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GroupWise: Novell Data Synchronizer Mobility Pack 1.1 Ships!


March 3, 2011 11:20 am





Novell has released ‘Chinook’, the code name for the Novell Data Synchronizer Mobility Pack 1.1! It is now available for immediate download….

This is the culmination release of all of the ‘beta’ releases that have happened since we released the inaugural Mobility Pack last September. If you have been following along…and I know many of you have – we have released three updates since September 2010 in an effort to continually provide fixes, new features, value and progress for this technology. This release is cumulative and includes all changes, features, stability fixes and performance changes from September until now.

I will refer you to a previous blog post on the best way to get the code and be notified in the future of other updates!

The delta between Update 3 and 1.1 is simply a few bug fixes. No new enhancements or additional functionality. These last few weeks were all about stability, bake time and making sure that we were truly delivering a better product! See the readme for the list of final bug fixes and for details on the best way to get the code!

In addition to the Mobility Pack 1.1 release, we also continue to update the infrastructure pieces of this technology so that 3rd-party connectors can take advantage of the latest fixes and enhancements.

If you have not taken a look at the current connectors, you can now take any of the 3S connectors (SugarCRM, SharePoint, or for a 30-day a test drive. These eval versions are available on

You’ll also want to check out our Connector Marketplace, where you can download, evaluate and purchase all of the Data Synchronizer connectors that Novell currently offers. This marketplace will continue to be updated as our partner community along with Novell provides more and more connectors.

Check out the Marketplace >

The next release of the Mobility Pack is code named ‘Delaware’. Delaware is officially scheduled to release this summer. However, as you have already become accustomed to, we will be releasing updates all along the way and new capabilities as we go.

Support for HTML emails is one of the next major features planned for Delaware!

Note: The build number for Mobility Pack 1.1 is 315.


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  1. By:glutch

    Is there a way to control the number of devices a user can connect to the Datasync server?

    • By:dlythgoe

      Sorry – not at this time. This control is not part of the system, but is on our roadmap. We realize and understand the question and request.



  2. By:koshea331

    Does the 1.1 fix the remote wipe problem (we see on Android devices) or is that fix still slated for the next upgrade?


    • By:dpgiles

      The Mobility Pack 1.1 release does allow administrators to enable security policies. Once a security policy has been enabled and the device has received the security policy a reset to factory defaults (wipe) should be available through the Web Console to the administrator.

      Some Android devices do have problems syncing the policy; a delete and re-add of the account on the device should solve that.

      Was there an additional problem you are referencing?

  3. By:koshea331

    We have been running this for several months still in a test status as even up to Update 3 we could not successfully remote wipe the device, and as long as this issue was present management was unwilling to allow this into production. I will download and upgrade to 1.1 and see if setting the security policy will allow for the reset ti factory default, not just stop the device from syncing.

    Management wants to ensure that if a device is lost or stolen we can remove all corporate information securely.