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I’m Stealing Someone’s Thunder


June 19, 2006 9:29 am





You may all be very excited to learn that we are currently in the process of publishing GroupWise 7 SP1 and the GroupWise Mobile Server.  Major disaster aside the files should be out later today or early tomorrow.  GMS will be on download and the GW and Messenger files on filefinder.

Now I am going to face the music for stealing someone’s thunder .

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  1. By:Joe Sixpack


  2. By:Dave Johnson

    Thanks for that Alex. Ken probably wanted to post up another ‘wait til December’ joke. Ha ha, funny funny.

  3. By:John Dee

    Have not had time to try SP1 yet but please have someone tidy up the readme file. It’s badly formatted and difficult to read.

  4. By:Alex Evans

    Yep, the TIDs are ugly but we have a dilemma. In order to reformat the TIDs we need to rerelease the patches, which gives them a new timestamp. The problem with that is all the people that already downloaded them panic and think the version they have is bad.
    What we have opted to do instead is release just the readme as a patch and it will appear at the top of the file lists.
    In any case, the content of the TID is just the same as the content of the HTML readme in the root of each patch – so you really aren’t missing anything.

  5. By:John Dee

    Wow someone does listen. Thank you…