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GroupWise @ Home Survey


May 12, 2008 11:16 am





Ever wanted to use the GroupWise client @ Home?

Join the GroupWise @ Home initiative and let’s see if we can build a strong case to get GroupWise @ Home.

We appreciate your feedback by completing the survey, thanks very much.

Hit it!

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  1. By:nickho

    Yes, of course been asking for the GroupWise client to be distributed as a email client for years.

    I don’t understand why Novell has put so much effort into Evolution when GroupWise is a better client.

    GroupWise client does not affect GroupWise revenue, it will only help Non-GroupWise Users to discover what GroupWise is.

    Most users in userland only know Outlook or MacMail – GroupWise never heard of it

    So my vote is YES


  2. By:smoreman

    Yes, yes, yes, about time, Hell Yes.

    If you want new GroupWise sites you need to get the client in front of as many people as possible.
    I would even go so far as allowing it to be mapped drive WPHOST capable (no POA access allowed), and lock it to down for say 3-5 or so users max. (Something like the old version 4 demo kit)

    Follow this up with a Marketing push covering the two areas.
    Get the Home client into as many Monthly P’C Mag’s free CD collection as possible, and back this up with Ad’s “Inducing” people to download and run it. (Something like having them email (from GroupWise home) an entry to a draw for free IPod?!?).
    Push market CD multi user install Kit’s targeting businesses currently only using ISP based POP3/IMAP, back this up with options to upgrade to the full version via some low priced first 12 month’s based hook…….. More….More….You fill in the rest…

    Novell. You need to start marketing GroupWise as if it is a brand new product that NO ONE knows about. Let everyone know just how good GroupWise is, have them sample a taste, and then get them back for more.

  3. By:rpihla


    Dump that “evolution” now! GroupWize rulez!

  4. By:ecyoung

    So, here we are, nearly a year and a half later…

    Any new news on this?