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Have You Ever Asked Yourself the Following Questions About GroupWise?


March 4, 2008 11:00 am





Wouldn’t it be amazing if:

… you never had to manage another GroupWise distribution list.
… you could control who can send emails to distribution lists.
… distribution lists could include external email addresses.
…you could standardize user signatures based on eDirectory.
… you could automatically create and update user calendars, folders, proxy access, and address books.
… you could bridge the CRM integration gap with GroupWise by transparently integration GroupWise with CRMs.
… GroupWise could manage itself.

Join Omni for a 60-minute Riva Collaboration Integration or CRM Integration seminar to learn how Riva’s Policy-based Automated GroupWise management allows you to manage and integrate GroupWise like never before.

Attend the Riva Collaboration or CRM Integration web seminar and learn about the most innovative solution to hit the GroupWise market in quite some time.

Riva Automated Policies allow GroupWise to automatically manage and update user calendars, folders, proxy access, address books, and more. Riva Applications allow GroupWise to automatically create and update user signatures, create secure and dynamic distribution lists. For the first time, GroupWise distribution lists can be secured and can include non-GroupWise email addresses by allowing distribution lists to be connects to CSV files and external databases. Riva CRM Integration for GroupWise provides transparent synchronisation of contacts, companies, appointments, tasks, notes, opportunities, quotes, cases and more for SugarCRM, Microsoft CRM, Salesforce, info@hand and other third-party applications.

Riva Collaboration Integration and CRM Integration for GroupWise are part of the larger Riva platform that automates GroupWise management and bridges the GroupWise integration gap.

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About Omni

Omni, The GroupWise Integration Company, delivers a portfolio of integration, management, security, mobility, messaging and Linux desktop software products for enterprise users of Novell GroupWise, SUSE Linux, and mixed Novell and Microsoft networks.

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