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GroupWise: Mobility Schedule Update!


June 16, 2010 5:29 pm





The following information has been made available to partners, customers, employees and sales representatives.

As many of you know, we have been working for some time on Novell Data Synchronizer, our upcoming mobility and data synchronization solution. We recognize the critical nature of this technology—and the eagerness with which many of you are anticipating it.

To that end, we’d like to announce that we are planning a product launch in the fall, with a public beta beginning in July.

In the meantime, remember that you can take advantage of the Novell Data Synchronizer Mobility Pack open technology preview available here. The technology preview continues to be highly successful, satisfying many customer’s expectations for product functionality and quality.

Please also note that the initial release of Novell Data Synchronizer will include not only the Novell Data Synchronizer Mobility Pack (which consists of the Novell Data Synchronizer engine, the GroupWise Connector and the Mobility Connector), but connectors for Microsoft SharePoint, SugarCRM and These third-party connectors will demonstrate the central role Novell Data Synchronizer plays in linking data among workgroup products, mobile devices and enterprise applications.

We look forward to delivering a robust product that meets your data synchronization and mobility needs, provides a platform for custom development, and adds significant value to your GroupWise 8 investment. Watch for additional details in Cool Solutions as we approach the launch of this exciting new product.

Now my own engineering commentary.

We have several items on our final release criteria. The majority of these items we have already met. However, with the fact that this technology is new and that it will be used extensively throughout our customer environments, we believe that we need to provide for more ‘bake’ time with this solution to ensure quality and reliability.

The two main areas of additional attention have to do with using the product/technology in production environments for a period of time without major incident. Of course, Novell itself is one of those organizations. We have been using and continue to expand our internal roll out of Mobility. Initial sync times are still a concern, but overall feature set and reliability have steadily improved over the last few weeks.

We have also enlisted a few of our customers in helping us determine product readiness. These customers have agreed to roll out into production environments with production data, load and demands. They will be ramping up to a stress number of devices to help us measure performance and provide ‘Best Practices’.

Another significant contributor to this schedule change has to do with GroupWise 8.0.2. We need this product to get released and rolled out into customer environments and for our customers to feel comfortable with the support pack. The GroupWise schedule for 8.0.2 is still on target. The end of this month continues to be our target, – give or take a day or two. Everything is marching according to plan with 8.0.2. As of this morning, we had 6 issues we were actively managing. GroupWise 8.0.2 has been in Public Beta for a few weeks now. Please see previous blog posts for details.

Releasing GroupWise 8.0.2 within a few weeks will allow a broader adoption and foundation for Mobility to follow suit with its Public Beta and final bake period.

The Technology Preview was updated today. Please download the update and check it out. I feel confident in the plan for the Mobility public beta and we will go from there.

Let me know what you think…


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  1. By:mbrady

    This is horrible news. I cannot believe Novell can’t produce this product in a reasonable amount of time. You OWN GroupWise! You have the source code! It’s not like you are having to reverse engineer someone else’s product. We have all been waiting for this product for 2 years. I become more disgusted with Novell every day.

    • By:dlythgoe

      I can feel your frustration. I am also frustrated with our progress. We fully expected to have a much quicker turn around. We do own the source code and have come up to speed quickly on the protocol. There are several pieces that require that we take the extra time to make it right. We apologize again for the delay and know you will be satisfied when this product ultimately ships.


  2. By:emerson

    “The following information has been made available to partners, customers, employees and sales representatives.”

    Well,, I for one havent heard, seen or even smelled anything in that direction.
    Off course, we’re just a reseller for the last 15years with a ever decreasing faith….

    I guess that this will NOT help keeping the customers, though I DO understand and respect the desire to release a stable product.
    Problem is; any product used by our clients, by Novell, are nowdays late and unstable.
    That would maybe be OK for me as a person ( beeing late and unstable )
    but the customers ARE giving up on GW, Novell client’s and Zenworks 10.

    You really need keeping at least some of these in the frontline with gr8 quality to be able to keep the other products intresting and worthwhile.

