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How to Log a Bug or Enhancement Request


March 6, 2008 4:43 pm





Here are step-by-step instructions on how to file defect reports or requests for enhancements with Novell’s Bugzilla.

Logging a Bug

1. Click this link to be taken directly to the Enter Bug screen using a pre-defined template. You’ll want to bookmark this link for frequent use.
2. From the Component dropdown, select the component that best matches the area of the product where you found the bug.
3. Select your Hardware and OS from the respective dropdown menus where applicable.
4. Indicate the Severity of the bug. Blocker is the most severe and should be reserved for truly impactful issues that block a good portion of your testing.
5. Enter a summary of the problem in the Summary field.
6. Enter a detailed description of the bug, completing all the fields in the provided template.
7. Click on “Add Attachment” at the bottom of the page to attach all applicable logs and screenshots.
8. Click “Submit Report” to submit the bug. Your bug will be reviewed by our Engineering team and you will be notified when the status of your bug changes.

All other fields on the Enter Bug page can be ignored.

Logging an Enhancement Request Using the Novell Requirements Portal

  1. Log into the Novell Requirements Portal at You must log into your Novell eLogin account to create a new enhancement request.  If you do not have an account, you may create one here.
  2. From the Requirements Portal Home page, click the “New” link at the bottom left of the grid.
  3. Select “Enhancement Request for Existing Product” from the Request Type dropdown.
  4. Enter a Request Title.
  5. Select the “ZENworks Configuration Management” Product Line.
  6. Select “ZENworks 11 Configuration Management (Boardwalk)” from the Version dropdown.
  7. Optionally populate the Environment/OS, # of Servers, Architecture, Deployment Model, # of Users, and Size of Company fields.
  8. Enter the problem statement in the Problem Description field.
  9. Describe the proposed solution (i.e. the enhancement request) in the Proposed Solution field.
  10.  Explain the perceived benefit gained from implementing the proposed solution in the Perceived Benefit field.
  11. Select “Yes or No” to specify if you would like to receive e-mail status change updates.
  12. Click Submit to finalize the enhancement request submission.  Your request will be reviewed by our Product Management team and considered for a future product release.
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    It appears the link to log bugs in Bugzilla is missing under point 1 of Logging a Bug.