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GroupWise Unicode Support – What to Expect!


July 16, 2008 11:09 am





In an effort to communicate the technical capabilities of GroupWise with regards to supporting Unicode, character encodings, extended characters and double-byte characters, the engineering team has prepared the following information.


GroupWise continues to make progress towards its goal to becoming completely Unicode enabled. Beginning with GroupWise 6.5, the ground work was put in place to make this metamorphosis complete. The end goal is to seamlessly support all characters in all situations: input, reading, composing, user interface, sorting, searching, mixed, etc.

Here is some background to what is expected in each of the following releases and what work will continue to be necessary in future releases.

7.0.x – Currently what is expected to work.

– Windows/Linux; The following controls are Unicode enabled
– subject
– message body
– attachment control
– folder list
– message list

F6 gates were fully integrated. Meaning that all data coming/leaving a GroupWise system, (through one of its agents) as long as a character set is accurately defined, will function properly (GWIA, GWINTER, POA, MTA, Engine)

Expected Bonsai Improvements

Windows Client
– All controls currently enabled for 7.0.x
– Address Book including sorting
– Several UI pieces have also been Unicode enabled (data coming into GW system through our clients)
– Notify, login, Address Book, Address Selector, Contacts dialogs, Month Control
– Default Character encoding controlled by the Administrator
– Character encoding detection in GWIA and the Windows Client to make rendering more accurate
– The best experience will be achieved by running the OS, the application and reading/composing in the same language/character set. Running GW in one language, while running the OS in another language and trying to use different characters sets will continue to have a few minor issues until the Monterrey release.

Linux/Mac Client has all of the UI Unicode enabled, but not all of the data.

– Fully Unicode enabled, which includes these changes:
– we will be compiling Unicode for all components of Linux/Mac and Windows.
– all input points will be Unicode
– File system access, read/write/paths, mixed os/client issues resolved
– Mixed language issues in the same message resolved
– Mixed OS/Client issues
– searching messages, address book data
– UI Interface

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