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iFolder Takes a Giant Leap Forward


December 1, 2009 10:16 am





After a bit of a wait, iFolder has leaped forward with a new version that will blow you away. Check out the many new features, and new look, which take this brilliant file portability/accessibility tool to a whole new level.


For those who don’t know what iFolder is – iFolder is a versatile, accessible and quite easy to operate tool that allows users to share and store data. It is an excellent file synchronization software. It is a client server technology, where server maintains all the details about users, stored data and more. The client is available on Windows, SLED and Mac platforms. In addition it has web access too, to access the files any time and from anywhere in the world.


There are many products on the market from different companies in different views for file sharing and storing. Different products have different polices, ways, sync mechanisms etc. iFolder is a feature rich application which belongs to that category to share and store data in such a way that a user will be able to access the latest files at any instant of time.

The next version of iFolder release is Open Source which will be releasing (might have released by the time you are seeing this article) with quite a good amount of new features. Some of them are as follows:

  1. Multi-level Administration
  2. Active Directory Integration for iFolder
  3. Configurable Full Name Display
  4. Support for Mono 2.4 Runtime Environment
  5. Better Password Management
  6. Passphrase Recovery Wizard.
  7. Enhanced User Interface
  8. Enhanced Performance for iFolder Administrator Console
  9. iFolder Clients for OpenSUSE 11.1 and SLED 11
  10. iFolder 3.8 for Vista 64

Let me explain briefly about each and every feature:

Key Features:

Multi-level Administration

iFolder 3.8 enables you to create multi-level administrators to manage your iFolder system. Using this feature you can create primary as well as secondary administrators. The secondary administrator can manage the group members based on the policy rights that are assigned to the secondary administrator. These policy rights are set by the primary administrator.

The policy rights govern the policies that the secondary administrator can set for the group members.

Active Directory Integration for iFolder

Previous versions of iFolder uses only eDirectory to configure its users. iFolder 3.8 supports integration with Active Directory. AD can be used as an ldap source for iFolder. Configuration is automated to create the required ldap objects and all features such as provisioning and usermove will work exactly as it works with eDirectory and Openldap.

Configurable Full Name Display

Enables you to set the order in which a user’s full name is displayed. Select the (First Name, Last Name) option to display the first name followed by the last name. Or, to display the last name f ollowed by the first name, select the (Last Name, First Name) option.

Support for Mono 2.4 Runtime Environment

iFolder 3.8 server works with Mono 2.4 runtime environment. This uses the latest and the best release of Mono. Mono 2.4 runtime brings lot of stability and robustness to iFolder Server.

Better Password Management

iFolder 3.8 provides a password change feature that enables you to change the password of your iFolder account using the web access console or any of the iFolder clients on Linux, Windows, and Mac.

Passphrase Recovery Wizard

iFolder 3.8 provide a new Passphrase recovery wizard that simplifies the task of passphrase recovery. A default server recovery agent is also provided for simplified passphrase recovery.
To know more details please visit the URL:

Enhanced User Interface

iFolder 3.8 has undergone Human Factors review and now has a fresh new UI that eases the use of iFolder client. New icons and buttons have been added with a modified and configurable layout that simplifies the iFolder usage.

The user interface of iFolder thick clients, web admin console, and web access console is enhanced to improve the usability. Here’s the screen shots:

Enhanced Performance for iFolder Administrator Console

The iFolder server implements a multi query framework. This feature enables `exact object search from flame database and thereby reduces search and processing time. With this feature, the response time of all iFolder administrator console pages is much faster than any of the previous versions of iFolder.

iFolder clients for OpenSuSE 11.1 and SLED 11

iFolder 3.8 client can run on the latest release of OpenSuSE. Now, iFolder clients run on OpenSuSE 11.1 and SLED (SuSE Linux Enterprise Desktop) 11.

iFolder 3.8 for Vista 64

The 64 bit version of iFolder client is available for Vista 64 and Windows 7 64 bit. This includes:

New 64 bit install
New 64 bit Flaim database
New iFolder binaries in 64 bit


I think this article will certainly help you to try latest iFolder to explore its new features.

To know more details about iFolder visit the URL:

To participate in iFolder discussions, join IRC chat @ “Server Name:, Channel Name: #ifolder”

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  1. By:geoffc

    What clients can connect to which servers?

    I.e. I have an OES server with iFolder 3.6 and am using the iFolder 3.7 client against it.

    Which clients can talk to which servers? Can I update to the 3.8 client and talk to the 3.6 server? Or the 3.7 server?

    And on and on.

    • By:matt

      The 3.8 client can only talk to a 3.8 back-end.
      The 3.7.2 client can talk to a 3.8 back-end, I’m pretty sure on that.
      Not sure on the 3.6 cilent though.

  2. By:jkbillings

    Seems to work okay with our 3.7 server.

    I like the customization of hiding log window and sync messages.

    I wonder if there will be any plans to modify the app to exclude the MS . net framework?

    I hear they (various political parties in Novell) wanted to showcase an application that used MS framework/Mono.

    I would like to see something a little more trim like the Dropbox client.