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GroupWise: Mobility Pack Update Available! / BES 5.0.1 Available!


October 12, 2010 4:28 pm





Some days it seems there is no news, updates or apparent progress. Then there are days like today 🙂

RIM today announced version 5.0.1 of the BlackBerry Enterprise Server for Novell GroupWise.

This version of BES includes:

  • BlackBerry Administration Service (BAS), a new Web based architecture that provides advanced server manageability
  • Full Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) Integration. SOAP provides server-side access to Novell GroupWise data, and it uses industry standards to directly communicate with the Novell GroupWise Post Office Agent. Installation of the Novell GroupWise client is no longer required on a BlackBerry Enterprise Server
  • Built-in High Availability, reduces down time by enabling automated failover of components, therefore allowing quick and seamless recovery from unplanned events
  • End to End Security including AES or Triple DES encryption and 450+ over-the-air wireless IT policies and commands
  • End User Feature Enhancements like remote file access, flag for follow-up, email folder management, Open Document Format (ODF) attachment support as well as support for multiple personal address books help increase productivity of mobile users

Check out this link.

Novell announces the first update to the Novell Data Synchronizer Mobility Pack

After releasing the first version of the Mobility Pack in September, we are happy to announce the availibility of the first update. This update contains bug fixes and stability changes that will continue to add to the rock solid technology that so many of our customers have already deployed.

Please review the ‘readme’ to see a listing of the changes and updates.

You can download the Mobility Update (1.0.0 update 1) here.

This update does not contain any new enhancements. Enhancements, new functionality and deeper ActiveSync protocol support will come soon! We will discuss that schedule and the planned feature set in a later blog.


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  1. By:WalterH

    how to update?

    There is no description about the upgrade procedure!

    Do we need to uninstall the 104 version and loose all synced data again ?


    • By:dpgiles

      Update 1 can be deployed as an in-place upgrade or as a clean install. Nothing was changed in this release that requires you to uninstall first.


  2. By:gburg

    Tweets and blogs are flying over the internet mentioning this.

    Now let’s hope we won’t have to wait for the download link to be up as long as we’ve waited for the (official) announcement for the availability of version 5.0.1 😉


    “the best GroupWise site” – Tay Kratzer

  3. By:elogjngf

    @BES 5.0.1. Where is the actual download?

    @Mobility Pack1: Which ‘readme’? I only could find the ‘ChangeLog’ inside the ISO.

  4. By:tjrodasta

    I’m beginning to think the official release of BES 5.0.1 for GroupWise is either a double secret software release or vaporware. We saw it for a brief moment yesterday on the BESC download site, then it was gone. Even the product comparison is back to 4.1.7 being the latest version. It would be nice if the folks at RIM gave GroupWise half the attention as they do Exchange.

  5. By:bigdog

    5.0.1 BES for GW is now showing up in the download section of the BES public downloads at

    Couple of curious changes, they are stating that GW 8 SP1 is required, last I heard they were going to require GW 8 SP2 as the minumum version.

    The other thing is they are now requiring MS Server 2008 and Server 2003 is not supported due to memory leak situation. They are stating that you should disable SSL to the PO and apply a hotfix from Microsoft on 2008 to prevent the memory leak.

  6. By:dpgiles

    Update 1 for the Novell Data Synchronizer Mobility Pack can either be installed as a new install or as an update; there is no requirement to uninstall the shipping version of the Mobility Pack (Build 104).

    The readme for the Update is now live and can be found here.


  7. By:tmstone835

    My SMB customers are not happy about RIM’s discontinuance of their express version of BES for GroupWise. An entry level purchase for a 10 user office is about $5,000 for hardware and software just to support 10 Blackberry devices. This doesn’t count the installation costs that I would bill them. Hosted BES for GroupWise is non-existent except for 1 source. That doesn’t instill much confidence in that option.

    The Mobility Server would be a good solution if Novell would support one of the Activesync products for Blackberry devices. Since RIM is ignoring Activesync and this customer type, I cannot see how it would cause any bad relations between Novell and RIM if you came up with this type of option. I have used Notifylink at another site but I would like an all Novell solution if possible.

    • By:dlythgoe

      I don’t have the latest info on our plans with RIM. Alex Evans and Travis Grandpre have met with RIM and they are working on some promotions that ‘may’ address this particular gap in offerings.

      I will check with them and get back to you on this. Stay tuned….


      PS. I don’t see us announcing official support for Blackberry devices on the DataSync solution. Our official support for Blackberry devices is BES.

      • By:dlythgoe

        Sorry – no news yet on what we are working on with RIM. I spoke with Travis and they have several plans in place and they are going through appropriate approvals within both organizations and sales teams.

        Once this gets all sorted out – I expect we will be announcing the details.

        Just have to be patient.


  8. By:tmstone835

    I found the download for 5.0 and sp1 but their on-line purchasing site only shows 4.1 for GroupWise. They only 5.0 versions available for purchase are for Exchange and Domino and no indication if you purchase 4.1 that the licenses will work for 5.0.

  9. By:Lemeunier

    Hello Dean,

    do you know when synchronization of tasks would be implemented?


    • By:dlythgoe


      I have spoken with Product Management on your request. This is on our radar, but has not been very high. The current projection puts it next summer. However, based on your question and other feedback we are hearing, this could move up.

      I’ll let ‘the blog’ know when/if this priority changes.