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GroupWise: Novell Competitive Collateral and News!


September 18, 2012 10:42 am





I wanted to share some information about some recent new articles and some new competitive collateral that Product Management and Product Marketing have been developing.

In the news

From time to time, GroupWise appears in one article or another around the world. Some articles are simply reporting what has happened within a particular organization or geographic location. Other articles provide some interesting information and facts regarding certain deployments of a solution that should be pointed out.

In the following article, St. Louis goes Google, ends ‘archaic’ email system while GroupWise gets the blame for a poorly implemented and regulated retention policy, it also points out some of the real costs associated with Google’s Gmail. While some report that the solution is FREE – we all know better!

The article states: Emails will be archived for 10 years automatically. “Everything sent and received, 25 gigabytes for every user,” Wahby said. “There will be no running out of space.”

Obviously, you can provide this functionality and more with GroupWise. In addition, with an archive solution, you would never be limited by 25 gigabytes!

The article further states: It’s not cheap. The old system cost the city $250,000 a year. Google will cost $168,000 in the first year for 2,500 users, plus a $107,000 one-time migration fee, and will increase as the city adds users.

Let’s see – it will cost the city $275,000 the first year and will increase as the city adds users! Sounds just like FREE! Now, let me see. A 3 year maintenance agreement with Novell would cost retail @$97 per user. If they actually paid list price – that is $242,500 for 3 years of GroupWise. With Google, the city will pay $611,000 in 3 years. So sad!

In addition, for 10 years of ‘automatic’ archive – what will each end-user give up? Check out the next section and the Top Ten Features Users Lose with Gmail

Competitive Information

GroupWise Product Management and Product Marketing have put together several competitive pieces over the last few months. Comparison tables between GroupWise, Exchange, and Gmail is one of them that we have already discussed. Another one is a Top Ten Features User Lose with Outlook/Exchange.

Recently, Novell published a related brochure – Top Ten Features Users Lose with Gmail

Here is a Quick list of all of the competitive material recently published.

Check it out and let us know what you think!


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  1. By:bbecken

    Robbyn Wahby said “A couple of times a week my Groupwise (email) crashes,” Wahby said this May, in mid-transition. “It’s just old and archaic.”

    I’d be interested in knowing what version of GroupWise they where running. What do the Novell records show this site ” St. Louis” was entitled to use?

  2. By:smflood

    According to the City of St. Louis are (were?) using both GroupWise 7 and 8 although the link for their GroupWise 7 WebAccess doesn’t appear to be working.

    According to the GroupWise 8 WebAccess is hosted on a Linux host.

    What’s not clear is how up-to-date the GroupWise software (for servers and clients) is regarding GroupWise patches or in fact which clients are being used.