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May 23, 2011 4:39 pm





Updates on GroupWise Ascot, GroupWise 8, Novell Data Synchronizer Mobility Pack, Novell Vibe OnPrem (Evergreen), etc.

My last blog, on April 29th seems so long ago. I guess things are moving forward on so many fronts that there are simply a lot of things to communicate and to update the community on. In addition, I was traveling for a week in Europe – so the time has compressed even further.

Europe Trip

A couple of weeks ago, I traveled to Europe to participate in the TTP EMEA conference held in Regensburg, Germany. I also visited several customers with Kai Reichert in other parts of Germany. I then visited our support teams in Prague and Rotterdam. I concluded my trip with a meeting with Erno de Korte from the Open Horizons organization. The trip was very good and allowed me to have face to face meetings about some of the opportunities facing GroupWise and the marketplace.

Here are the themes heard most often.

  1. What is the future of ConsoleOne and the Administration story?
  2. What is happening with the Mac Client?
  3. How are you dealing with co-existence issues where Exchange and GroupWise exist in the same organization? What about the Exchange Gateway?
  4. What is the schedule for Ascot? Windermere? GroupWise 8.0.x?
  5. What about the Outlook Connector?
  6. What is the schedule for the Novell Data Synchronizer Mobility Pack?
  7. What progress has been made with regards to easier upgrade/roll out of updates?
  8. When is 64-bit Agents coming?
  9. When will GroupWise support other directories – i.e. Active Directory?

Many of these questions will be answered or addressed in this blog and others are already topics of previous blogs. The ones left will be topics of future blogs and presentations/communications at BrainShare 2011.

GroupWise 8

We are planning on releasing an update to GroupWise 8. It will be GroupWise 8.0.2 HP3. It is scheduled to release in the next 4-6 weeks. It will contain all fixes made to the GroupWise 8 code base since we shipped HP2 in January. All of the fixes are customer driven. The fixes are issues reported by customers, escalated through Novell Technical Services and resolved by the engineering team. We currently have all of the fixes done for this release and the only task remaining is for the code not to change while Quality Control validates the changes and prepares the code for public release. There are no significant features in this Hot Patch – only bug fixes.

We expect the next Hot Patch – HP4 – to be released later this year, after we release Ascot and after we have a significant number of changes to warrant another public release. We plan HP4 to release by the end of the year. Our hot patch schedule has been roughly every 4-6 months as customers demand.

GroupWise Ascot

GroupWise Ascot schedule is still marching on. The last update we provided was last November. Of course, lots of things have changed since November – so here is the latest.

We expect to be in Authorized and Extended BETA in the next 4-6 weeks. We expect the BETA to run about 3-4 months and then prepare the code for final release. We are currently targeting release near BrainShare Salt Lake City. I am comfortable saying ‘early Q4’.

We have previously highlighted, in other blog posts, several of the main features that will be coming in Ascot. We will continue to share details about the new features and how they work using this medium. We hope you will participate in the BETA, give us feedback in the blogs and come see the product at BrainShare!

Novell Data Synchronizer Mobility Pack

The Mobility Pack shipped Chinook in March. It is now preparing its second update to that release since March. We expect to release that in the next couple of weeks. It will be update 1.1.2 and contains many fixes to increase the stability and reliability of this solution.

Delaware – the next major update of the Mobility Pack is still on schedule and will release in the coming months – I will say during Q3.

Novell Vibe OnPrem (Evergreen)

Evergreen is moving right along and is scheduled to release in June/July. It is deep into its BETA and it is going very well. Novell Vibe OnPrem (Teaming) continues to impress and push forward. We will be writing specific blogs on the features and capabilities of this release in the coming weeks. The feedback and excitement from the BETA has been fantastic! This project is on schedule and we encourage everyone to take a look at this latest installment.

Evergreen will include a new Data Synchronizer Connector that will synchronize calendar and task items from Vibe OnPrem to GroupWise! This component is also deep into its BETA and is highly anticipated.

Well there you have it, an update for most of the Collaboration products. Please let me know what questions you still have. We will be writing new blogs on some of the missing topics referenced above.


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  1. By:sjt4423

    Will the HTML support for the newer activesync version in mobility be in the 1.1.2 version or the Q3 major upgrade?


    • By:dlythgoe


      HTML will come in the Q3 release. It is not part of 1.1.2.

      Good question…I should have included that bit of info since I know that people are anxious about that functionality. We do have a solution for that that works great on IOS4. Still working out a few details, but it will definitely be part of the Q3 release.


  2. By:stideswe

    1) 64 bit agents?
    2) Outlook connector?
    3) Mac client?
    4) HTML emails over ActiveSync?
    5) ConsoleOne?

    Also a really good feature would be the ability to open multiple GroupWise archives (from different date periods) in the same window as the live mailbox. This is how Outlook does it with multiple PST files, no need for the clunky behaviour of File->Open Archive just a single window and the ability to browse/search across multiple archives and the live mailbox seamlessly. Is such a feature being considered? I know end users would appreciate it.

    How about the ability to transfer files in Novell Messenger? How about the ability to IM a Yahoo or MSN user from Novell Messenger? How about support for reverse proxying Novell Messenger so that direct access inbound to the Messenger server from the Internet is not required (should you wish to allow IM to people off site)?

    I thought the list of new features of the new version of GroupWise was disappointing and unadventurous. I’m also hoping for more stability than GroupWise 8 offered as it was truly appalling at various stages of the product’s life-cycle (most notably toward the latter part of 2010).


    • By:dlythgoe


      Yes – we will address all of these issues. Stay tuned. Of course some of these have already been discussed at length and may not have any additional information to share.

      For example: We have previously communicated:

      – 64-agents did not make Ascot. They will be part of Windermere.
      – Outlook Connector – discussed at length in this forum. We did not have anything more to communicate.
      – Mac Client – discussed at length in this forum as well.
      – HTML email will be coming in Q3. See response to previous and next question in this blog.
      – ConsoleOne – we are moving away from ConsoleOne in Windermere. Design and architecture to be discussed at length at BrainShare.


      • By:malcolm-thompson

        That’s bad news about Outlook integration. Right or wrong, user’s are screaming for Outlook on the desktop and they don’t care what’s running the email show in the data centre or cloud. I can tell you that that’s why GroupWise is being dropped by many organisations. And its also a source of frustration to all the loyal messaging architects who have to answer to the business and explain why Outlook isn’t available on the desktop. If Attachmate hasn’t decided to drop GroupWise they’d be crazy not focusing every inch of their resources on the Outlook connector to protect revenue.

  3. By:dali

    Yes, html is the only thing our customers are screaming for.

  4. By:bgibson

    When will the Internet Explorer Groupwise webaccess 802hp2 flickering issue be fixed? We have users that are restricted through security policy (DISA) from deleting history or clearing cache. This is a major problem with many users. I submitted a service request for this issue today so hopefully it can be fixed asap.