From: line as the person you got the message from. It should be you.
        So I’ve confirmed this 2 ways.
        Edit the header and change From: to To: and take out the extra To: if there is one.
        Edit the header and take the From: line out completely
        Then click on the .eml file. Either way the message opens in a groupwise compose buffer without generating the d107.
        So I think the real problem is that groupwise opens the message in a compose buffer rather than in a read buffer, when an action could be reply, or forward etc. This is the default action for outlook express I think.
        Tony Klancar

    • By:studio-funk

      You can’t open an eml when there is a user in the “From:” line on which you have Proxy Access rights.. This will give you the d107 error..

      Just delete the proxy rights, restart client.. and it woks..

      I also informed novell about this issue .. the opened a high priority bug #556905. So the developers an on it..

      Hope there will be further information next week..
      Have a nice day..

      • By:Simon_Comless

        Thanks for finding this out! We need the proxy rights though so I really hope Novell can fix this bug in the next version..


  11. By:tmstone835

    I don’t know if the default outbound internet addressing changed in GW8 but after upgrading all of our outbound addresses changed from userID to first initial, last name. Normally this wouldn’t be a big issue but we have a couple of users with two word last names that are separated by a space. An example is “van Dyke.” GroupWise would try to send out emails using a space in the name which other mail servers would reject. I changed the global setting back to userID@internetdomain and it works OK now.

    • By:dlythgoe

      We have not intentionally changed any defaults for the outbound internet address format in 8.0. In fact, with internet address turned on, the design is that the GWIA would use the same address format externally as is used internally. In the absence of gateway aliases and overrides at the post office and user level, GWIA should have already been honoring the global preferred address format.

      More information is needed about your specific case. We need to determine what format was being used before 8.0 and why the GWIA was using it. It is even possible that what you are seeing is a bug fix.


      • By:tmstone835

        I am not going to worry about it for this customer as we fixed the problem by setting it to userid instead of firstname.lastname. However, that brings up a good point, how well does firstname.lastname addressing work in other environments? If there is a space in the last name, I assume an improper internet email address will be created and sent out. Is there an additional setting to automatically insert an underscore when a space occurs in the last name?

      • By:dlythgoe

        When messages are sent outbound from GWIA and they contain spaces, the GWIA will replace those spaces with ‘underscores’ to make them Internet compatible.

        Use the /MSSTU command line switch – It tells the GWIA to map ‘spaces’ to ‘underscores’.

        Also make sure you have not turned ‘off’ the reverse mapping – which can be found in ConsoleOne. This setting allows you to try incoming messages with both underscores and spaces. This also can be checked in the GWIA properites files….under SMTP/Address Handling.

        Let me know if that helps.


      • By:tmstone835

        Thank you. I forgot about the /msstu switch and I will check on the reverse mapping setting.


  12. By:redds

    After an initial scare because I forgot to unload the POA when upgrading the MTA and the upgrade failed, the upgrade went flawlessly. The server is running NW6.5SP5. No real problems to report so far. Monday will be the big test.

    However, I can duplicate the issue where Excel is unusable until after an e-mail is sent. I don’t think it will be a big deal because most of my users will only send the spreadsheet in it’s final form. There aren’t too many who try to use Excel and send an e-mail at the same time.

    I ran into an issue with WebAccess giving me an issue about contacting the system administrator because of some issue with Spell Check. I checked the config files according to the TID and everything was correct. I disabled spell checking from the WebAccess properties and the problem went away.

    • By:dlythgoe

      Thanks for your report.

      We did make a change with the Excel integration piece and we are planning on making a fix for this. The ‘hang’ until you send or cancel is not a good situation. So expect a fix for this in the next support pack.


  13. By:bbecken

    we installed 8.0.1 on our two node SLES10/NCS cluster. The install went well, no real issues.

    One question has come up that we have not been able to find an answer too.

    When an email is sent, goto Sent Items and look at the email properties…

    What does “Third-Party Downloaded” in the Action column mean?

