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GroupWise: Product Schedules for 2012!


January 12, 2012 11:01 am





I wanted to take a moment and update our customers, partners and other interested parties on our current schedules for GroupWise, Vibe, Messenger and DataSynchronizer. We will be launching a new ‘Roadmap Application’ in a few weeks that will allow you to always know what is coming and when to expect it. Watch the GroupWise product page for this new tool that will allow our customers and partners a real-time view into current priorities, roadmaps, delivery expectations and major features that are being implemented for GroupWise and DataSynchronizer.


GroupWise has currently two products versions that the development team is working on. GroupWise 8 and GroupWise 2012. After GroupWise 2012 ships, we will maintain 3 branches of our flagship GroupWise product….one of them will, of course, be an internal development and forward looking line of the Product – the one we call Windermere. So here is how it is looking…

GroupWise 2012 GroupWise 2012 is scheduled to release very soon. As we communicated previously: we are saying Q1. That is still our external communication. However, I will say that we have been having weekly status meetings for several weeks and our meeting last week confirmed that all indications were positive and we were meeting all exit criteria and all future status meetings/updates have been cancelled. You can read into that what you may….I can only say – it will be Q1 🙂

We have also scheduled at least one Hot Patch for GroupWise 2012. This is code named ‘Cardiff’ and it will ship several months from now and is completely driven by customer demand and will be used to address any unforeseen quality issues or significant problems reported by our customers who are deploying GroupWise 2012. The earliest that Cardiff would ship is in the summer, but this could push later if there is no compelling demand. There are no new features planned for Cardiff. However, we may choose to expand some platform support.

GroupWise 8.0.x The GroupWise 8 product line is scheduled to release its next support pack early in calendar Q2 of 2012. This will be GroupWise 8.0.3 or GroupWise 8, Support Pack 3. This will be an accumulation of all changes, FTFs, Hot Patches and fixes implemented, shipped and released since we shipped GroupWise 8.0.2 in September of 2010. So, this will obviously include all fixes that can be aggregated together in the entire GroupWise 8 version line…including the current latest Hot Patch, GroupWise 8.0.2 HP3.

We do plan a GroupWise 8.0.4 and may choose to release a Hot Patch or two between GroupWise 8.0.3 and GroupWise 8.0.4. Hot Patches on the GroupWise 8.0.3 line will be cumulative and will be made available, if and only if, we have customer demand that warrants some delivery. GroupWise 8.0.4 is currently scheduled to release in mid 2013. We expect that GroupWise 8.0.4 will be the final release of the GroupWise 8 product/version line. We also expect GroupWise 8.0.4 to contain very few fixes. We want to encourage our customers to move with us to GroupWise 2012 and get not only their issues resolved, but also take advantage of the new functionality, capability, stability and latest platform support that can be found by staying current with your GroupWise deployment.

Note: As part of GroupWise 8.0.3, we will support OES 11. OES 11 is already a supported platform for GroupWise 2012 and we have had very few reports of any issues running GroupWise 8.0.2 HP3 on OES 11. However, we have not completed a QA cycle on this platform yet with the GroupWise 8.0.x product line. Officially, it is supported and we expect it to work, but we are still validating.

GroupWise Windermere The next major release of GroupWise is scheduled for early 2013 and is code named Windermere. This release will concentrate on a new Web Administration model and the product will add support for Active Directory. Of course, we also think it will include a variety of other enhancements, but we are not prepared to commit to any of these changes until engineering has adequately scoped and a project plan is in place to deliver the Web Admin and AD functionality by the planned release schedule. We demonstrated our progress so far with Windermere and we have had a team of engineers concurrently working on Windermere as we finished up the final details of GroupWise 2012.

Novell DataSynchronizer Mobility Pack

In December, we released Novell DataSynchronizer 1.2.1. We expect to release 1.2.2 during Q1, 2012. This update will only include bug fixes reported by our customers. After this update, we will turn our attention to ‘Eenou’. This is scheduled for Q2 and in addition to continued quality improvements; we will also add support for Tasks.

Two other releases for DataSynchronizer are planned for 2013. These releases will increase scalability, add new functionality and are designed to coincide with new devices and availability of new capabilities on those devices. This is our most agile development project and it will continue to be.

Novell Messenger

The next release of Novell Messenger is code named ‘Dillon’. Dillon is scheduled for a mid-2012 release and is heavily focused on providing an iPhone and Android IM client. The iPhone app is well under way and good progress is being made. We expect to start on the Android app soon.

The next release after Dillon is code named Eaglewood. Eaglewood will line up fairly closely with the release of Windermere and will include things like support for Active Directory and a web client that will integrate with both GroupWise WebAccess as well as with Novell Vibe. We are also planning a web based administration model for Messenger in this time frame.

