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GroupWise Mobility Pack Shipped Today


September 10, 2010 9:01 am





Today we reach a significant milestone. We have shipped the Data Synchronizer Mobility Pack.

The shipping mobility pack will be provided free of charge to all Novell GroupWise, Novell Teaming, Novell Open Workgroup Suite and Novell Open Workgroup Suite Small Business Edition customers with current maintenance coverage. You can find it in the Novell Customer Center

This release replaces GroupWise Mobile Server and supports the next generation of mobile devices. Platforms that we support are:
– iPhone OS 2.0, 3.0, 3.1 or later (so iPhone, iTouch and iPad are all supported)
– iOS 4.0, 4.1
– Symbian Series 60 3rd-5th Edition or later
– Windows Mobile 5.0, 6.0, 6.1, 6.5 or later
– Palm OS with VersaMail or Exchange ActiveSync Update software
– Palm webOS
– Android 1.5 and 1.6 with additional software OR 2.x
– Maemo Internet Tablet OS 5.0

We do not install anything on the devices – anything that can sync natively with Microsoft Exchange over the air should also work with this product.

This is obviously an important release for our customers, and is the most important release from the Collaboration Business Unit this year. Anticipation of this release has been huge – since we released the Technical Preview at Brainshare in March there have been almost 6,500 downloads of it. The forums have had over 500 threads and almost 3000 posts, so we are all extremely relieved to get it into the hands of our customers officially.

Just a couple of reminders on the requirements. This initial release will run on SLES 11 64-bit OS only, though we are looking to expand the platform support in the future. For those customers who don’t already have SLES 11 we include a SLES entitlement specifically for the Data Synchronizer product. What that means is that Data Synchronizer customers will get a SLES entitlement for as many servers as are required to run the Data Synchronizer product. There are the standard caveats – the only workload on the server can be Data Synchronizer, and it is the core services only – so if you install some externally monitoring app it cannot consume the same entitlement (as an example). It also uses a Postgres database, which the Mobility Pack install will lay down and configure for you. Installation should be relatively easy – you install a base SLES 11 server and then add the Mobility Pack ISO as an add-on product. The install will walk you through the base configuration of the service – you should be able to go from mounting the ISO to syncing the first device inside 30 minutes.

We have a number of resources available to you :

A couple of months ago we also launched our SugarCRM, and Sharepoint connectors, which have been getting steady interest from our customers. As we move forwards we are expecting to see a number of connectors coming from our partner community – many of those are close to shipping so I will share more details when I can.

What other connectors do you need?

So, download away and get syncing. Let us know your experiences, and share any device specific details on the Wiki.

A lot of you have been having issues downloading the Mobility Pack. Some of you get a message in the Customer Care Portal that there is no media available. The file you need to be downloading is under the License link and it is called novell-data-synchronizer-mobility-pack-x86_64-104.ISO . There seems to be something in our entitlement system that forces it to work this way.

The majority of you are getting an error:
“We’re sorry, we are unable to complete the download at this time.

The Novell download site experienced an unexpected error condition.
Please try your download again later.

This is an issue with our mirroring system that we are trying to resolve. The message from our Operations team is:

“Customers need to give the image (which is pretty good sized) time to
populate (the mirrored servers) from behind Novell’s firewall to outside
it. Once they get to the download button, give it about 10-15 seconds,
then keep trying. Depending on how backed up the server is, it may take
a number of tries. We have a bug in for this, but in the interim, keep

Sorry for the inconvenience folks

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  1. By:aaronm04

    There are perhaps no meteorologists on Novell’s staff, but how might it affect the weather now that hell froze over?

    Great work and thanks for the update, Alex. I know I will soon have a lot of happy users.


  2. By:WalterH


    in customer center I see the product but trying to download I only get:
    – Media unavailable for downloading

    Not very help full?!?!?


    • By:aevans

      Some customers experienced a delay, but it should be available for everyone now

      • By:sveld

        Alex, I checked several customers today and just one of them has Datasynchronizer in their portal showing up, but it show’s media unavailable at the download link.
        Most of them have a NOWS subscription, every time a new version of a product is release their portals are -not- updated, though sales can find them in the database for doing a yearly license audit and license subscription renewals :>

        So, please can someone -please- fix the customer center system thing for once and for all… I remember Novell does something in account and datasync business

      • By:paulpreston

        Media still unavailable for download.

