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July 2, 2006 7:24 am

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Belatedly, I post my second GUADEC entry, but not from GUADEC. I’m back at home in the US.

Much frustration on this trip.

I chased after several of Novell’s GNOME developers throughout the first and second day of being there, but they dodged me as though I were a king-sized plate of salad. Chock it up to alcoholic astrology: a disharmonious convergence of hangovers thwarted all efforts to have a conversation. The still-missing luggage and the never-ending Fluendo party on GUADEC Day 1 left me all out of sorts. Normally I’ll tackle a developer and interview under duress, but it wasn’t to be. Day 3, freshly clothed, I did only minorly better. (More on Day 3 coming up.)

I appear on LugRadio’s GUADEC Day 2 episode, mostly just to smart off to the boys.

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