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IDM 3.6 shipped



August 4, 2008 1:03 pm





Well yippee! IDM 3.6 just shipped today!

Now it’s time to see what is new!

eDir 8.8.3 shipped as well, which has 64 bit on SLES support.

Let’s see what is new in Identity Manager 3.6! Let the posting begin!

New User App! Updated drivers! New features! New DirXML Script tokens, nouns, verbs, actions and whatnot!

Driver Health checks! All sorts of other new and interesting features.

Let the fun begin!

(PS: I need a life… I know)

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  1. By:lynnreas

    Found the SIF driver is not available with IDM 3.6. The documentation of new features has the following:

    The following drivers are no longer shipping with Identity Manager.

    · NT Driver

    · SIF Driver

    So how are schools to connect SIF to eDriectory?
    Is Novell planning on a SIF 2.x certified driver?

  2. By:ecyoung

    It appears there is no longer a Peoplesoft driver for IDM 3.6 (?).

  3. By:ecyoung

    Is it true that you can’t have a full 64-bit system, meaning 64-bit OS (SLES), 64-bit eDir 8.8.3, and 64-bit IDM 3.6, all on the same machine (and be fully supported of course).

    • By:nkamal

      Because of the solid architecture of eDirectory and IDM, scalability has never been an issue on 32-bit eDir & IDM. That said, Currently 64-bit IDM 3.6 is not yet publicly available. 64-bit IDM 3.6 is definitely on Novell’s Roadmap. 64-bit eDir is a step towards it.

      Supported version of 64-bit IDM 3.6 should be available on several platforms in first half of 2009 unless priorities change.

      Thanks & Regards,