    • By:tmstone835

      I don’t see you couldn’t know about these developments. Alex and Dean have been publishing extensive information regarding the GroupWise Mobility Pack and GroupWise updates along with Teaming and Conferencing for quite some time now. There have also been sometimes heated discussions on this web site regarding GroupWise and its related products.

      So either you need to learn more about this site, set up an RSS feed link, or sign up on their Facebook page to know when information is posted. One of the huge advantages of their postings is we can provide feedback to the people who make decisions about the products. Sometimes they probably wish we wouldn’t be so passionate about our viewpoints but I believe that they honestly listen to what is said here.

      – Tom

  3. By:sjt4423

    Not to sound negative, but I suspected that this would happen. I sympathize with those who want it “yesterday” (as I am also working hard to come up with reasons why there is no replacement mobility solution for the aging Intellisync). But when my clients ask me about this, I tell them that we are still a good 3 or 4 months out (even if the product is released next month), which allows for more “bake” time in my own environment.

    I’ve been playing with the tech preview since it was released during the US Brainshare conference. It has gone through some very significant changes and improvements. My hat’s off to the developers and project managers of the datasync crew. However, there are two very real issues that I would really like to see resolved BEFORE the release (as it will directly affect how well received the product is in our environment):
    1) HTML Email compatibility: I understand that you can flip-the-switch on hidden attachments in the connector settings… However, this only allows the html attachment to come down and you need to select it (on iPhones, anyway) to view the email in HTML. Unfortunately, the Droid does not even allow you to open attachments with the .htm extension, so this work around does not, well, work.
    2) Not enough information when querying the company address book: So far, Droids do not even have access to the system address bood (sigh)… but for the iPhones, there is a query screen – but the problem is that you only get their email in the query! It would be nice if it included phone numbers and physical addresses.

    Anyway, for the most part, I like the steady improvements. Keep it up, Dean – and if at all possible, please consider my 2 main issues mentioned above. 🙂


    • By:dlythgoe

      The two issues you discussed.

      1. HTML Email Compatibility: In general, we will not support HTML in this first version. However, as you pointed out, the Text.htm attachment will come down and be visible for some devices and clicking on the attachment launches the browser on the device and through this mechanism, the user can view the HTML content/formatting of the email.

      Full HTML support will come in a future release.

      2. Not enough info when querying the SAB. This issue is being worked on for this version of the product. We have already added the Phone number fields like office, home, and mobile. These fixes will be part of the public beta release.


  4. By:tmstone835

    The good news is that you are still moving forward and that you have released another update. The bad news of course is that it isn’t ready yet but you already told us that would be the case.

    It sounds as though you are 80 to 90 percent along. That last 10 or 20 percent is the hardest sometimes so keep plugging away. My compliments to the team.

    Tom S.

  5. By:bigdog

    That many admins are rolling the tech preview out into production just so that they can offer their mobile users with something other than vaporware?

    While I speak for my users, I believe the majority would agree, the installed GroupWise base doesn’t really care about that Novell wishs to “demonstrate the central role Novell Data Synchronizer” but rather would like a the bugs that were carried over from GroupWise 7 to 8 fixed, they would like a mobile solution for their email.

    Why does it seem that Novell is not helping with the basic needs of it’s users? Yes Microsoft SharePoint, SugarCRM and might be wonderful useful products but they don’t have anything to do with a GroupWise mobile solution other than the fact that Novell made the choice to include them.

    What good are the chrome wheels and spinners if you have no car to put them on?

    Come on Novell, get back to the basics and forget the fluff.

    • By:dlythgoe

      We understand completely that the installed GroupWise base is only concerned about Mobility. That is the only piece Novell is focused on. The other ‘pieces’ that will release as part of Novell DataSynchronizer are being developed by another Team.

      My team is only working on Mobility. It consists of 3 main components. The sync engine, the GroupWise Connector and the Mobility Connector. Of course, there have also been changes to the POA with regards to the SOAP component.

      No chrome wheels or spinners….ActiveSync protocol that syncs Calendar, Contacts and email. This is the bare minimum.


