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GroupWise: Email is Changing!


April 1, 2011 3:41 pm





I guess I should start out by announcing the availability of several updates to some ongoing BETA projects.

Novell Vibe OnPrem (Evergreen) has shipped BETA2.

Evergreen Beta 2 is accessible through the beta workspace here >

Evergreen is the code name for the next major release of Novell Vibe OnPrem, formerly known as Teaming. Evergreen is scheduled to ship this Summer (June/July).

The Evergreen release will focus on addressing the following areas:

  • MS Office and Outlook integrations
  • Vibe OnPrem Connector to enable calendar and task sync with GroupWise
  • Key issues for customers migrating from Forum
  • Task management improvements
  • Improved commonality with cloud and on-prem
  • Landing Page improvements
  • WIKI Improvements
  • Bug fixes

Focused, regular releases of this product have proven to be very successful at addressing customer issues/pain points and continually demonstrating progress and direction. If you have not had the opportunity to check out Vibe OnPrem or the Evergreen BETA….Now is your chance!

Vibe OnPrem Connector Preview Pack 2

The Vibe OnPrem Connector Public Beta is available here >

This Novell DataSynchronizer connector is designed to synchronize certain kinds of data from Novell Vibe OnPrem to GroupWise.

Here is what is new for Preview Pack 2:

  • Calendar Folder delete, rename and move in Vibe OnPrem will reflect properly in GroupWise
  • Calendar Folder names that are fully qualified in Vibe OnPrem will be more easily be found and named in GroupWise
  • Personal Workspace Calendars are now synchronized
  • Database changes…Preview 1 databases are not compatible with Preview 2 databases
  • Tool tip rework/improvements in the WebAdmin configuration for the VOP Connector
  • Item status in GroupWise reflects better the ‘Opened, ‘Free and accepted status
  • From Field contains the configured e-mail address of the creator of the entry being synchronized.

Email is Changing!

I was reading several interesting statistics and web pages on the use of email, social tools, real-time technologies and consumer collaboration products.


“There are 2.9 billion email accounts. This figure is predicted to reach 3.8 billion by 2014” A lot of growth and opportunity in the email space. Even more opportunity when you combine it with team tools, social tools, real-time tools and consumer tools.

I also thought this quote was helpful:

“People prefer email for commercial communications”

I also recognize that email is going Mobile as this article also states. Mobile, Tablets and other devices are exploding. Could you imagine your organization going completely ‘mobile’?

Anyway – read the article, follow some of the links and then share your opinion, what you think is happening in your organization and your ideas on what to do to prepare for it.



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  1. By:mickers

    Is there anywhere on the web that the details of the Vibe onPrem enhancements are described in more detail? I’m curious about the “Office Integration” stuff. We are about to install MS Sharepoint for no reason except that OneNote collaboration requires it. So if the enhancements are described anywhere, I’d love to see them.
    Keep up the good work.

    • By:trsmith

      Hi Michael,

      We don’t have anything specific to share at this time about the office integrations. We expect it will be soon though so keep an eye on Dean’s blog over the coming weeks.

      We will be publshing some new information soon about the Vibe Onprem “Evergreen” release that is in beta. In short the release has major improvements around task management, landing pages, and user interactivity on the what’s new view. We’ve addressed 100s of bugs and smaller issues as well as the syncing of calendars and tasks with GW. Obviously there is lots more but that is the summary. More to come soon.