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GroupWise: GroupWise Ascot enters Authorized BETA!


June 14, 2011 3:23 pm





Novell released last week to its partners and authorized beta sites GroupWise Ascot. We are officially entering the final phase of product delivery – AUTHORIZED BETA!!

As anticipated and projected, GroupWise Ascot was released this past week to our authorized BETA sites. Our first beta call is scheduled for Tuesday morning. We are very excited about this final phase of the development cycle. We are code/feature complete, we have done our first couple rounds of validation on the new features and our Quality Control team has also completed a test pass of current features.

We will now concentrate our efforts on hardening the product and getting it ready for final release. We continue to plan and project final release in ‘Early Q4’. This phase includes several significant and aggressive internal/external roll out initiatives. Of course, all of our BETA sites, will roll out the product in some fashion. Most will be in pilot systems with ever increasing participation. There are more than 100 beta sites that have been included in our Extended BETA program. We will also roll out GroupWise Ascot to an ever increasing population within Novell.

This will eventually include all of our production servers. We have been in production on our internal development system for several months now. This system supports several dozen engineers, employees and Business Unit executives. We also plan a Lighthouse program where we will invite 3-4 of our customers to roll out GroupWise Ascot into their production environments before we officially ship the product to the general public.

We will continue to highlight the new features in this blog – so stay tuned and come back often!

Open Horizons Event in Chicago June 29th

Erno de Korte is at it again! He has put together an excellent agenda, speakers and content. This is a perfect, inexpensive and informative way to meet like-minded community members and discuss the opportunities and challenges that face your enterprise.

We will have several Novell Product Managers at this event to speak to you about GroupWise, Data Synchronizer, Vibe, OES, Zen and more! This is the perfect size event to speak face to face with Novell and community members and get the latest on product, roadmaps, strategies and the new Novell, an Attachmate Business Unit! Eric Varness, Vice President of Novell Product Management and Product Marketing will be the keynote speaker.

Register and come to this Community Event.

Novell Vibe OnPrem (Evergreen)

Novell Vibe 3.1 is on schedule to ship this month! It has passed it final beta phase and is currently preparing a Gold Master Candidate.

What’s New?

Novell Vibe OnPrem 3.1 brings significant additions and improvements to the capabilities of the product, making team collaboration even easier and more efficient. From a high level, here are the top areas of focus for this new release:

  • Vibe OnPrem Connector to enable calendar and task sync with GroupWise
  • Task management improvements
  • What’s New improvements
  • Landing Page improvements
  • Key features for customers migrating from Forum
  • Searching improvements
  • Increased reliability

Make sure you take a look and see why adding Novell Vibe 3.1 to your collaboration strategy simply makes sense! See – I can do marketing too!! 🙂


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  1. By:sveld

    Hi Dean,

    What about the (Open|Libre)Office plugin, when will that be released?

    Regards, Sebas

    • By:dlythgoe


      Please enlighten me. I am not sure I know what plugin this is. I know my team is not working on anything like this.


      • By:sveld

        Dean, a (MS) Office plugin for Vibe OnPrem was planned to be released a while back. Ask Tracy if you did not hear about it. Guess it’s not to be released with 3.1 then.


      • By:dlythgoe

        Of course I now know what you are talking about 🙂 I guess the Open Office part threw me off.

        Yes – we did have plans to include a MS Office Plug-in with Novell Vibe OnPrem as part of Evergreen. Unfortunately, that company/technology was recently acquired and the opportunities to complete a transaction have gone dark.

        We are re-evaluating our options and will let you know if a solution presents itself. As of now, there will not be a MS Office plug-in technology included with Evergreen.