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January 27, 2011 1:41 pm





Q: I have a Droid x and had a standard Droid prior. I’ve read numerous forums where none of us are able to get our e-mail working properly on the Droid system. I delete an e-mail only to have it come back hundreds of times. Is there any fix to this?

A: Yes, that fix will be included in the Mobility Connector Update 3 when it releases in the next week or so. We’ll post a link here when that update is available.

Q: I currently sync my Personal Blackberry Pearl with my employer’s GroupWise 7.0.3 for Calendar and Contacts only. I am thinking about upgrading my Blackberry Pearl to an Android Based Smart Phone or iPhone 4. Will I still be able to sync my contacts and calendar with an Android or iPhone?

A: First you will need to upgrade to GroupWise 8 — we don’t have a solution for Androids or iPhones for GroupWise 7. But once you’re on GroupWise 8, you can sync everything nicely using the Mobility Pack.

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  1. By:sjt4423

    “But once you’re on GroupWise 8, you can sync everything nicely using the Mobility Pack”

    The system address book is still not a “sync” selection, as far as the current version goes…

    • By:dlythgoe

      It is true that we do not synchronize the entire System Address Book to your mobile device. Most synchronization solutions available do not offer this either. What is standard and what is supported with the Mobility solution is the capability to ‘search’ the System Address Book from your mobile device. This allows you full access to all System Address Book entries easily without the overhead and disk space usage of the entire System Address Book.


  2. By:rflorio

    We just use GroupWise on a Windows Server, is it still possible to setup the Data Synchonizer without having a Linux box??

    • By:dlythgoe

      GroupWise can continue to be run on Windows, SLES or OES…however, the Novell Data Synchronizer Mobility Connector is only available on SLES 11 64-bit. We have found that many sites are just using a virtual machine to do this setup. In fact, Novell runs our production Mobility connector in a virtualized environment.

      Hope that helps…


  3. By:djegan

    We are running the Data Sync in a production environment on GW 8. We have tested different devices with regard to synchronizing to GW.

    Nokia Symbian devices seem to work the best, however the latest nokia N8 does not present meeting requests properly. They arrive as an email and you cannot accept or decline them or actually read the meeting details (time and place).

    We have also a similar issue on the Samsumg I9000 Galaxy (Android 2.2).

    On the iPhone 4.0 everything works except it will only deliver email which is at least 3 days old.

    Has anyone else had these experiences or are you aware of a fix for the issues described above?

  4. By:patrickcs

    I use a third party software called Companion Link to sync my Groupwise 7 (calendar, contacts, to-do list) to Google. Since my Android is “Google Integrated” it works great. The email I am just using IMAP to connect and do not have the issue of “returning” deleted e-mails (which is more of a POP3-related issue).

  5. By:dvshelley

    We’ve had them available for iOS for a while. We’re in beta with an Android solution right now. Give it a try (betas are always free) and let us know what you think.


  6. By:ChrisPine

    Must be an issue with the Android system. When I installed Skype for Android I had this same issue..