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Helpful new feature coming in ZENworks 11 SP2



September 22, 2011 9:46 am





Just saw a great demo from the ZENworks engineering team. As you are all probably aware ZENworks has always had the ability to export a bundle or policy using the ‘zman betf’ or ‘zman petf’ commands. The only problem is that none of the content associated with that bundle or policy get exported. This means lots of work for you trying to ensure you have all the right content and updating XML files. In ZENworks 11SP2 I’m happy to say this is no longer an issue. The ZENworks 11SP2 version of ‘zman betf’ and ‘zman petf’ now include the -c parameter allowing you to export all of the content that goes with the application. When you are all done you get a directory with the bundle definition XML file, content info XML file, and a directory that has a folder for each action along with all of the original unencrypted content that you put in the content system. That means you can now use the ‘zman bc’ or ‘zman pc’ command to create a new bundle or policy with just the output of the export command.

We are currently running the authorized beta for 11SP2, and expect the open beta to begin shortly. If you are interested in joining the authorized beta we’re still looking for great testers!

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  1. By:jstensli

    Exporting content will be a nice feature! How about having the ability to export from Registry Edit actions to a separate registry file (.reg)? There is the ability to Import into a Registry Edit, but no export of JUST the registry settings…

  2. By:bkeadle

    It would be *REALLY* nice to be able to copy one (or more) bundle actions from one bundle to another.

  3. By:bkeadle

    It would also be able to use “internal” variables in bundles such as ${BundleName}, ${PolicyName}, etc. This way I can have a “template” Bundle action that I could copy to another bundle without modification (if I need to reference the bundle name).

    • By:Tessnow


      is this somewhere documented? I can’t find anything about this.
      Especially, what do You mean with “etc.” – are there other variables also – ${BundleVersion} or so…?


  4. By:kgabion

    Will it support standalone remote management using zenrights?

    ZCM11 SP1 currently does not..