      • By:aevans

        I updated my blog. There are a couple of issues in the customercare portal and all I can say is ‘keep trying’. If you do not even see the product in the customercare portal then we need to check your entitlement. The customer resolution center will help with that, which you can get to through your support lines. I continue to chase the issue on this side

      • By:sveld

        I just found out you have to click the link that says ‘License’ that’s just above the ‘media not available’ message

      • By:paulvandercruyssen

        Product Subscription Information
        Custom Name:
        Product Subscription Name: Data Sychronizer Mobility Pack
        Activation Code: DataSynchronizerEngineLicense-EMEA.iso Show License Details

        Order # Start Date End Date Qty Status
        31 Dec 1969 31 Dec 1969 100 ACTIVE
        Purchased Count: 100
        Type: FULL
        Expiration Date: N/A
        Purchased/Entitled: Entitled
        Support New Service Request
        No support information available.
        Product Support Lifecycle View Support Lifecycle Page
        No product support lifecycle information available.
        Access available on-demand training
        – License
        – Media unavailable for downloading
        – Patches & Updates
        – Mirror Credentials

        also under license I also don’t see a file to download

      • By:aevans

        Paul – the CRC will have to help. They need to check on individual entitlements. This is only available if you have current maint.

      • By:paulvandercruyssen

        still no download, for the moment I’ll give it up, must be a very slow mirror system
        maybe next month…

  3. By:joebrug

    Any possibility Novell will create a pre-configured appliance for us to download? That’d be nice.. considering this is the only thing we can do with the server (run Mobility). Us non-linux gurus would appreciate it!

    • By:aevans

      Yes, this is something that we are looking at for a future release. Any preference on the kind of appliance? VMWare, XEN etc?

      • By:sveld

        Most of my customers use VMWare, so that would be my choice

      • By:joebrug

        I’d love to see it in VMWare first.. I’m not sure on the numbers, but I’d assume thats the most tried and true one at the moment. Shouldnt be too hard to create in both though.

      • By:joebrug

        If Novell wants to have their products quickly adopted and installed.. they should provide these apps upon the release of the product. It really makes it so much easier for us (admins) to try this stuff out, if it doesnt require us installing an OS from scratch, then apps, etc..

      • By:sylvala

        For the appliance VMWare. But not the same that you did with ZCM 10 that did not work with ESX 3.5update5 but just with v4. Make it work for ESX 3.5 and 4.01.

  4. By:vgalino

    Can you post the link to the software (….

    Don t understand very well why the clients can not see the links


  5. By:paulvandercruyssen


    in customer center I see the product but trying to download I only get:
    – Media unavailable for downloading

    Not very help full?!?!?


    • By:aevans

      Are you looking under the license link? There is where you need to look. If you are then please keep trying – there is currently an issue with our mirroring system, but it is working through it slowly

  6. By:WalterH


    today I downloaded: DataSynchronizerEngineLicense-EMEA.iso from customer center.
    The files contained are approx. 7 weeks older the last beta build 97!
    The released ISO look like beta build 82!!!!!!!

    Should we install this very old version on customer sites?


  7. By:hbree

    in customer center I see the product But media is still unavailable for download?
    And it isn’t on

    Any directions on where and how to download ?

  8. By:tbundy427

    I have the Data synchronizer / Mobility Pack downloaded. But where do I get the “entltled” SLES 11?

    • By:aevans

      Do you see a license key in the customer care portal? I think the download is free to everyone on, but they key is delivered in customer care. If not, I will need to check.

  9. By:pvanlone

    And it seems fairly obvious that the appliance type should be vmware, don’t you think, for a couple reasons:

    1)given Novell’s relationship with that company
    2)VMware market share
    3)The open nature of the appliance specification

    I have a couple products that I support that are delivered this way – it is fantastic to be able within vCenter to choose File … Import and then either type a url or point to a file, and the virtual machine is installed. First startup kicks off a scripted customization process and VIOLA! up and running.

    Please Please Please do this — and for Teaming, as well! The teaming virtual download is a mess – wrong format, etc etc … do this right, and it makes adoption so much easier!

  10. By:pvanlone

    Alex –

    Could you please give an idea when we can expect Mobility to support newer versions of ActiveSync that support html?

    It would also be really useful to understand why the first rev was developed to an older Active Sync version – was there a licensing thing driving this decision, or was there some technical reason?

    I just this morning got beat up by a customer, who was incredulous that after this long wait, his devices will not work properly with HTML messages when Mobility is finally installed. I didn’t have any reasonable explanation for him — can you say “awkward”?

    • By:aevans

      When you implement a version of ActiveSync you have to implement the entire spec, so if we chose the most recent release we would have to implement 6 Exchange versions worth of features in a single release – that would push the schedule way out. What we chose to implement first was the version of the protocol/spec that was on the iPhone.

      A lot of HTML content does work, but for mails that are written in HTML most are created with both HTML and plain text versions of the content. We will display the plain text portion. For the last 8 months I have been running on an internal server, and I get less than 1 mail per week that I can’t read on my device.

      We plan to support HTML mails in the next version, which I anticipate in 2011 – schedule will be defined somewhat by how many incoming issues we get into support.

  11. By:rutco

    I logged into the Customer Centre and can only see GMS and SLES 10 SP2, not Data Synchronizer or SLES 11.

