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January 7, 2009 1:52 pm





One long standing gripe I and some of my end users have had about GroupWise is the lack of a good address book import function. Well, with GroupWise 8, that complaint is no longer valid. There is now a very nice import function in the address book. Let’s walk through importing some contacts so everyone can see just how easy and elegant this new function is.

We send out a semi-quarterly marketing newsletter to sales contacts who have expressed interest in receiving such e-mails. Up till now, it’s been a bit of a hoop-jumping exercise to export the contacts to a CSV text file, use a 3rd party tool to convert that text file to a GroupWise address book, and then import that book into the GW address book. Now, I simply export my contacts to a CSV, and then import them directly into a GW address book.

Click on the address book in your folder list, or open the address book.

Click on the File menu > Import/Export > Import Contacts

Browse to the CSV file that contains the contacts you want to import, and click Open.

Now you will be presented with a window that shows the field in the CSV file, and their matching fields in GroupWise. Click on the GroupWise fields in the right column, and you can match up the import fields to the fields you want them matched to in GroupWise.

In the bottom left of the window, you can see the number of contacts in the import file. You can also step through them to make sure the fields are matching up the way you expect. Think of this as a “preview” of the import you are about to do. This is a very handy feature.

Note: GroupWise seems to “remember” your selections. So, if you import a CSV from the same source or in the same format a lot, you will not have to re-select the fields every time.

Once you have matched up the fields the way you want them, click on OK to start the import. A progress window will open, showing – you guessed it – the progress of the import. If there are any duplicates, you will be presented with a dialog asking what you want to do. You can merge, replace, add or skip. To merge or replace, select the contact record that has the information you want to “win”. Then click the button. You can also click the check box to remember your choice.

You can also click the checkbox to have the progress window close automatically when the import is finished. Otherwise, the progress window remains open, with a completed status.

That is the whole process. I have already imported a couple thousand contacts into multiple books and this process has worked flawlessly. Thanks for adding such a useful feature to GroupWise 8!

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