  6. By:aaronm04

    I very much appreciate the updates and honesty about the progress of this. That said, another push makes for further frustration for both my users (who have to deal with IMAP as the only mobile solution for their new smartphones) and me (who has to deal with more months of questions about iPhone/Android/webOS sync solutions). It would have been easier to accept a Fall 2010 release announcement last Fall (2009) rather than a series of release date pushes which is what we got. Maybe certain progress indicators showed the timeline that was announced. Whatever the reason, it makes it no less frustrating.

    With this latest delay, I’ve considered deploying a pre-release version of the server. However, because there is no upgrade path from the pre-release to the full release, I’d rather not install and configure the services twice, much less ask all the users who installed it on their phones to have to reinstall it for the production release.


    • By:mukjet70

      From a technical standpoint of view, yes we need to reinstall the Mobility on the server and that takes around 15-30 minutes.

      Also, users do not need to do anything on the phone. They just need to sync their phone again after the new install and the server will automatically detect that there has been a change and wipe out what was downloaded earlier and re-download it again.

    • By:dlythgoe

      The upgrade path is straight forward, but not necessarily convenient. In other words, you have to start over again. Depending upon how many users you are deploying to, this is not as hard as it might seem.

      The users do have to recreate their account. That is the part that is not completely under the administrator’s control. But deleting and recreating the account, as long as you don’t have a ton of ‘different’ devices is also pretty easy to teach and a good thing that your users should know anyway.

      Your choice, of course. But many of the beta sites have found success and not too cumbersome of a process.


  7. By:ar

    I would happily wait for connectors to Microsoft SharePoint, SugarCRM and if it speeds up the release of GW sync 😉

    • By:rsmartin

      As much as it must be a pain in the backside to try and come up with stable connectors for all the multiple ( and always changing ) smart phone O/S out there, wouldn’t it be better for those connectors to be on the front line and place the MS stuff on the back burner?
      The nice folks that are farther up the food chain want their toys to work and are sick of hearing me tell them “Bear with me, it’s still a beta.It will get better soon.” now I have to tell then wait till fall because Novell wants it to play nice with some MS garbage before it’s final.
      I though this was a Novell Groupwise product and I think that what most of us want to work.
      Please read what all your ( still somewhat ) loyal customers are saying here,be different from MS and others….

      • By:dlythgoe

        Novell and my team also understand the priority and the need. We are absolutely prioritizing the Mobility connector above these other connectors.

        Mobility is our only focus. As mentioned in one of my other comments, it is a completely different team/resources who are working on the other connectors.


  8. By:joe_mr

    F… off connecting Microsoft SharePoint, SugarCRM, salesforce. This is !not! the central role of the Novell Data Synchronizer. We need this product SO LONG time ago. Laughable news…..
    Sorry for my ostentation, but….. ahh forget it!

  9. By:spaschall

    Hi Dean,

    Well, this totally throws a wrench into the works for your K12 schools if they were hoping to install both 8.02 and the Mobility Pack software simultaneously over summer break… like we were planning on doing.
    Where are the folks on the list saying, “Thank goodness you’re waiting until you successfully integrate Microsoft SharePoint, SugarCRM and into the Synchronizer before releasing!”? Why was this decision made to forestall releasing the Synchronizer at the expense of the Mobility Pack when it has been made abundantly clear through not only this list but others that if you DON’T get the Mobility Pack released, you WON’T have any GroupWise systems around anymore on which to install the other goodies?
    To avoid having your customers completely dump GroupWise, you need to release the Synchronizer with just the Mobility Pack along with 8.0.2. Then concentrate your coding on integration with Microsoft SharePoint, SugarCRM and, and release THAT functionality as an update to the Synchronizer later on in the year.
    To me, that seems to make total sense. Since you aren’t doing it that way, it seems to say to me that you have discovered additional underlying issues with the Synchronizer, and you CAN’T release it yet.

    Well, sorry if I sound harsh, but you asked what I thought :^)


    • By:dlythgoe

      There are many who share your concern and as a matter of fact….So do we!

