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GroupWise WebAccess on IE9



July 21, 2011 11:54 am





Q. EB wrote: Will GroupWise WebAccess work with IE9 on Windows 7 64 bit? If so what versions or is there an upgrade to allow any version to work with IE9?

A. IE9 isn’t supported until we ship Ascot later this year. Some people have been able to get it to work with GW8 by using compatibility mode. But since it’s not supported, our suggestion is to use either FireFox, Safari or Chrome.

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  1. By:GoldTek

    You can press F12 and set IE9 to IE8 browser mode. That should workaround without the need for another browser.

  2. By:kees_s

    It would have been better to reply that you can make a slight change to the webserver so it forces the IE9 browser to switch over to IE7 compatibility mode, so the user can view webaccess without having to change anything on their end. This even is explained on the support site in tid 7007957.

    • By:GoldTek

      Why would it be better for me to reply that way, is IE7 mode better than IE8 mode?
      Was there something wrong with my suggestion?

      • By:kees_s

        You are suggesting that the visitor of the webmail site use a different browser to view it when they have problems viewing it with their current browser. This is telling the user, I’m not going to solve your problem, you solve it yourself by installing other software. This is putting the burden on the user instead of on the operator of the webmail server. But in many occasions the user has no choice but to use the browser provided on their system, and often this only is IE9.

        In my opinion it is better that the operator of the webmail site adapt the site so that it will work with the browser that the visitor of the site chooses to use. This is much more user friendly and saves support calls. It is a trivial matter to setup Apache to tell a new IE browser to behave like a previous version. It is unimportant if this is IE7 or IE8. Then IE will display the webmail correctly and the user doesn’t have to do anything. They won’t even know they are using a browser that officially is not supported.

      • By:GoldTek

        I never suggested that the user should use a different browser at all! Where did you read that?

        My suggestion was that until Novell provide a fix, pressing a few keys on the keyboard might serve as an alternative workaround to the one suggested by the author.

        In your post you stated that it would be better to modify the server, and I agree with you, but if there is a long delay in Administrators changing server settings because of ITIL change management or scheduled maintenance times, then I provided a suggestion that can be used immediately without changing any software on workstations or servers.

    • By:gbatuyon

      Agreed. We’re gonna hit 2012 soon and this product requires a fallback to ancient Internet Explorer-only code? Remember, “Compatibility Mode” was just Microsoft’s term for “proprietary HTML that only works in old versions of IE.” Get with the times (and with the competition) and build every webaccess interface in HTML5 —or risk irrelevancy, especially in the mobile space.

  3. By:kkbass

    Why not follow TID7007957 (don’t you hate how sometimes you have to open the url twice for it to come up properly with TIDs like this?).

    Same with TID7006843 for How to Enable IPads and IPod Touches to Automatically Use GroupWise Webaccess Simple Templates