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July 7, 2010 3:14 pm





The SEP sesam GroupWise online Module is perfectly tailored to the licensing and technology of Novell GroupWise Servers.

It makes simple and reliable backups and restores of all data possible. Backups of the GroupWise Servers are done without delay during operation. Restores of single e-mails are done via the GroupWise interface.

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When would you use an online database module from SEP sesam?

You can backup data within the file system but this is not the best solution. SEP sesam online backup modules have many advantages over standard backup strategies provided by Oracle, DB2, Informix SAP R/3, MaxDB and others.

The standard offer of these companies doesn’t provide the automation that SEP sesam Online Modules deliver. A major turndown when using the standard packages provided is the time it takes to restore data once it has been lost or destroyed.

Specifically SEP sesam Online Modules offers the following advantages:

  • Inclusion in the SEP sesam Scheduling Routines.
  • The application of EOL Strategies
  • An extension of archival and restore for Disk-to-Tape (D2D2T)
  • In the event of recovery or restore the sesam uses ideal safety.
  • At any time you can view the available backup security settings in the Database Management Console. The Database communicates with SEP sesam.
  • Point-in-Time Recovery allows the transfer of only the required data by SEP sesam
  • No file system overwriting since the backup does not take place on the client computer
  • No file system overwriting caused by the Redologs, since they are deleted automatically after the backup (Truncate)
  • Prevents Single Point of Failure since the Backup Server is in a separate virtual backup location
  • Disaster Recovery is dealt with by the system and is therefore more easily controlled.
  • After new installation of the Database the date is kept on a current basis with SEP sesam and allows either a full system (database) recovery or a Point-in-Time Recovery up to the last database action, so far as the Onlinelog is available
  • The maintenance of the backups both online and offline and the Redologs are considerably simpler
  • The backup security status are displayed and notify the system manager when problems arise.
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