      We are not working on the other connectors at the expense of the Mobility connector. My team is only working on the Mobility connector. It is our only focus, drive, expectation. Of course, we are also working on 8.0.2 – but that is a clear dependency.

      It is the Mobility piece that is delaying the release and none of the other connectors are critical path. Scaling, reliability and quality of the Mobility Connector is where we are spending our time. We completely realize that ‘ALL’ of our customers will need/want Mobility.

      My team is not working on – and never has worked on – the other Connectors. We are only focused on the Mobility Pack. It is another team that is providing the other connectors.


  10. By:cbeckett


    I think your comments make sense – ensure SP2 for GW8 is sound, and then ship the Mobility Pack. That said, it’s a shame this product has suffered from such scope creep and change over it’s development lifecycle. The general architecture is sound and proven (with IDM) and I think a solid 1.0 release will encourage connectors for all manner of other systems.

    That said, GroupWise customers are screaming for this like yesterday, and I worry Novell can ill afford any more slippage, either in timescales or functionality.

    Keep up the good work!


  11. By:jeffp_032056

    Because of all the delays I’ll probably be forced to drop GW anyway.

    • By:jmarton

      I don’t understand. So there isn’t a production release of the free syncing solution yet. Why not consider NotifyLink? After all, I doubt that you can migrate from GroupWise to something else for free. Do you get free licenses of Exchange or Notes? Free implementation services? Free training? More than likely, no.

      So, then, why don’t you make the smart move of either implementing the free technology preview of Data Synchronizer or contact NotifyLink about their solution? Perhaps they’ll even work with you on a short term arrangement (say six months) for their hosted product.


      • By:bigdog

        Speaking for my group, yes Notifylink is possible patch but in the real world were management makes the call, they see the failure of Novell to release as usable product based on Novell’s predicted timetable. Then management questions, Why can’t Novell produce a working mobile solution while third party deveolpers can, why are staying with Novell GroupWise?

        This is what I’m hearing in meetins with my customers:

        Novell has lost contact with their customers and are off in left field.

        Novell fails to see that the only reason we are staying Novell is due to GroupWise.

        The encouragment to migrate to Suse has been created by companies wanting to stay with GroupWise.

        Without GroupWise there is no reason to stay with Novell as that’s the only real application that Novell has.

        Novell is being more successful promoting Microsoft Exchange than Microsoft is.

        You tell me, are GroupWise customers happy? No
        What happens when customers aren’t happy? They go to a different product regardless of migration and license cost.

  12. By:mannisto

    Good to hear something.

    Unfortenately timeline is streched again. It seems that the Intellisync products end of life surprised you as much as anyone else.

    We do need this out to field and fast.

    Let’s see what the new release can do. First one died along our network break just as we got it finally up and running.

    I will not barck you more but please, don’t keep any summer holidays and just focus on coding this thing out ASAP.


    • By:dlythgoe

      At this point I don’t know if I have pants or ankles 🙂 They have all been chewed quite extensively. We are working very hard…the team is fully engaged. We are completely focused on Mobility!


      • By:brief

        Despite my comment at the end of the thread I do hope you can make it a solid product and it will be a firm addition to the Novell portfolio.

  13. By:jchamp

    Doesn’t the mobility pack team talk to the GroupWise team working on SP2? Shouldn’t they be testing their work against the Beta as a matter of course?

    I agree with those who say why wait for Sharepoint, etc. Take care of the core user base, then roll out additional connectors as they become available. Email and calendar are key for many users.


    • By:dlythgoe

      There is clearly a misunderstanding with our communication.

      Please see the other comments that clarify what my team is working on.

      Mobility and 8.0.2 – nothing else.


  14. By:emerson

    The first beeing….with Novell acting like this…again and again, it’s not the competition you need to worry about. Loosing existing customers and keeping possible new one’s away can be achieved without any help from MS and others..

    Second, the focus on what type of SW and what type of development is beeing done gives the impression that the customerbase is NOT that intresting. Instead, it starts to look as if the main goal is to be “any other player” in the field for add-ons to Microsoft Networks, which in turn might highten Novell’s value for a take-over.

