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Have Your Company’s Files Gone Rogue?

Gil Cattelain


April 7, 2016 2:53 pm






Your company keeps a tight watch on all its physical assets, from employee laptops and desktops to company vehicles to tools and equipment.

Your company’s digital assets—the sensitive documents that contain private and valuable information—however, do not receive the same oversight. Where these files are stored (on your servers, company-owned physical devices or in the cloud) is anyone’s guess—nevermind who has access to them and from whence to retrieve them.

This is a big problem, considering that the average mid- to large-sized enterprise has about 35.3 million files, stored across 4 million folders, and that about 9 million of these files are typically accessible by any employee who gets the idea in his or her head.

Taking this approach to file storage is incredibly risky, as it means IT has absolutely no control over file storage and distribution. Files can be lost, stolen, deleted or sold at any given time, which could lead to a potentially devastating data breach.

Don’t let this problem persist any longer. Look to an automated, policy-based user and group solution like Micro Focus Storage Manager.

With the help of Storage Manager, your IT department can centralize and control all your digital assets as well as streamline routine storage tasks, contain data growth and tighten and restrict access to important files. Storage Manager can also help ease the data migration process, without putting an extra burden on IT.

Storage Manager version 4.0 now includes several key updates, some of which include access to the Microsoft SQL Server 2012 or 2014 database and the ability to copy specific data across the network without first establishing a policy.

For an overview about how Storage Manager can benefit your organization, click here.

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