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September 1, 2006 10:05 am





howdy! the designer crew has been quite busy getting ready for m4. here is what you can expect to see next week:the 2.0m4 release is focused on quality. changes and improvements have been made in the following areas:

  • application framework
    • access user application from modeler tools menu
    • there is now a new preference page to gather imanager url information
    • Lots of fixes to documentation with content, broken links, etc.
    • Included driver config for Legacy Workflow
    • Fixed issues with installing Designer on servers that have eDirectory 8.8
    • bug fixes
  • configuration management
    • we have added two additional fields on the general driver properties page: configuration file and supported dn format
    • the html editor inside email template editor now offers a context menu that allows you to quickly edit and format the content
    • bug fixes
  • document generator (docgen)
    • the xml editor inside document generator style editor now provides code validation, code completion and context menu actions
    • work has been done to make the rtf document more readble. this includes a cleaned-up table of contents, better table formatting, and fixed indentation problems
    • when generating documentation on a identity vault, driver, driverset or application, the default name for the document will be the name of the item you have selected
    • bug fixes
  • enterprise modeler
    • the following drivers and driver configs have been added:
      • LinuxUnix – this is the default for AIX, Debian, FreeBSD, HP-UX, Linux, RedHat, Solaris, and SUSE.
      • i5OS – this replaces IBM’s OS400 driver and driver config.
    • all the applications under the operating system folder will default to using remote loader when you drop them in the modeler without running the driver config wizard. this just gives a better default configuration.
    • bug fixes
  • Enterprise Modeler Outline View
    • bug fixes
  • import/deploy
    • bug fixes
  • policy view and simulation
    • bug fixes
  • policy builder
    • bug fixes
  • project view
    • you can now open the files under the resources folder using various supported editors. right-click on the file and choose the “open with” sub-menu to see which editors are supported
    • bug fixes
  • provisioning view
    • bug fixes
  • provisioning request definition (=workflow) editor
    • a new general purpose mapping activity can now be added into the workflow. this mapping activity is used to transform data in between activities to make the flow more maintainable instead of having all data transformation within other activities
    • users can create loops for more complex workflows
    • we now include a zoom control to manage size of the objects on the canvas as well as a scale control to manage placement
    • we now show icons on links to more easily grasp the details of a workflow
    • bug fixes
  • direcory abstraction layer
    • bug fixes
  • xml editor
    • the xml editor is now built on the Eclipse Web Standard Tools (WST) project architecture. as a result, the ui has changed significantly and several additional and/or improved features are available.
      In general, this change allows us to provide a more feature rich and better tested xml editor since we can leverage the work of the WST project and don’t have to re-implement everything ourselves.
    • the source editor supports the following features:
      • syntax highlighting
      • context-sensitive code-completion based on DTD and/or xml schema. The code completion is based on the existing content of the xml document if no DTD or xml schema is associated with the xml document. For example, when code completion is activated and the XML document contains once you type the second , the editor suggests that you add b as a child of the a element
      • as-you-type validation. If the xml is invalid (for example, the > is removed from a tag), the editor indicates the error
      • code folding
      • formatting of entire document or selected elements
      • general text editing operations such as undo, redo, cut, copy, paste, select all
    • the tree editor supports direct editing of attribute values, comments, text nodes, CDATA, etc. as well as insertion and deletion using the right mouse menu.
    • the new xml wizard allow you to create either an empty xml file or a file containing skeleton data based on a DTD or xml schema
    • several new preference pages are available for the XML editor

a complete list of changes can be retrieved from subversion.

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  1. By:Mr. Anderson

    Volker, it seems that most of the things mentioned are bugfixes, great, but whats the future of Designer? Are there any new features besides Enforcer cooking in your pots and pans getting ready to get integrated?

  2. Mr. Anderson, m4 was mainly a bugfix release except for the provisioning part of designer. m5 will be our last milestone before we ship the seafang (codename) release of idm early next calendar year. m5 will mostly deal with all the new features that come with idm 3.5 eventhough at the time we ship m5 these features will not be active (because you won’t have idm 3.5 at that time). m5 includes a lot of fundamental design changes and/or additions to the designer framework which allow us to move forward in a more efficient and transparent way. idm 3.5 will then ship whith what we will call designer 2.0. between m5 and 2.0 all the localization work will take place and there will be only minor functionality additions or changes. it’s a maintenance release for our doc team, too, to catch up and document all the new features. the designer engineering team will start immediately after m5 to work on 2.1m1 which will be out around brainshare07. we haven’t finalized our plans for 2.1, yet, but as soon as we have, i will inform you.