  15. By:kaaresm

    Hi Dean,

    I have exactly two options left as stalling my Groupwise customers once more would mean loosing them completely,so this is the choice you’re giving me:

    a) implement the tech-preview in production
    b) help them migrate to another mail system

    What would you do?


    • By:jmarton

      Besides the two you already outlined, the third option is to implement NotifyLink for your customers. There’s a good chance NotifyLink will be cheaper and easier than migrating away from GroupWise altogether.


  16. By:jarrodholder

    I agree with the majority of the posters here in that we have no need for sharepoint, salesforce, and sugarcrm. We just need our email syncing to our phones so that “the powers that be” will be happy.

  17. By:mselan

    Deliver what customers want ASAP, then add additional connectors!

    • By:dlythgoe

      This is what I get for being out of the office for a day or two 🙂

      I should have tried to stop this misunderstanding right away and then maybe it would not gotten so far out of hand.

      Please see my other comments on the Priority and Focus of the GroupWise team.

      We are not prioritizing or delaying Mobility because of some other connector – like SugarCRM or something. Those connectors are important and valuable to some customers, but nothing like Mobility. Mobility is important to all customers.


  18. By:WalterH


    please see this Brainshare 2010 video:
    By Colleen O’Keefe, Senior Vice President and General Manager of
    Collaboration Solutions business unit and Global Services organization.

    Skip forward at 2:20 and listen to her statement: release in June!

    Based on this knowledge I’ve told all my customers that release date for Data
    Synchronizer will be June 2010! Now you’re talking about fall 2010…
    My customers think I’ve lied to them!

    Why must Novell embarrass its partners??


    • By:dlythgoe


      I apologize. It is true, we have committed to dates and we are missing those commitments. It was certainly not our intent. When we first began this effort, many indications were that we would release by the end of 2009. That did not happen and neither will the June release.

      We scoped the project, believed it to be a solid plan and we ran into issues that continued to delay it. We also communicated those dates to our management chain and they in-turn communicated them externally. All of our customers/partners were requesting information, schedule and delivery dates.

      In the many software projects I have been involved with, we have used Engineering Excellence metrics and practices to try to estimate final delivery. We have also used different development methodologies to improve those estimates and be able to communicate openly and clearly about our expectations.

      This project followed those same methods and I believe we have solid engineers helping us make those decisions and designs. It simply did not work out as smoothly as we expected.

      We are sorry that we put you in that position with our customers and with you as our partner. We take responsibility.

      Our only way out is to finally deliver the product you expect.


  19. By:jmarton

    Remember all the delays with Vista? So if you had customers asking for Vista, and you told them a date based on what Microsoft was publicly saying, would they suddenly have thought you lied when the date slipped?

    That doesn’t make any sense. Unless you are the one writing the actual code, there’s no reason for customers to say you’ve lied just because Novell’s target release date has slipped.


  20. By:ketter

    It is important to have a solid release. But when you realize how long customers have been asking for the Mobility Pack, it should be released first. People may be asking for Sharepoint, SugarCRM, etc… connectors, but I’m not hearing it. You need to get a solid Mobility Pack out the door ASAP and then worry about the other connectors.

  21. By:okuepfer

    Sorry to add this here – but Replacing the Mobile stuff (Nokia) is urgent case in at least on of our projects.

    Urgent means – after this blog started, which made clear it will be not vavailble latest by begin of August, they launched now Exchange Migration Project, where it is evaluated, how long this will take – and they are extreamly pushy on this, as they wait now since early spring for a solution.

    So please please please – tell us a RELIABLE Release Date – and make shure this is in near future. I beleive October will be not what the customers are willing to wait for.

    I am so sorry to write this here – but we NEED this product working for GROUPWISE.
    Other features sounds great, but do NOT have this need, like GROUPWISE does.


    • By:jmarton

      I don’t understand… because of this delay, your organization is looking into an Exchange Migration Project to get “free” mobile device sync rather than looking into using NotifyLink as at least a temporary solution today?