    • By:aevans

      If you are still seeing GMS then there is a problem with your entitlement and you need to contact the Customer Resolution Center – I believe the contact link is to be found in NCC

  12. By:acollins1

    We have been using the SLES 11 under the trial during the beta testing. I don’t know if there is a time frame yet, but I would like to get the license so I can move forward with SP1. Any tricks to getting this to show up?

    Everything appears to be working fairly well in our environment on the official release. Seven Droid users running Android 2.2. Three users on iPhone 4.0 or 4.1. I’m looking forward to VMWare officially being supported. We happened to have a server laying around to use just for this, but I would still like to take advantage of our VMWare environment.

    • By:aevans

      For now you can use the SLES key that comes with GW. I am working on some issues on my side regarding the Data Synchronizer SLES key.
      And VMWare is a supported platform – we have just not released it as an appliance as yet. You can able to install on your own in VMWare (ESX) and will get support on the platform from NTS.

      • By:acollins1

        In our list of products, should that be listed under Novell Groupwise, Novell Groupwise Mobile Server, SUSE Linux Enterprise Server, or Novell Data Syncronizer. Should it be under one of those sections as “SUSE Linux Enterprise Server”? If not, what should I be looking for?
        I do see a SUSE Linux Enterprise Server under our Novell Groupwise Mobile Server, but it doesn’t have a license key available for download. It has an activation code. Is that what we need to use?
        There are no entries under Novell Groupwise or Novell Data Syncronizer. Under our SUSE Linux Enterprise Server there are only expired old versions.
        Just to clarify, we do have maintenance on Novell Groupwise/Novell Groupwise Mobile Server.
        Thanks for the help!

      • By:aevans

        We looked at this today and it seems that it depends on what entitlement you have. If you have a Data Synchronizer section in NCC, then you should see a SLES key under there. If you do not have a Data Synchronizer section then you can use the SLES key that is shown under the GW section. We have attempted to clean this experience up and that change *should* roll out tomorrow (Thursday).

  13. By:vgalino

    I Install mobility pack.
    Need 2 hours to mount SLES 11 SP1 and patch, and 20 minutes to configure Groupwise and the mobility pack.

    Easy is the word of this product.

    They works PERFECT.

    Nice work . This is a very good news for new sales and the existing customer.


    • By:aevans

      Great to hear – thanks Victor. We actually spent a lot of time reworking the install from the original text based version to hopefully remove a lot of the pain from the experience.

  14. By:Cgreiner

    I can now download the new version of dataSynchronizer 104, but the iso file downloaded is a old version 405 (90)
    Who can help me?

  15. By:khanley

    In my Novell Customer Center, I see a SLES 10 SP2 entitlement under my “Novell GroupWise Mobile Server” product, but I do not see a SLES 11 entitlement under my “Novell Data Synchronizer” product. Shouldn’t there also be a SLES 10 entitlement under my “Novell GroupWise” product? I don’t see one there either.

    • By:aevans

      You are asking exactly the same question I have been asking internally. Whilst I clear up the confusion you can use your SLES 10 SP2 key on the SLES 11 server, which I believe will work.

  16. By:mpierce_tamu

    This Customer Portal is the worst thing ever designed by Novell. It never works right, I’m consistently having to call are Rep to get the latest key or download. You would think that every currently maintenanced group would have this. We renewed in June, we are on an Academic bundle, and yet we go through this several times throughout the year if a product is released or updated. Get your portal fixed or find new staff to man it!

    • By:aevans

      I feel your pain. I have spent the majority of the last week chasing down entitlement and download experience issues for this release. As we move forwards I will be sure to include this experience in the project “post mortem” to see if we can identify something that our NCC team can fix.

      In the meantime I have no better answer than contacting the Customer Resolution Center who will check into your entitlement.

  17. By:cgrossko

    Why oh why do you have to go through this inane process of downloading? You obviously have to have GroupWise installed to use the Mobility server, so why not offer it to everyone?

    Under Activation Code I get the filename, but no link.

  18. By:sn131678

    Hi guys, just got the mobility pack running against our Groupwise 8.02. It appears that some droids (Droid X – 2.2 OS) are getting all of their emails as “DEC 31, 1969”. When the user responds to emails from their Droid, the date is changed to Jan 1st, 1970 – maybe a sign of strong times but an issue for our employees (and me).

    I have been digging around online and haven’t really found anything similar. I can tell you I downloaded the latest versions of everything and did fresh installs on a nice-new SLES 11 SP1 system. Calendar entries, contacts and everything else has the correct dates. Also some users with a Droid-X 2.2 have no issues with the date. I have tried removing them from the mobility system (COMPLETELY) and re-adding the user, still no luck. I have also tried WIPING the entire Droid and user from mobility system and went back, readded the user to Groupwise/Mobility and the Droid and issue still remains.

    Any information would be appreciated – –