Novell Vibe

Novell Vibe released version 3.2 in November. This product line has a couple of releases on the horizon for 2012. The code names for these releases are ‘Granite’ and ‘Hudson’. We are still working on a schedule and scope for each release. There are some fundamental changes that need to be made in order to complete our usability and user-interface designs. We are evaluating priorities across all of our current collaboration solutions and Vibe continues to receive significant attention. There are just so many things we would like to do! Some of the things we are considering for Vibe are peer-to-peer messaging, simple groups or quick teams and some file system integration. We will also continue to heavily focus on usability, quality and performance.

That should give you a pretty good view of what is currently planned for the year.

It is important to understand that all of this is subject to change. We are heavily engaged in meeting with our customers, soliciting their input and feedback and having their voice impact our priorities, schedules and the actual list of enhancements we will implement.

In addition, I have only shared a high-level view for each of these releases and product lines. As we solidify on the details, I will use this blog, the Roadmap Application and other communication methods to share those details with our customers and partners.

See you at GWAVACon!!


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  1. By:FlyingGuy

    Thanks for the update on GW, looking forward to it but:

    When are we going to get an SDK that works on the linux platform and when are we going to get the SDK for something other then OLE ( and I don’t mean soap)?

    Novell messenger:

    1. When will we get a complete SDK for it?!

    2. Big hi five on the iOS and Android Clients. about time.

    3. File transfer via the NM server?


    We REALLY REALLY need *complete* development documentation for it. I have brought this up before but it really has to happen. There are HUGE possibilities for this in all sorts of environments but especially LAW FIRMS. Document Management systems cost and arm and a leg and Vibe On Prim has a the potential to really take a chunk of that market but without *complete* development documentation it will be hit or miss. The integration with GW has to be tight tight tight and that has to be its e-mail pathway if you want to sell this into GW shops.

    P2P Messaging?! Really Dean? Vibe can rock the house but if you put in a P2P messaging system that cannot be logged and discovered you are really shooting yourself in the foot for a lot of really big clients.

    • By:dlythgoe

      Thanks Bill for the feedback.

      Novell Messenger finally does have a roadmap and we are excited about that too. We admit that this functionality in the GroupWise family of collaboration products has not received a lot of attention. File transfer is probably one of the most requested capabilities for Messenger and we intend to provide that….it is part of our roadmap, but we need to move a few other areas forward first. I would not expect this functionality in 2012, but it is coming.

      The SDK question is a good one. As much as we have been discussing SDK, 3rd-party integrations and our partner ecosystem, our attention has been on the new GroupWise Admin APIs and DataSynchronizer. We will revisit this topic as it relates directly to Messenger and see what can be done to provide more options.


  2. By:gburg

    I feel the same way about developping for GroupWise, and the only thing that I am not sure about is if Novell has the #people to do the things that it wants them to do …


  3. By:mikebell90

    What exactly do you need? SOAP is nearly comprehensive when it comes to the message store. It does lack archive access and client customization (but the latter makes no sense except for linux client anyway).

    For Admin API, I agree, and the Windermere is supposed expose a full REST based API, with novell eating it’s dog food (nothing hidden, and the the api IS the engine powering the admin program!)

    • By:FlyingGuy

      Hey Mike,

      Sorry man but SOAP is a hideous interface. > 100 to 1 markup -v- data.

      REST – I have no interest is using AJAX to connect to the message store from compiled binaries.

      We need the object api that works x-plat with C, C++ and .Net bindings.

      We need a clear and easy pathway for 3rd party products to integrate with GW. Lack of that is killing us with MAJOR accounts that use various large 3rd party products. I have lost accounts for the simple reason that everyone integrates with Outlook / Exchange because the API’s are there and easy to access via .Net, C, VB etc.

      I had an accounting firm that services very high wealth individuals in Silicon Valley and they purchased a package that did everything they needed, it handles the tax prep, auditing the whole shooting match. I even made it integrate with NetWare for storage and such and even made a MS SQL server integrate into NetWare.

      The Novell killer was integration with E-Mail and Calender. They would not support GroupWise and the reason was because the API just sucked. The object API is the right way but doing through OLE Automation just bites.

      Novell needs to clean up the both the general and the admin API and they need to do it yesterday.

      For example.. with 1 DLL I can access messenger, connect and authenticate. Unfortunately Novell has not seen its way clear to publish the entire API so that’s about all I can do.

      If Novell wants to stay in the game they have to get this out there. They have to make it as east if not easier then integrating into Outlook/Exchange. Like it or not the entire world is not jumping on the web 2.0 bandwagon.

  4. By:dlythgoe


    Well the good thing is that we have more people than we have had for a while and that is exciting news. We are investing more in R&D in Provo UT and we very much intend to make the best of it.

    Reinvigorating our partner ecosystem is high on our priority list and to do that we need to engage them better with tools, APIs, documentation and support. We hear ya!!