      • By:skapanen

        Ofcoz Exchange would cost, but so does Groupwise – and it doesn’t have mobility solution at the moment, not even solid schedule. (half year delay already).

        And NotifyLink costs too.. quite a lot actually with hundreds or thousands accounts.

        Also, when talking about places using Nokia/symbian devices, the NotifyLink solution is quite awful. We tested it recently.

  22. By:okuepfer

    Short words here

    There is a big organisation, already waiting for this to happen, so they can provide the Service

    This organisation defeated the migration to EX for years with arguments of “Brilliance”, Funcitionality and low TCO.

    Now… it will take a soon end, which one is just THE MATTER OF TIME, because the NEED for the function, and the reality, that it is availble with the other organization, leaves not much options then having it working or migrating.

    Spending money, or installing something temporary will not be acceptable in this case


  23. By:jmarton

    “Spending money […] will not be acceptable in this case”

    Sorry, but migrating to Exchange does in fact involve spending money.

    It’s unfortunate that installing something temporary isn’t acceptable. Many people are successfully using the technology preview with various mobile platforms. NotifyLink is an alternative to those who don’t want to put beta (or alpha) software into production.

    Yes, it stinks that there isn’t a production release available now, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a way for GroupWise customers to successfully sync mobile devices. In fact, not only are customers able to do this today, but there are a couple of ways of doing this even if neither is the “perfect” solution.


    • By:brief

      Hello Joe,

      I think you make a point. Problem is, the world has changed. Novell is no longer relevant. People don’t want (temporary) workarounds. They want a solution. And for some reason, if a solution is presented in the right manner, well there seems to be no crisis or budget cutting.
      Being Novell you have to do double better than the competition (MS). Heck, being Novell and given the s**tload of bad news and uncertain future of the company, Novell has to be triple (or more) times better than MS to make people switch or even stay with Novell.
      The people on this forum are in the frontline of the IT sector. These are loyal customers who depend on Novell for themselves and their families. They are becomming a crowd banging on the frontdoor of Novell HQ for answers. You are apparently are 1 person standing in front of that door talking about workarounds, costs etc. etc..

      We have passed that station! The moment Nokia dropped their product the train started to ride but Novell was to busy trying to make the ultimate product that they didn’t notice. Untill now they haven’t created nothing. Utterly nothing! I can’t install a preview of a solution! All we, the frontline guys, get is MS talk wrapped in Novell colours: Next version will be better, it will be shipped by “fill-in-your-own-date” etc. etc.With this difference, people will buy MS stuff wether it’s crap or the ultimate OS/application, people will perhaps/maybe buy something from Novell if there is someone in the company to back Novell or if it is the ultimate OS/application.
      Novell hasn’t got the ultimate OS/appliance (anymore) and is loosing the inside person and the frontline guys. What do you think will happen with Novell?

      Everything you say may be a viable alternative, but too complicated, too little, too uncertain and most of all, too late.
      I cannot keep and my job, and Novell stuff if they keep acting this way. I think my choice will be my job, what would your choice be? Or will Novell pay me money during my job interval?

  24. By:dlythgoe

    I wanted to provide another update on our plans and timetable for Novell Data Synchronizer. The timing of the Mobility Pack is just as we communicated it in our previous update: September. But we’ll be releasing the engine, the GroupWise connector and the initial set of third-party connectors in July. As I’ve stated many times previously, the development schedule and process for these components have been completely independent of those for the Mobility Pack. And the Mobility Pack release schedule has in no way been adversely affected by releasing these other components earlier than expected. Details on our plans are provided below. As always, I welcome your thoughts and comments.

    Availability Details

    We have decided to ship Novell Data Synchronizer in two phases. First, we will release the Novell Data Synchronizer engine, the GroupWise connector and connectors for SharePoint, SugarCRM and These components will be available in late July. Please note that these connectors are being developed by a separate team and have IN NO WAY delayed the release of the Novell Data Synchronizer Mobility Pack.

    As we communicated earlier, the Novell Data Synchronizer Mobility Pack will ship in the September timeframe, with a public beta available in July. Customers who want to test-drive the product can access the open technology preview here until the public beta is released.

