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How to re-configure the iFolder Public Address after Installation


December 21, 2007 7:11 am

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Author: Scott Lewis


Need to re-configure iFolder Public Address after installation.


It is necessary to change the Public Address of the iFolder service from an internal, numeric IP address on your LAN to a DNS name that works over the WAN so iFolder clients can connect from outside the local network. Many times this is not set on initial install and it isn’t easy to figure out how to change it post-install.


For iFolder 3.6, the configuration file that captures the public url for the iFolder server is found in /var/simias/data/simias/Simias.config

Edit this file, finding the PublicAddress setting and change it from the numeric IP address on your LAN to the DNS name that works on the WAN.

Restart Apache with “rcapache2 restart


Server is SLES10 SP1 with OES2 and iFolder 3.6

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