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GroupWise BrainShare 2007 Sessions with Gregg Hinchman

Gregg Hinchman


March 20, 2007 7:46 am





“We are but a moment’s sunlight, fading in the grass” … Spring is here! That means green everywhere, fresh warm air, rebirth, and Brainshare!

For those unaware, Brainshare is Novell’s big bad “woooo hawww” of a conference. It’s where all that glitters is “red.” This year is my 12 year in a row attending, 6th year presenting. I proverbially love Brainshare, mainly because I love Novell technology and GroupWise most of all. For those attending Brainshare stop by and see me – my sessions are:

TUT109 -Clustering GroupWise 7 on Open Enterprise Server Linux
Morris Blackham and I discuss and demo clustering GroupWise on Linux. It’s always fun to work with the “Godfather” of GroupWise and demos.

TUT116 -The Art of Business Continuance
Brad Rupp and I talk about the coolest of Novell’s technologies, Business Continuity Clustering (BCC). Just think disaster recovery and multiple data centers and clusters. Lots of fun!

SPR201 -Auditing your GroupWise Environment
Greg Smith and I provide information for GroupWise administrators on keeping their GroupWise system “Lean, Mean and Running Clean” (based upon my Advisor Magazine article from Spring 2006: See the original session, don’t accept imitations.

TUT200 -Consultants Corner: Successful GroupWise 7 Consolidations
You get me, “raw and unedited” for a full 2 hours (if you can stand it) on how to redesign your GroupWise system by centralizing it and consolidating it. I take my experience from over the years and integrate it with real customer implementations that I have done.

And “consolidation” is my topic de jour, in case you cannot make it to Brainshare. See this Cool Solutions article:

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