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GroupWise in the News. – Inaccurate reporting


April 4, 2008 11:55 am





The Western Star, a paper in Newfoundland and Labrador has reported that the IT department for the Government that is caught up in a scandal can’t find emails because they are moving to Outlook from GroupWise.

This article is full of inaccuracies and misstatements. Their source hasn’t used GroupWise since 1997. THAT IS ELEVEN YEARS AGO.

Do me a favor…do us all a favor. Click on the link, read the article and leave a comment. Flood the paper with comments so they become much more focused on the truth about the strengths of GroupWise rather than the lame stories being fed to them by the government.

Here is the link:

Also, I’ve made some comments on my personal blog as well at

Each person who comments is having an impact. Stand up and make a difference with this one.

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  1. By:kennonk

    Hmm…They must have removed it because I can’t find it. The link redirects to the main page with has a story regarding email on the front page but nothing to do with GroupWise or Exchange.

  2. By:kennonk

    Oh here is something that mentions GroupWise but they must have watered down the GroupWise stuff because all it says now is something about searching for some email was faster on their exchange system.

  3. By:EnviroTO

    Here is what the article read. It is a real joke to read for those who work with Groupwise 7 and who have seen Bonsai but at the same time it does reflect a lot of the opinions people have out there and shows that Novell’s marketing department has a lot of work to do. You could be a reporter in any town and call around to various consultants and get similar feedback unfortunately.

    New program led to missing e-mail: province print this article
    ST. JOHN’S
    The Western Star

    The province blames the fact it only discovered documents related to the Cameron Inquiry in the last week because it is switching to a new e-mail program.

    The province is phasing out Groupwise – a product from Novell Inc. – and replacing it with Microsoft Outlook.

    To compare the searching capabilities of the two e-mail systems The Telegram contacted several information technology consultants. Could the Groupwise system be less advanced at searching for documents?

    “I can see that being a valid argument, for sure, especially if someone is not that computer savvy,” says John Drover the president of Blue Communications.

    Drover says it may depend on how the program was set up.

    “There’s a hundred different ways to use Groupwise, cause Groupwise is a server technology,” he says.

    Most companies contacted say Groupwise is archaic by computer standards.

    “Novell were the big network 10 years ago but they’ve just about faded into oblivion,” says John Seary of PC and Networking Solutions.

    He hasn’t worked with Groupwise since 1997 and he says there has been some improvements since that time, so he is unable to evaluate later versions.

    Seary does say Microsoft Outlook is a very versatile system.

  4. By:EnviroTO

    Here is an article two days earlier where Groupwise was first mentioned.

  5. By:richardbliss

    They pulled the story after the complaints from the GruopWise community. Here is the cached link if you wish to read it. You can’t comment but you can send an email to the Managing editor asking for the story to be resubmitted with accurate data.

  6. By:rchevalier

    The comments and links are down. I’m going to give credit to Richard for smacking them for shoddy journalism fast resulting in this vanishing rapidly.

    Thanks Richard for being right on target.

  7. By:Worm-N-Rifle

    Same here. I can’t find the story.