    • By:jcunningham

      I haven’t really investigated, but we’re seeing that status message, “Third-Party Downloaded,” when the user accesses their email via a mobile device and our NotifyLink system.

      Hope this helps.

      • By:dlythgoe

        ‘Third-Party Downloaded’ means that a third party application has read the message (we don’t know whether or not the actual user has read it). We added that because people could setup a one-way sync GW -> GMS where they could read data but never update the read status.

        Hope that helps explain it…


  14. By:a_kaushi

    We are having the following issue with 8 sp 1and I was wondering if anyone seems to know the fix for it. This worked absoultely okay with groupwise 7.

    We have an LDAP address book for students & when I go to the address book icon and try to search for a name nothing is returned. However if I go to New Mail, click the Address book icon and select the LDAP address book I can then locate names.


    • By:jcunningham

      Yes, we have this problem as well – both from the GroupWise client for Windows and from WebAccess.

      Disclaimer: I haven’t looked into this myself, but a colleague poked around a little and believes it is because of this: (TID 7002075).

      We don’t have it working yet.

      • By:dlythgoe

        I have asked one of my engineers to take a look at this. I will let you know what we find.



  15. By:a_kaushi

    Thank you so much! I appreciate you looking into it.

    • By:dlythgoe

      The QA engineer I asked to look into this reported back to me today.

      He said: “I tried 3 different LDAP AB’s and the Address Book proper worked fine, as did the Address Selector. Maybe something specific to the LDAP AB setup.”

      It looks like we need several more pieces of data in order for us to resolve the problems reported here. Please contact NTS and work with them to provide the following:

      1. Steps to duplicate
      2. Details on the LDAP configuration – server, ip, context, etc.
      3. May need copies of your databases to help us.



      • By:a_kaushi

        Hi Dean,
        Thank you so much once again! Can you please provide me the contact no for NTS and I will call them up to resolve the issue.


  16. By:pitcherj

    Just to add a little fuel to the fire:

    We’ve also experienced the URL-in-a-message problem. For some users, when they click on a URL embedded in a message, if their web browser is set to “Default Browser” in GroupWise, and their default browser in windows is IE7/IE8, a “blank page” (a white page) is displayed instead of the link they click if the browser was not open to begin with. If the browser is open, then the link opens fine.

    Also, we have experienced issues with copy/paste in multiple applications including GroupWise when text is copied/pasted from the subject line of a message. The crash is always involving ole32.dll, and so far I only have XP users reporting the issue.


    • By:dlythgoe


      We have had some reports of both of these issues. We are struggling to reproduce the ‘blank page’ problem. I will look into that again with the QA team.

      The crashes on copy/paste we believe are related to an update to the Microsoft RichEdit control that we included with GroupWise 8. We believe we have resolved several issues in the upcoming Hot Patch.

      The Hot Patch will be publicly available in early January.


      • By:jalvis

        I’m sure you and your team are working very hard, but waiting a month to be able to use COPY/PASTE on my PC is a bit hard to accept.

        How did GW8 make it through testing when it can’t handle copy/paste?
        One of the most basic functions of a computer.
        That’s like saying GW8 is very stable, until you touch your mouse.

        No other program on my PC crashes when I hit Ctrl+C on my keyboard. GroupWise does so, frequently, when it’s not even the active window. Very, very sad.

      • By:dlythgoe

        I understand your frustration. Interestingly enough, the problem is not as common as you might believe. I realize that you are crashing frequently – however, most users are not. Not only did our testing not find this issue, but dozens of BETA sites, some with 1000’s of users, 100’s of customers and all of their users have updated and are not having the problem.

        It appears to be a combination of not only certain OEM versions of Windows, but also in what order updates to those versions have been installed.

        If you are crashing because of the richEdit control. One work around is to default to HMTL. Let me know if that helps your situation.


  17. By:pitcherj

    Just wanted to post to those who have experienced issues with GroupWise 8.0.1:

    It would appear that one of my test user’s problems with the properties page of an email seems fixed as well as the summary page of an address book contact. Neither of those would display for him on my Win 7 x64 machine, they both do now.