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How Partners can use Novell Trademarks in Google Ads



July 11, 2008 11:32 am





Heads Up, Partners: Are you finding that Google is disallowing your Novell-related Paid Search ads? Here is why it is happening, and how you can get permission to use Novell’s trademarks in your ads.

Earlier this year we worked with Google to protect all of Novell’s trademarks from being used in Paid Search ads by Novell’s competitors. Without this protection a company like Red Hat, for example, could have run a Paid Search ad that says:

Beat Novell at its own game.
Use Red Hat and chuck SUSE Linux.

With the protection in place, that ad would be disallowed.

Obtaining Permission to Use Novell Trademarks

Novell’s partners can be authorized to be an exception so that Google will allow their ads to run using our protected terms. If you are a current member of PartnerNet, here is what you do:

  1. Send an email to
  2. Indicate that you are requesting permission to use Novell’s trademark terms in your Google ads.
  3. Supply your Company Name.
  4. Supply your Google Adwords Account number.
  5. Supply your Novell Partner ID.

We will process your request and have Google add your account to the exception list. When we receive the authorization notice, we will email you so you’ll know when you can proceed to submit your Paid Search ads.

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