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GWAVA 4.5 is released


July 27, 2009 9:22 am





Greetings and welcome to my first blog entry on Cool Solutions! Actually, this is my first blog ever so it’s a big day 😉 The main goal of this blog is to share my experiences in the GroupWise and collaboration space with news and information about GWAVA solutions and related technologies.

Today’s entry is an exciting one for all of us at GWAVA as we have officially released our most effective GWAVA solution ever, GWAVA 4.5. Here’s the skinny on what’s happening in our latest release:

Block Connections from Spammers Before They Send You Email
Set up a GWAVA SMTP scanner to stop spammers before they even have a chance to
start sending you email. To make your own GWAVA spam appliance, simply burn a DVD with the GWAVA software, insert it into a computer and we do the rest. It’s as easy as that. GWAVA uses a variety of connection level scanning techniques such as IP reputation, greylisting and Sender Policy Framework (SPF). That way, spammers or other suspicious sources can be found and stopped before their email comes into your system.

Signature Anti-Spam Engine
GWAVA’s most advanced anti-spam technology, its signature anti-spam engine, is constantly
updated with new spam signatures much like anti-virus software. This innovative technology
gives GWAVA the highest spam blocking rates yet, plus the lowest rates of false positives ever.

Security Features
• Spam and virus filtering
• Prevents domain spoofing
• Outbound email filtering
• Comprehensive text filters and surveillance
• Provides scanning at SMTP gateway, GWIA, MTA and PO.

Spam Filter & content control
• Advanced signature engine
• Up-to-date spam definitions
• Intelligent adaptive probability engine
• IP reputation analysis
• Fingerprint analysis
• RBL and SURBL support
• Text pattern blocking

Sender Authentication
• Sender Policy Framework (SPF)
• Email watermarking
• Conversation tracking

Virus Filter
• Dual-layer virus protection
• Built-in Kaspersky anti-virus
• Hourly KAV updates
• Zero-hour virus filter always up-to-date

System Features
• Central web-based administration
• User account administration
• End-user accessible quarantine
• Digest emails

Support Features
• Technical support 24/7
• Constantly updated spam protection
• Hourly virus protection

For more information, please visit

Thanks for reading & cya soon 🙂

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