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How to Add Novell Collaboration Portlets to Teaming


September 3, 2008 3:47 pm





Editor’s Note: This is excerpted from this TID. Before using this information, please check the original TID, as updates are often made to them after we have highlighted them here.

The Novell Collaboration Portlets for GroupWise have been updated to use the SOAP protocol to access the POA directly to get the calendar and mailbox information. However, these portlets require that the SOAP protocol be SSL encrypted.

  1. Enable the SOAP protocol on the POA. See the Novell GroupWise Documentation: GroupWise Administration Guide in the section on “Configuring User Access to the Post Office“.
  2. Add the SSL certificates to the POA and enable SSL on the SOAP port. See the Novell GroupWise Documentation: GroupWise Administration Guide in the section on “Server Certificates and SSL Encryption“.
  3. Download the Novell Collaboration Portlets “NovellCollabPortletsLiferay-1.1.war” file from the
  4. Install the Novell Collaboration Portlets into the Teaming 1.0 system by copying the downloaded file NovellCollabPortletsLiferay-1.1.war to the <icecoredata>/liferay/deploy directory.

    The <icecoredata> directory varies by installation. A default install on Linux is /home/icecoredata. A default install on Windows is c:\icecoredata.

    After the file is copied into this directory the Liferay/Teaming server software will automatically pick it up, extract it, and install the various components into the system. You can verify that the installation is done by monitoring the catalina.out log.

  5. Add the Novell Collaboration Portlets to a user’s Teaming portal page.
    1. Login as a user to the Teaming system.
    2. Click on the Add Content link on the top right of the portal page.
    3. Expand the Novell section and you will see several new portlets that can be added including the GroupWise Calendar and GroupWise Mail portlets.
  6. Once the portlets have been added to the portal page they will need to be customized to add the GroupWise Userid, password, IP address for the POA, SOAP port (usually 7191), and the company’s GroupWise WebAccess url. This is done by clicking on the Preferences icon (looks like a piece of paper and a pencil) in the top right corner of the portlet. Click the OK button and the portlet should connect to the POA, login and retrieve the data.

NOTE: Default preference settings for the portlets can be set in the portlet.xml file found in the /opt/icecore/liferay-portal-tomcat-5.5-jdk5-4.3.0/webapps/ NovellCollabPortletsLiferay-1.1/WEB-INF directory. However, end users will still have to modify the preferences to add their GroupWise userid and password.

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  1. By:wjterveld


    I installed the portlets but I cant get them to login??

    When I check the POA log there is no sign of a login attemt? Any idee’s??


    Willem Jan

    • By:alandpearson

      You’re probably using IBM JRE which doesn’t work for these portlets.
      If you switch to Sun JRE for tomcat, all works fine.

    • By:Anonymous


      now I have the same problem, but this happens AFTER installing SUN JDK 1.5.0_16-fcs_x86_64.
      Before with the IBM-JAVA 1.5.0._sr8-1.3 from I got an ‘unexpected error’.