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GroupWise End of Life? No way!



August 12, 2011 3:26 pm





We recently had an inquiry from JDWiggin who wrote: “I have been hearing “rumors” GroupWise will not be updated any longer. Is GroupWise nearing its end of life?”

We’re happy to report, those rumors are absolutely not true. We have a release of GroupWise in authorized beta now which will be shipping in early Q4, and we have a very robust, aggressive and renewed roadmap for several years to come. Check out this blog post from Dean Lythgoe to get an idea of where GroupWise is heading.

We are also adding to our other collaboration products. Data Synchronizer, Novell Vibe, and Novell Messenger all have roadmaps and scheduled releases. (In fact, Data Synchronizer just shipped last week – version 1.2.)

Thanks for asking, JD. Good to come to the source rather than relying on rumors!

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  1. By:pbeaudry

    We received a call from a very well known Novell partner that specializes in GroupWise last week asking us when we were migrating to Exchange now that GW had been discontinued.

    When we asked what in the world they were talking about they explained that GW was discontinued and they were converting many GW shops to Exchange.

    We laughed and encouraged them to check their facts as they were crossing a line with their cold calls.

    Paul Beaudry

    • By:dlythgoe


      I sent you a private message asking for more details about your encounter. This information is obviously not true and we want to make sure our partners, customers and competitors have the correct information and we can correct any information that is in err.

      Thank you for letting us know.


  2. By:nlandas

    They are emailing out claiming that there are rumors that Groupwise is ending and that it was posted on the website as being on the end of life cycle. I’d be happy to forward the email on.

  3. By:nlandas

    Does anyone know if 2012 will support multiple calendar two way Google Calendar synchronization? Like it our not our users are using Google Calendars either with their Smartphones or just because they can. By giving Groupwise the full ability to synchronize it’s own calendars with Google calendars you make supporting our users much, much easier.

    This is really important to us and if you read some of the discussions, we are not alone.