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GroupWise Cornell Gets a Launch Name and Version!

Mike Bills


March 30, 2015 4:34 pm





Considering the fact that it’s targeted for release in the second half of 2015, it’s time to start talking a little bit more about the next release of GroupWise. Commonly referred to by its codename, “Cornell”, the next version of GroupWise has a slew of new features and functions, and I would like to spend the next few blog posts sharing some of my favorites with you.

Before we get to that I want to use this post to officially reveal the launch name and version of GroupWise Cornell, and take a few moments to discuss what those mean for this release.

To begin, Cornell officially has a name & version — GroupWise 2014 R2! I know that the name is a bit different than the conventions we’ve used in the past, but we’re really excited about what it means for this fantastic product. Allow me to explain:

The GroupWise team, and Novell as a whole, have made a goal to provide more frequent product releases with incremental value, the purpose being to allow you to more readily see and appreciate the constant investment we’re making in the future of GroupWise. For this release, we chose GroupWise 2014 Release 2 (R2) to show that this is much more than a support pack. So what makes it so special that it deserved a new type of name? Like a support pack, GW2014 R2 will contain new bug fixes and patches, in addition to previously released fixes, patches, and hot patches. What makes this release interesting is that unlike previous SP releases, GW2014 R2 will offer many new features and functions, the amount and scale of which is on par with a new GroupWise version, but these functions will be added in such a way as to preserve continuity with previous versions of GroupWise 2014.

In short, when it comes to your backend system, GW2014 R2 looks like a version release, but acts like a service pack!

That means that there will not be a GroupWise 2014 SP2 since all of those fixes, patches, and hot patches are included in this release. If you are currently on GroupWise 2014 or GroupWise 2014 SP1, or if you’ve applied any of the GroupWise 2014 HP’s, this will be the next release for you to update to. For Customers on GroupWise 2012 or earlier versions that are planning on upgrading, I encourage you to upgrade to the current shipping GroupWise 2014 SP1 first, then update to GroupWise 2014 R2 upon its release.  If you don’t get upgraded before the release of GroupWise 2014 R2 when you do upgrade you can go straight to this release. We are working hard on this release and we’re actively planning the next one, so any concern that we are not invested in GroupWise is unfounded.

As far as our release timeline goes, we’ve already begun the Authorized Beta for GW2014 R2. We’ve invited customers and partners to install the code in a test environment, and Product Management, Engineering, and Quality Assurance have been meeting with these customers on a weekly basis to get their feedback on the release. In fact, internally we’ve been using GroupWise 2014 R2 as our email platform for our day-to-day work.

I know you’re probably excited to get your hands on GW2014 R2 as well, and as we get a little closer to release, we will have a public beta and invite all of you to take a look. I am also working with our online demo team and with any luck, I hope to be able to provide an environment where you can test drive some features ahead of the public beta! One of my goals as a Product Manager is to get feedback on features from customers as early and as often as possible, and while I don’t have a time frame on when we can offer this online demo, I will keep you informed.

I mentioned we are currently using GroupWise 2014 R2 for our everyday work… I personally started using the GroupWise 2014 R2 client in October, and from this experience, I plan to share some of my personal favorite features via GroupWise Blog posts over the next few months. Fair warning: The features I highlight may not be the biggest ones we have planned for the release, but I can promise that they’re ones I’m enjoying because they make my work life easier, and my collaboration more effective.

I truly hope you are all as eager to get this release as we are to give it to you.  I hope you are encouraged by the continued investment in GroupWise and the future the product has, and based on numerous customer and partner confirmations, I truly believe that GroupWise 2014 is the best iteration of GroupWise to date.

As we explore some of my favorite features in the coming blog posts, I know you will see that GroupWise 2014 R2 improves upon that trend.

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  1. By:ketter

    Looking forward to your next post. Thanks for the update.

  2. By:booktrunk

    I am really looking forward to this. As we have more and more Apple Macs in our company and frankly sticking 2008 Client on them and watching them struggle with it freezing and crashing quite frequently and coping with their complaints is a little depressing. I really want a way to let the Macs use their full address books and have a more modern client.

  3. By:Twarburton

    I have written this a couple of times to your predecessor… always in hopes that this key tool could get upgraded. (We are still on 2012)..
    This the “History” Utility:
    Find Client
    History Tab
    and now here is what is needed:
    1/. Make the center Column moveable (one side wider than the other) and have it “stick” once moved.
    2/. Allow for Quickviewer to be available.
    This is one of the best search tools available – Quick and easy and perfect for looking up old clients’ emails etc.
    PLEASE – PLEASE – been so many years,.

    • By:sveld

      Hi, I think it is already possible to do that (i’m at 2014 myself so cannot test this with 2012).

      If you are in the History tab of a Contact, then click with your right mouse button on Foldername that says ‘Contact History’ so you get a dropdown that has the Properties of this History folder. This sows as any other folder in GW the options to setup the look and feel of this folder. Enable the Quickviewer and you’re done. Save the Folder Properties to get them back the next time as expected.

      Regards, Sebas

  4. By:Twarburton

    Thanks very much for this idea..We have upgraded 2014 –
    I followed your idea – BUT sadly:
    The Quickviewer option when clicked shows a checkmark – YET when Saved does not apply the Quickviewer – and when one re-eneters the Properties – The saved items have not been saved.
    SO neither saving, nor applying present the Quickviewer –
    Secondly the desire to make the center column moveable would be extremely helpful in providing more space when necessary.