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GroupWise: We will meet again!


May 27, 2014 9:00 am





With the release of GroupWise 2014, I am closing a chapter in my career that I can only look back on with amazement. I have worked for WordPerfect-Novell-Attachmate for 24 years. On June 2nd, a page will turn and a new chapter will begin.


I have enjoyed so many things about the opportunities, experiences, assignments, and projects that I have been privileged to work on. But most of all, I have been truly blessed to have been surrounded by people who are intelligent, kind, and professional. I have traveled the world and met with customers, partners, colleagues, competitors, and industry experts. I am thrilled every time I am able to meet one of you in person. What an absolutely amazing community that this product – GroupWise – has created! It has shaped my career and contributed richly to my life!

This blog – the GroupWise Blog – has been my friend and enemy for the last 6 years. I have utilized this medium to share information, to solicit feedback, and to build a community. If you have been a faithful follower, or just an occasional peruser, I include you in my circle of friends and thank you for making this important.

gwavacon_liveIt was valuable to me that I was able to help deliver GroupWise 2014 before I left. The new features and dynamic user interface are an important step forward for GroupWise. This release represents extensive research and effort in areas our customers have requested, so I am happy GroupWise can now offer many of you the features you’ve long requested.

Though they’ve not yet announced a replacement for me, I know I’m leaving Novell and GroupWise in very capable hands. There is a plan already in place to conduct a very thorough search to find the most suitable candidate to lead GroupWise into the future. GroupWise has been instrumental to the growth of Novell over the last three decades and will continue to be an integral part of Novell’s strategy for decades to come.

It will be hard to see GroupWise go on without me, but go on it will.

If you do have specific questions after my departure, contact Rick Carlson, Director of Product Management, at

It has been a wonderful 24 years here at Novell. Thanks to all of my colleagues who continue to make it such a special place. Please let me express my deep gratitude for your friendship and the bonds we share. While its a great big world, I hope to cross paths with you again soon. Please leave me a note on this blog or just send me an email 🙂

I would love to hear from all of you one more time – so Say Something!



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  1. By:Mikulits

    Dear Dean,
    I can’t believe this is true. It will take a while to digest, that Mr. GroupWise is now off for new endeavors. Thank you for all the wonderful years! Thank you for leading a first class collaboration solution and supporting the worldwide GroupWise community. Thank you for all your friendship also on behalf of Open Horizons.
    Yours, Marco

  2. By:Rimser

    I think the whole community will be shocked.

  3. By:ukdtom

    Hi Dean.

    Wish you where here right now, so I could use my Viking hammer on you, for doing this to us.

    When that’s said, it has been a true pleasure working with you all this years, and you’ll be truly missed in the GW sphere.

    With love from Denmark


  4. By:ubwillem

    Dear Dean, it is very sad for GroupWise to see you go but at the same time, wherever you go, I’m sure that you will also be a very valued member.

    It was a pleasure to work with you, as a customer and an author. You will be badly missed by the GroupWise community, for sure.

    Please don’t be a stranger — all the best to you as you move on to your next chapter!

    Willem Bagchus

  5. By:ssalgy

    You ARE GroupWise, and you have left your fingerprints all over it. You have been an great example of how to effectively use a blog, like Cool Solutions, to interact with customers and personalize a corporation. Best of luck, and if you ever feel like blogging about GroupWise in your spare time, the door is always open.

  6. By:berndes

    Hi Dean,

    I remember that crazy soccer match like it was yesterday.

    You will leave a big whole in the community.
    I wish you the best for your future.
    Hopefully we I will meet you again.

    Bernd Geerkens

  7. By:skapanen


    thanks for all the great work you have done for Groupwise and especially for us customers – you took the time and connected with customers, listened to our ideas/feedback and helped when things went south..
    I consider that to be awesome and somewhat unique touch from PM level.

    Good luck for next steps!

    Sami Kapanen

  8. By:e-ebell

    Great respect for all that work, Dean!

    Si no encuentras tu camino, háztelo!


  9. By:akronawitter

    Hi Dean,
    I thought that I would not have to hear this bad news. The years with Groupwise Groupwise 5 to 2014 were good years for me. You were always a good counselor for Groupwise, but I want to thank you most sincerely. I hope the gap can be closed by Novell leaves you, we will miss you.
    In life we ​​have but also to learn to say goodbye, he is one of them.
    In German we say: They meet in life always twice, for saying Farewell to a friend.
    I wish you all the best for your future and success.
    Andreas Germany

  10. By:anthonypriestman


    You will be missed! I WILL MISS YOU!!!!!

    Your mark on GroupWise will forever remain prominent!

    Lots of love….
    The Priest!

  11. By:gregoryb


    You invested your heart and soul into GroupWise and it’s a shock to learn of your departure. Thank you for your support over the very many years I’ve known you. Even though we live on opposite sides of the planet, there were many good times shared during BrainShare.

    Change is rapid and relentless during current times and, ironically, this trend is unlikely to change in the foreseeable future. I hope your change brings you and your family continued happiness and prosperity.

    Very best wishes,


  12. By:crivera

    Many thanks for all these years.
    I wish you all the best and luck in the upcoming goals.
    Carlos from Venezuela.

