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GWAVACon – Las Vegas – Keynote….


January 13, 2009 12:06 pm





I will be attending, speaking and presenting at GWAVACon – Las Vegas at the end of the month. January 25-27 – to be more specific. If you are interested, please visit this site for more details:

As I have thought about and prepared some of the talking points for the Keynote address, It occurred to me that I should share some of my ideas and solicit input into what topics, questions, issues you want to hear about.

Here are my thoughts and ideas…

– 2008 Review of the products delivered
– GroupWise 8 Product Discussion

  • Overview of new features

– GroupWise 8 and Teaming + Conferencing Roadmap
– GroupWise Facts and Engineering Processes

  • Statistics on customers
  • Quality Metrics
  • Marketing Activities

– Buying Programs – NOWS
– Question/Answer with Engineering, Product Management, Product Marketing

I would like this presentation to be more technical and more engineering based. What we do, how we do it, why we make the choices/decisions we do and provide some insight into our plans, thinking and motivations.

Please share your ideas and thoughts about what types of things you would like to hear more about or would like to understand better.

As you may know, I am not the only Keynote speaker from Novell. Juan Carlos Cerrutti, Vice President, End-User Computing will also be presenting Novell’s overall stategy and direction.

I hope that many of you will be there and that I can meet you and connect ‘userids’ to faces 🙂


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  1. By:elogjngf

    What about GMS 3?
    In November word was that it – despite Nokia ‘pulling the plug’ – will be out shortly. Since then nothing happened.
    Any official statement on the future of Groupwise mobility?
    BTW, a realistic(!) timeframe for the sync solution in the near future would also be very nice. (Summer ’09 latest)

    What are Novell thoughts about Archiving, especially the new ‘hidden’ Stubbing feature? Do you plan to expand the feature and make it robust?

    • By:dlythgoe

      I appreciate the feedback.

      Mobility is something we will talk about and I know customers are concerned/curious about. These things take more time than can sometimes be anticipated and they are more challenging because the nature of them make it so we can’t really talk about them 🙂

      Sync solution – will also be one of our topics. It is somewhat related to the mobility message.

      Stubbing was not something I was planning on highlighting. I guess we don’t think it is ‘hidden’. It is more interesting to our partners and their solutions using it than directly from us and the technology behind it. Archiving is something we have excellent partner support for and we expect that to continue and expand with this new stubbing capability. We will continue to update/expand/support the stubbing API – it has become part of the fabric of GroupWise.