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April 16, 2009 2:58 pm





There are lots of ways that you can keep up to date with the latest happenings going on with GroupWise, though knowing where to look can sometimes be a challenge. I thought that a good first step would be to blog on the topic and share all of the places that I know about. If you know more feel free to share them.

Firstly, the ‘official’ places:
Obviously, Novell Coolblogs, which is probably where you are reading this anyway.
As the GroupWise Product Manager I have a blog there.
My responsibilities include setting product direction, defining feature sets for future releases and generally managing the product set as a whole.

Then Dean Lythgoe has a blog too on this site. He is the Director of Engineering, which means that he manages the entire development team for GroupWise, Teaming, Conferencing and GW Instant Messenger. We work very closely together on a daily basis, and together drive the GroupWise product set. At a high level, his teams deal with the implementation of the direction that I set.

Next, we both have Twitter accounts:
Dean’s Twitterings
My Twitterings

And we have an Official Facebook page. On that page we are federating all of the GroupWise content from the GroupWise page on Coolsolutions.

The official GroupWise Forums

Next we have the NUI groups – Novell Users International. There are a number of these globally, and they often host local meetings. I have traveled to the Indiana Group to present, and I know that many of my colleagues have traveled to other groups – they are an excellent source of local knowledge. They often encompass the local GUG (GroupWise User Group) and NUG (Novell User Group).

So, those are all of the official pages, but there are more out there that host excellent GroupWise content: hosts all sorts of great information. Gert has been around GroupWise for years, and collects snippets of information and archives them on this site – one of my favourites is screenshots. from every GroupWise client over the years.

There is also an unofficial GroupWise page on Facebook, hosted by Danita Zanre – I love GroupWise

A GroupWise Powerguide group on Facebook.

A GroupWise/Facebook integration group.

Next we have the Open Horizons group, formerly GroupWiseR. They run an excellent series of city tours and summits across EMEA, as well as publish a magazine centered around Novell Collaboration products. As a product team we have attended many of these events, and plan to do so this year again – at the moment I am planning on being at the Benelux Summit in the Netherlands, and the EMEA Summit in Vienna.

GroupWise & Friends is a community for German speaking GroupWise users, and is closely affiliated with Open Horizons.

Lastly, NGWList is a mailing list that anyone can join. It host discussions around GroupWise, as well as serving as a help line for GW admins.

I think that’s it for now – like I said, if I forgot some let me know.

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  1. By:kgroneman

    I just have to say I’m impressed at the effort you folks are going to to connect with the GroupWise commuity. Kudos.