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GWAVA Releases Redline 3.1 and Retain 1.5


April 15, 2008 8:28 am





GWAVA Releases Redline 3.1

This week GWAVA will launch a new release of Redline, our comprehensive reporting and monitoring system for GroupWise. With Redline 3.1, there are no surprises. With now over 4500 pieces of managed data, Redline 3.1
is the most powerful tool on the market to manage GroupWise. Unlike other solutions that give you disjointed information or reports that just skim the surface, Redline puts it all together. Problems like messages backing up in queues, disk space hogs, SMTP failures, and slow message traffic are all outdated with Redline 3.1.

Here is what is new in Redline 3.1:

– Much deeper integration into GMS and GMS 2 and support for GMS2 on
– Linux Message Flow tracking through the system Improved Report Scheduler.
– Improved UI for Reports Dramatic speed improvements for data processing. This is very important for large environments.
– Several new and improved reports
– Highly improved integration for GWAVA 4 including
file system monitoring.
– GWIA Third Party folder monitoring (one of the
biggest customer requests)
– Column title row for CSV Reports Total numbers in trend reports.

Other key program features of Redline 3.1:

– Compliance Reporting Cross Platform Support for NetWare, Linux and Windows
– Report Designer Integrations for RIM Blackberry, Notifylink, GW Mobile Server
– Configuration changes through Control Center
– New Graphing engine
– Identifying Individual Disk Usage WebAccess usage report – Numbers and Identity Message Tracking Message Queue
– Backup Alerts
– GroupWise at a Glance Dashboard Automated Alerts to Pager, E-mail and Broadcast
– ROI Analysis for GroupWise

More information on Redline 3.1:

Download a free 30-day trial of Redline 3.1 at:

GWAVA Releases Retain 1.5

GWAVA will launch a new release of Retain 1.5, our complete email archiving system for GroupWise. With Retain, your email archiving for Novell GroupWise integrates directly within GroupWise. Retain takes advantage of GroupWise SmartPurge functionality, ensuring all email is
archived based upon specific criteria set by the administrator. Retain also utilizes the latest Novell SOAP API as its base data collector.

Retain can be easily installed and configured to archive all GroupWise email in a matter of minutes, and it provides extensive and easy to use search tools to achieve full control over your GroupWise archives.

Here is what is new in Retain 1.5:

– MS SQl 2000 & 2005 support
– Oracle 10 & 11 support
– PostgreSQL 8.2 support
– Reload to Retain support
– OpenText LiveLink support
– Multiple Worker support
– Indexing support for PDF, OpenOffice2, OpenDocument, Word
(97-2k3), Office 2007 (Word, Excel, .PPT) and OpenXML.

Other key program features of Retain 1.5:

– Enterprise archiving
– DBMS support
– Policy-based retention
– XML Support
– Archives Calendar, Tasks and Contact data
– Captures unique GroupWise fields
– Web-based searching of archived data
– Integrates with Document Management Systems
– Migration tools to UnArchive data from Personal GroupWise Archives

More information on Retain 1.5:

Download a free 30-day trial of Retain 1.5 at:


GWAVA is the worldwide leader of software solutions for Novell GroupWise and is the largest Novell GroupWise partner.

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