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GroupWise: Blackberry, ATT Live, and GroupWise 2012


April 20, 2012 11:05 am





Several pieces of information to share and communicate regarding GroupWise 2012 and what has been happening in the last 30 days or so.

RIM Announces GroupWise 2012 Certification!

RIM has officially announced certification of BES 5.0.1 with GroupWise 2012. Certification was recently completed in the QA labs at RIM and the external software compatibility matrix is now updated.

BlackBerry Enterprise Server Compatibility Matrix

Novell’s participation at Blackberry World Novell will be participating at Blackberry World in Orlando, May 1-3rd. The lead Mobility engineer, Nadeem Nazeer, will be presenting a session on all things mobile coming from Novell and GroupWise. If you are attending Blackberry World, make sure you take in the GroupWise session at the event and meet Nadeem.

Quality of GroupWise 2012

We recently evaluated the initial quality of GroupWise 2012 as we near the first 90 day mark of the release. We first evaluated Novell’s production GroupWise systems. The feedback from both the backend perspective and the helpdesk perspective has been very positive. In fact, according to Kevin Crutchfield, “we are not aware of any serious inhibitors for GroupWise 2012. You might find this interesting – here at Novell we are still running GroupWise 2012 shipping code/agents. We have not identified anything that warrants updating our Novell production system.”

We also spoke with our Novell Technical Services group to see what call volume has been like and what types of issues have been reported or escalated. The feedback from this group has also been positive. There has not been a spike in service requests or in defects resulting from those service requests. This is not to say that there have not been reported issues. Nor is it to claim that every customer has had a smooth upgrade. Some customers have reported issues and engineering has addressed those problems, made FTFs available and included the fixes in the upcoming Cardiff release. We are still on schedule for the Cardiff release and the overall number of fixes taken has been very controlled.

ATT Live – Las Vegas

ATT Live is coming to Las Vegas May 15-18th. This is a four-day, hands-on training conference that is being held at the M Resort, Spa and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada. The training sessions will cover a variety of topics from all areas of the Attachmate Group business including content on Novell products, NetIQ, and SUSE. There are over 100 sessions that will be presented. I will be attending and presenting a GroupWise/Collaboration Roadmap session on Tuesday, May 15th. I expect to see you all there and look forward to discussing with the audience the releases, technology and insights that have happened since BrainShare and GWAVACon.

Learn more here –>

The next scheduled GroupWise release is GroupWise 8.0.3. Please watch this blog for updates and announcements!

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