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October 26, 2006 1:03 pm





Yep, still in Alabama, learning some of the lingo. Still stuffing my face too – the other night I ordered a carpaccio starter, which I used to love in Holland but you can’t get in Utah. Well, should have known better than to order a starter when dining alone in the US because a plate at least 2 foot long (60cm in new money) and 9 inches wide (23cm) and covered end to end in meat arrived. That has definitely fixed my carpaccio craving for a while 🙂
Back to business, we released a new version of the Novell GroupWise 7 Gateway for Microsoft Exchange. Jeez, that’s a real mouthful of a name. Anyway, after we shipped the last version we discovered an issue with the gateway processing any HTML mail over 4kb.

It’s available here. It does not contain the new improved busy search that I mentioned previously, that’s still to come. It contains another fix for when you are using /blockdoms (which can’t be very many of you, otherwise you would have been crashing) and, my personal favourite, a fix for long log lines so that we no longer display a blank line.

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  1. By:Graham Hallworth

    This is great but any chance of having GW localised in to say “English”. It can’t be too diffucult to have all those “Z” taken out and replaced with an “S”???

  2. By:Alex Evans

    You’re preaching to the choir. I like my S’s and U’s and I sprinkle them liberally throughout my correspondence over here. Got to be honest though, not sure how much revenue we would generate by doing that – we do have a UK dictionary in the client, which is the most important thing in my opinion.

    Historically we had an OZ, CE, NZ and UK version of GW (5.2) but it seems that the effort simply wasn’t worth it – and that’s coming from a fellow Brit.