    Purchasing Details

    As a reminder, Novell Data Synchronizer is not supported on GroupWise 7, and GroupWise 8.0.2 will be required to enable its full functionality. Customers current on GroupWise, Novell Open Workgroup Suite or Novell Open Workgroup Suite Small Business Edition maintenance will be entitled to GroupWise 8.0.2, as well as the Novell Data Synchronizer engine and the GroupWise connector. Customers current on Novell Teaming maintenance will be entitled to the Novell Data Synchronizer engine and the GroupWise connector. Connectors for third-party applications must be purchased.

    Platform Requirements

    Remember that the initial release of Novell Data Synchronizer will only run on the 64-bit SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLES) 11 platform. While the SLES entitlement provided with GroupWise cannot be used to meet this requirement, the shipping version of Novell Data Synchronizer will include its own SLES entitlement. More details will be available in the product’s end-user license agreement.


  25. By:troyrhoads

    Sometimes we think the grass is always greener on the other side when really its the same grass… its just being cut by a different brand of lawn mower…

  26. By:emerson

    but hopefully a giant leap for Novell..

    You know, Joe M and Dean, I think at least for myself, I’d like to make one thing clear.
    We are NOT the one’s trying to be negative or anti-novell in any way.
    I think it’s quite the opposite. We, the one’s complaining, are out here trying to defend the installed base of Novell solutions either at our own sites or, in our case, at the customer’s sites. The truth today IS that it’s easier for the customer to go away from Novell than to defend the installed base.
    Once, with Zen or Netware as the base for the customer, it was easier to defend issues or delays.
    Today, with the issues around with Zen and OES, the message we receive from the customer is more like “why ?”…… MS is easier.

    And, to be honest, even though Im the first to loose due to my focus and history with Novell’s products, Netware, Zen, etc..,, I to have to confess that while MS’s solutions are getting more stable and easier to use…YES; even from my perspective, the Novell alternative’s today have lost quality. Probably in my p.o.v, due to the ever expanding Linux and Identity product focus at Novell.

    It comes down to the basic’s,
    Make the essential products stable and keep them current, then we’d have a MUCH easier task selling Teaming, IDM or whatever……

    • By:dlythgoe

      Thanks for the reminder…:)

      I do know and recognize the feedback provided is in the interest of Novell’s success. It is good to be reminded of this and to realize the motive behind the tone.

      Very good points….You have more understanding than you know.


  27. By:rmyers1968

    Hi, I am wondering if you guys are considering making a VM appliance of the GW mobility. I figure if more than 50% of sites chose to roll out a VM appliance that requires only minor configuration changes to get up and running with their GW system, it would be great for those sites. But more importantly for BUG catching and Support.

    If over 50% of sites are using the same VM, it makes BUG catching so much easier for you (since you have a copy of the exact VM that is deployed). You could set it up on OpenSUSE and even publish on VMWARE’s site… (VMware Server and ESXi are both free, for those whom have yet to adopt visualization). You could even set up VMs for Oracle’s, XEN and Microsoft, but given VMWARE still has most of the market share (particularly with people still with Novell) and ESXi installs and runs on a modified Linux (so no extra OS licensing required).

    I figure when the product is released, and there are issues, you can either easily reproduce and fix (if the problem is in GW mobility) or locate more easily the source of the problem…

    I sort of assume your lab is most likely already using virtualization for testing purposes, so this would not involve mush extra work.

    Just trying to suggest ways to make a roll out a little easier for everyone (also reduces amount of time spent on testing install procedures…)


  28. By:dlythgoe

    Yes, we have considered this. It is on the roadmap. We actually began down this path at one point for the first version.

    As we needed to stream line things to make sure we delivered a solution that worked instead of several solutions that may not work….we consolidated 🙂

    Still in our plans…

    Thanks for your ideas and suggestions!


  29. By:stanleytee

    I am aware this thread is a little dated now so am unlikely to get a reply but, I have tried several times to find the SugarCRM connector mentioned above but to no avail, does anyone know where to actually download this from?

    Regards and thanks