  13. By:mgrady

    For the many peaks and valleys you have help guide us through. Your patience, understanding and fortitude show us all how to be better professionals and people. Thank you Dean.

    P.S. Another mark of success look how many CEOs you outlasted LOL!

    All the best until we meet again.

  14. By:hwoess

    Hello Dean!

    This are very sad news, but life goes on! I said many thanks for the great product over the last years!
    I hope we meet again anywhere in the future. I hope, your “baby” Groupwise is doing well in future!

    It was nice to see you at Budapest, but I never thought it was the last time!

    Greetings from Austria!


  15. By:jledoledec

    Hi Dean

    I’m sad because you leave Novell and the collaboration team, but glad you’ll start a new life for your job.

    It was a pleasure to met you at Budapest last month, and talk about GroupWise products.

    Good luck to you

    Kindly Regards from Normandy – France


  16. By:elagrew

    Sorry to see you go. It seems to me that GroupWise made some great progress while you were here. We’ll need to see how it progresses without your strong and capable advocacy. Blessings in whatever you find to do!

    –El LaGrew

  17. By:afuhrmann

    An irreplaceable loss for GroupWise, Attachmate, Novell and our community. I deeply regret your leaving of Novell. I thank you for all you have done for GroupWise. I wish you all the best for your future.

    Good luck from Switzerland

  18. By:tbowman1724

    Best wishes! GroupWise won’t be the same without you at the helm.

  19. By:theperic

    Few weeks ago we were having a roundtable session in rotterdam with both of our teams and priestman and now this.. Unpleasant suprise dean! I wish you best of luck and thank you for your support and dedication.

    Eric Kerkdijk /University Rotterdam

  20. By:maguirre


    Thanks for all these years pushing GroupWise, I worked with GroupWise since version 4.0 when Novell acquired Word Perfect and then became GW support engineer at Novell Mexico. You leaving It’s a great loss. Thanks again for everything.

  21. By:abens

    Depressing news with you leaving. First Karyn then you. I hope the people filling in for you realizes the large shoes they have to fill, if not GroupWise/Attachmate will suffer. Best wishes in your new endevour. Hope to see you again at future GWAVACon and Brainshares.

    Al Bens /Metro of Cincinnati

  22. By:agaviz

    Thank you Dean for all these years!!!!
    “Sempre que viramos uma pagina, abrimos outra”
    Assis From Brazil.

  23. By:kidd

    Thank you for the wonderful product and all your hard work the last 24 years.
    Best to you in the future.
    Lori Kidd
    Former GroupWise Administrator

  24. By:czemella

    GroupWise was the first Novell thing I saw back in the 1996 when I started my first job, and will probably be the last I will see whenever I’ll leave Novell; knowing that you was there taking care of it has always been a nice feeling.

    Novell, GroupWise and the whole community around these will greatly miss you Dean. I’m trying to be happy for your new challenges and life, but there is a great sadness as well.

    Good luck my friend.

    Best Wishes from Italy.


  25. By:cgacesa

    It has been an honour and a privilege to work along side you, Dean. You will obviously be greatly missed, however, I wish you every success in your future endeavours !!

    Chris G.

  26. By:rbartsch


    You will be missed! Thanks for all that you did for GroupWise. All the best in your future endeavours!


  27. By:supraman88t

    Hi Dean,
    Though we’ve only met on two occasions I think – Brainshare 2007, and Gwava Sydney – I can certainly say that your sincere enthusiasm and backing for your product at the top level is why we are still running Groupwise today.
    Thank you for all you’ve done for your customers across the globe and all the very best for the future!
    Blessings and Best Regards,
    Ben Davis

  28. By:dschaldenovell


    It was indeed a shock to read of your departure from Novell ad of course GroupWise. I remember speaking/meeting you a few years back, and I was indeed sadden by the news.

    Truly the best of everything moving forward, and I hope Happiness finds you wherever you happen to roam.


  29. By:abach

    You have done so much to promote and move forward GroupWise I cannot express it all.

    The blog, updates, listening to customers + partners alike to improve & move GroupWise forward are all greatly appreciated.

    Like Danita and yourself, I too have been working with GroupWise since 1994 (only 20 yrs vs your 24) so I know what we’ve all been through together. Nothing more needs to be said.

    I wish you the best on your road ahead and thanks for saying goodbye instead of just disappearing in the wind.

    We’ll miss you.


    Andreas Bach
    Novell Technology consultant & Canadian GroupWise Guru

  30. By:Dean Lythgoe

    Thank you everyone for your kind comments, personal messages, and loyalty. You have no idea how much this has meant to me to hear from so many of you!

    I have received over 500 direct emails, Facebook, or LinkedIn messages or comments. What a fantastic community! I will certainly miss the frequent contact I have had with so many of you.

    I have started my next adventure with a company called CHG Healthcare Services. I am in their IT department helping them with their Business Intelligence initiatives. On behalf of Novell and all of my many colleagues around the world – Keep up the good fight!

    Please continue to stay in touch – I’m sure we will cross paths again!



  31. By:pasvan

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  32. By:JCOrtizLeyva


    you will be missed and i wish you the best of luck in your future projects.
    All the team from Mexico was shoked by the news and they also wish the best for you.

    Kindest of Regards

    JC Ortiz